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    First car?

    A Jackal, but I lost it and have since been using a Dubsta. Haven't found a spawning point for my beloved Sandking XL yet. In SP, it was the same Rancher XL that everyone else drove in North Yankton. lol
  2. Trevor_Philips

    "Holiday Gift Downloaded"

    They couldn't have at least made it snow in story mode? That stinks.
  3. Trevor_Philips

    American muscle cars

    Yup, sadly it didn't make it into GTA V, though it'll always have a special place in my heart.
  4. Trevor_Philips


    To quote you, "don't take things so literally."
  5. Trevor_Philips


    "Era" is used as lingo to distinguish between the different continuities. For example, GTA III through Vice City Stories = GTA III Era.
  6. Trevor_Philips

    American muscle cars

    Gauntlet, Sabre Turbo, Dukes, and Dominator, in that order.
  7. Trevor_Philips

    Where to you meet Packie in GTA 5?

    No, you don't need him on the first heist. My first time through, I actually didn't realize it was him and killed him, so he isn't necessary to complete it.
  8. Trevor_Philips

    GTA V Online Cheats Guide

    Considering TGTAP has an on-site list of cheats for GTA V, I don't think Chris has any major objections (at least from a non-personal standpoint) against them. And if Rockstar was opposed to them, they wouldn't put them in the game. If one wants "fair play", either find a like-minded group of people to play the game privately with or go out and play baseball, basketball, etc., where the God Mode cheat won't work. Crazy cheats used to be one of the most entertaining aspects of GTA, after all.
  9. My pick would be Jason Jones, lead vocalist for AM Conspiracy (and former lead vocalist for Drowning Pool until a couple years ago). He seems like he'd have some... extralegal problems for someone like Michael, Trevor, or Franklin (or all three) to solve.
  10. Trevor_Philips

    When meeting Trevor..

    There was no Wade in GTA: SA, we've already established that Sherman was confusing him with Dwaine.
  11. Trevor_Philips

    When meeting Trevor..

    You've gotta consider what Johnny went through in TLAD. Billy and Brian were his brothers. He brokered a truce with the Angels of Death only for Billy to basically shit on the effort. Then Billy set him up to be killed by the Triads only for it to backfire and get himself arrested, which Brian blamed Johnny for and constantly accused him of being a rat. This, in turn, turned half of the Alderney/LC Lost---again, Johnny's brothers--against him and triggered a civil war that all but destroyed the chapter, something Johnny had put his very heart and soul into and would have willingly died to protect. Then, to add insult to injury, Billy turns states and Johnny is forced to kill both him and Brian. At this point, the chapter was basically destroyed, leaving Johnny and the remaining brothers truly lost. Everything they'd believed in was gone. All it took to finally bring Johnny down was getting back with Ashley. And here we find ourselves five years later, staring down at the corpse of the shell that was once Johnny Klebitz, One may think it's "out of character", but it's a classic downward spiral that turns a great man into a mere shadow. I've seen it happen myself in real life. There comes a point where you just break, no matter how strong or determined you are. And Johnny broke. That's all there is to say about it.
  12. Trevor_Philips

    USA Gun laws and Violent Video Gaming....

    You apparently haven't a clue what you're talking about and seem to be letting GTA influence your knowledge on firearms ownership in the real world. Assault rifles and machine guns are already heavily restricted among civilians and you pretty much have to be a police officer, federal agent, or military to get one. It's been this way since 1936. An assault rifle is clearly defined as an intermediate caliber long arm capable of selectable semiautomatic or fully automatic fire via a selector switch. AR-15s like the Bushmaster used by what's-his-name are semiautomatic only and therefor not assault rifles. This is why gun control advocates pass around the term "assault weapon"; they can define it however they please. If I crack you over the head with a chair leg, it was used as a weapon to assault you and is therefor an "assault weapon". Does that mean chair legs should be outlawed? Reducing the amount of ammunition one buys is also as retarded as outlawing cosmetic features such as collapsible stocks, pistol grips, and vertical foregrips. What next, combat stabbings by reducing the amount of kitchen knives you can own? Combat drunk driving by reducing the amount of cars you can own? Combat drowning by reducing the amount of liquid you can consume or length of time you're allowed to swim/bathe?
  13. Trevor_Philips

    MIA; Missing in Action

    But try making quick turns and see what happens. Yeah, I really expected this feature to return with how big they touted the map as being.
  14. Trevor_Philips

    Rockstar DLC should be Vampires DLC!

