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  1. Yeah Im kinda back :P I'll only be snooping around, doing what I usually do. Ive been good, exams and stuff in march <.< GCSE's yuck =/ What about yourself? :)

  2. TM could you get on MSN? I have good news to share with you about my proposition.

  3. That 'admin' icon looks so purdy, can I have it?

  4. lol Never, Fanboy is a horrible word. I'm just stating the facts :P

  5. Sorry about not answering that last question you sent me, I changed my name because I wanted to try and stop using my real name on forums lol It is so hard.

  6. Noru is your real Don, The LCF was on a different forum until I moved it to here.

  7. Hello Zimoo, congrats on the 1000th post.

  8. Yeah I'm good, you?

  9. 5 stars for the GTA Master :D.

  10. I just seen that the board is up. But why did you make it look excatly like The GTA Place.

  11. You do great work Yellocard, 5 stars!

  12. Hey are you watching this show on channel 4 called "Ugly better".

  13. Do you know when you can put your board back online?

  14. The board isn't online yet :(, plus do you think Chris would help you install some of the invisionize mods, like the shop and the battle system.

  15. Yeah do, this new profile thingy is brilliant.

  16. Oh, maybe you can ask a support team at invisonize?

  17. I just had to go to Church, :(. Well now i'm back. When do you think your forum will be ready.

  18. Nothing much, What about you?

  19. Hey TM, why is your board offline?

  20. woo, LOST fan, :P

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