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  1. on the last day of school i brought in a dead rat (that i found in the garden that absolutely stank) in a plastic bag. then me and my m8s took it out of the bag and maneged 2 get it inside the air conditioning system with vents that go to almost every classroom. nearly every room stank of dead rat wich aint a nice smell. the teachers dindnt have a clue wat was causin it and we spent most of the day out side while they tryed to sort out the smell. i dont think they ever found the rat. wanna get a day doin nuthin? then stick a dead rat in the air con.
  2. yeah i think u can change clothes but i dont no if u can eat
  3. wat is ur favorite dog breed mine is labradors (hence the name mad labrador) dobermanns, german shephards but most of all weima raners
  4. whos looking forward to this game, i think its gonna be great, i hope it dont get banned just cause people think u play as a bully in it. its all about preventing bullying. i dont think a game can endorse bullying, people bully coz theyve got social problems n such films with a theme of bullying in them dont make people go out and bully others why r they so riled up about this game WHY!!!!????????? it looks an awesome, a welcome change to the urban san andreas wannabe games that r taking over.
  5. definatly a cuban hermes (i like the new paintwork) the cubans must b back, i hope they look better than they did in vice city maybe theyle throw in sum new gangs to
  6. that vcs will include sum kind of character caracter customization, coz rockstar are gonna want to make it better than lcs so that should include the customizaton. ill be anoyed if its the same type as LCS with just a few outfits, and half of them lookin crap.
  7. cool, ill test it on my old scratched disk that sumtimes crashes, that way it dont matter if it dont work
  8. -he got good sense of style -hes harder than CJ anyday -he always keeps his cool even in the most stupidly dangerous situations -nobody can push him around, not even the mafia -hes funnyer than the other players -he dont talk like a gangsta wannabe
  9. wat i wanna do is change the gangs weapons to thing like macs n baseball bats, knives ect, but i dont know how 2 use those mission editors sum1 please explain wat the best 1s r an explain how 2 use them, in main.scm editing for dumbasses style, understanding big words has never been my forte.
  10. Phil cassidy, hes pretty funny, especialy wen he blows his arm off
  11. beleive me m8 its hard, im tryin 2 find out how 2 do it myself. im tryin 2 find out if u can by blank ps2 disks. my theory is that u can copy all the data from the ps2 disk onto your PC, moddify the files in the same way u would do on the PC version, then when u done copy it all 2 the blank disk it could posibly work. u need 2 do all this bcoz u cant re write the ps2 disks (not that i know of anyway) that y u need to use blank disks. if i find out how to do it ill post how, but dont get your hopes up.
  12. personaly i think it should be a gta equivilent to mexico city, it is a pretty crime ridden place, maybe u could play as ceasar vialpando or one of the diablo gangsters of GTA . another idea of mine is that the city should be Rio de Janero, it would be cool if there woz rainforest aswell wid drug baron hide outs n stuff, but i like the mexico city idea better.
  13. sledge hammers, drills, axes, angle grinders, crowbars, garden fork, knives, b ball bats ect and any bit of junk u see lying around eg planks of wood, bottles bits o glass, old pipes anything
  14. playing as a yardie could b good, im getting bored with the mafia, and i dont like the idea of tokyo and the yakuza. or i think it would be cool if u was a member of a biker gang and had 2 fight against other biker gangs ect , somthing that hasnt been dun before and how cool would it be if u could recruit your fellow bikers and cruise around causing trouble an running down gangs of chavs?
  15. i agree with the girlfreinds but i thought the gang wars were quite good, if gang wars r in the next game im sure they will be much improoved i think they should get rid of the dual weapons, i dont like them 1 bit, its unrealistic.
  16. Lance Vance, coz u save his life from diaz and then he stabs u in the back wen u need him the most
  17. im pretty sure u can get some mods on xbox so u might be able to do it on ps2 aswell. i think if u can break through the thing that prevents u from rewriting the disk u probably could put mods on it. ill try and find out more
  18. this has happened to me, it could be that u havent installed it properly or that the mod bad, just use ur backup files and try installing again
  19. ok heres wat i wanna do, basicly make new models 4 all the gangs and sum of the peds and make them look more modern, the gangs will look more like the ones from liberty city stories and san andreas. its pretty pointles in gameplaywise but i just dont like the 80s style much, who thinks i should do it?
  20. hey how u all doin, bout time i joined, posted sum texture mods a few months ago 4 vice city i only realy know how 2 do texture mods but i startin to do player models now
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