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  1. The outside world. Do i know you?
  2. I'll probably join when i get a 360 in June
  3. Dicks, someone could have reminded me about hottest member.
  4. Watched it the day it was released. Didn't like it at first. I like it now.
  5. Seven of my friends have that phone, seven... Gawd.
  6. I just got £20 off my parents for getting all A's and above in my mock GCSEs. It rocks, i never usually get anything for doing exams. Im actually rather suspicious...
  7. WWE Too much silly soap opera. To be honest i'd rather watch Coronation Street, just as much action.
  8. I payed for ALL the beer last night... Oh well, it was worth it.
  9. Slayer, you shoulda posted that in my drunken topic
  10. Aah. Im back home now... And a tad bit more sobre.
  11. I'd like to say happy new yessar to oyu all!! E ven thought mosy of you are noobs! and i hateo yu , like the LICGF ***LCF, anyway, happy new year, GERARD - Get a six pack CHRIS - Get laid SPAZ - Make your kid a hoooligan Chris82 - Grow some pubes Sky - Get fit and go out with bear Crazychicken17 - come back the guy with the half life avatar - oh yeah - pagan guru - come back osirias aka isane pyro - comebaCK EVERYONE, COME AND SHAREE THE OOLVE!!! I WAANT YOUR BABIEZS, HAVE Af***IGN GREAT YEARE PEEPS!!!
  12. I may just do that... But... Beer=Love. Then again... Vodka=Love(in a quicker time)=Sick
  13. Anyone going to any parties tonight? I plan to spend new year with a bottle of beer in one hand, a girl in the other.
  14. My first post was a bit more than 2 years ago on the old forums. I think it was requesting to join a gang. Lol.
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