    No, not fact. What was GTAO but DLC? And it was free, gifted to everyone who purchased the game. GTA Online is not DLC. They don't even consider it part of GTA V to begin with.
  15. Trevor_Philips

    OverRun Moderating probs

    Ban each one by name, email address, and most importantly IP address. That should keep them away longer. Not necessarily permanently, but longer. I'd offer my help as I've quite a lot of experience as both a moderator and administrator, but right now my table is full with positions on multiple forums. As far as running out of email accounts, no, one can make any amount of them they want with any host. Me personally, I use a plugin that randomly generates dummy accounts that link to my primary account whenever I'm commenting anonymously on most blogs, registering at some forums, and whatnot. Now obviously I don't use this to nefarious ends, but I could easily see spammers using the same plugin for such nefarious ends.
  16. Trevor_Philips

    OverRun Moderating probs

    What software did you build it on? Some hosts have better spam filters than others. I use Jcink for my site and I rarely have to worry about such things because the filter automatically blocks them all and doesn't allow them to register.
  17. Trevor_Philips

    Angels of Death DLC episode.

    If you're having so big an issue with the content in the game, you always have the option to just stop playing it. Meth heads get their brains bashed in, strip clubs have naked women in them, people get tortured, yada yada yada. All this stuff happens in the real world as well. Get over it. Freedom of expression covers video games just as much as it covers any other medium, whether that be movies, books, music, or whatever. They shouldn't be water down because some douche who fancies himself the world's public decency guardian doesn't like them. Jacky boy and all his like-minded friends can take a long walk off a short platform, if they think they have any right to decide what's appropriate for me.
  18. Trevor_Philips

    GTA 6 Leaked photos

    I certainly think it's time for GTA to have a female protagonist. Some have claimed she'd have to be a bodybuilder or something to work, but that's not true. Plenty of female protagonists are small and "weak-looking", but still succeed in their games. Look at Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil series, for example. She's only 5'5" and probably no more than 110 lbs, but anyone who has played an RE game including her in recent years knows she's certainly not weak and quite at home in a fight. I could easily see a "dark side" version of her fitting in quite well in the GTA world.
  19. Trevor_Philips

    Angels of Death DLC episode.

    If Roman asks me to go bowling one more time, I'm going to myself myself! SPOILER WARNING FOR REST OF POST! But seriously, though, I don't mind game or movie characters I like being killed off as long as it serves a big enough purpose and is a "good" death (what constitutes a "good" or "bad" depends on a character's personality). This is how I viewed Johnny's death in GTA V. He had gotten back with Ashley and she got him on the dope, which messed him up bad. He was a shadow of the man we met in TLAD and his death I view as not only merciful to him for what he's become but it also conveyed how violent and dangerous Trevor is, therefor fitting with the story being told. Huang Lee's death in GTA V, on the other hand, was a footnote in the game that nobody probably even noticed the first time around...
  20. Trevor_Philips

    GTA 6 Leaked photos

    I really don't think GTA 6 is even on Rockstar's mind yet. Firstly, they've got GTA Online to get working right and adding content/areas/missions/etc. to it. Then there's almost certainly going to be at least one large DLC "episode" of some kind plus however many small DLCs (e.g., Beach Bum Pack) they're planning. If anything, I'd bet the next game we see from them will be that sequel to Red Dead Redemption that people are clamoring for. I'd prefer GTA not become a one-after-the-other franchise like so many titles these days. If they were going to add any new areas to GTA V, I'd prefer it be an accessible Ludendorff, North Yankton, rather than "been there, done that" Liberty City. I like LC and all, but I kind of got my fill of it for now in GTA IV and its Episodes.
  21. Trevor_Philips

    Angels of Death DLC episode.

    I just don't see it fitting in very with the events of GTA V, that's all. There was only one mention of the AoD anywhere in it that I've heard and that was a Lost member saying basically that they're defunct.
  22. Trevor_Philips

    Angels of Death DLC episode.

    Actually, Trevor owns most of Blaine County and the meth business there. Did you forget he pretty much wiped out the Lost pretty early on?
  23. Trevor_Philips

    Hidden Vehicles Locations

    I was actually thinking earlier today how a thread like this would be useful. The FIB vehicles seem to spawn randomly. Sometimes there will be a Buffalo and a Granger while other times there will be two Buffalos or two Grangers.
  24. Trevor_Philips

    Angels of Death DLC episode.

    There hasn't been high nor hair of a single AoD member in GTA V. The only bikers I've ever seen are Lost.
  25. Trevor_Philips

    GTA 6 Leaked photos

    So have Liberty City and Los Santos in that regard. I don't see how that prevents Rockstar from revisiting Las Venturas one day if they wish. Personally, LV was my favorite city in GTA: SA and my second favorite area after Bone County. I'd love to see it given the treatment that GTA IV and V have done with LC and LS.