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  1. Hey dude, what you're after here actually has a pretty easy fix. You'll have the modded files names up as walton.txd and walton.dff when you download them. All yous gotta do is rename these files to yosemite.txd and yosemite.dff respectively (do a quick search in the .img for 'yose' and you'll find out if there's any abbreviations or additions to the actual naming just to be sure) Hope this helps mate. Also, moved to GTA SA Modding.
  2. Chris, i can't believe you'd recklessly post GTA news on a GTA fansite like this. Surely you can make something up to stop tuna having an aneurysm. Wait. Hold on. Oh, it turns out you're not in control of GTa news? Well, that changes everything. As you were, gentlemen. OT: Helicopter in the top left continues to prevail. I approve.
  4. I'm not sure what's more satisfying. It's a toss up between you believing I've messed with your account when I haven't - and having messed with your account, and denying it knowing there's not really much you can do if I did. I like to believe the sentient forum gods had a little party with those tiny little sausages and cartons of juice and just randomly picked a dude to fuck with for a bit. This is much fun indeed @amazingdude - we've just been through a period of downtime, the forum software got updated and Chris has been doing some other work to the site (I think). It's likely a bug, so hopefully we can recover your stuff. After having a quick look around it looks like it's linked to the restricted member group but I'm no expert.
  5. Yeah, pretty much, I mean he just cuddles me and makes everything better when people get self-righteous on the internet because i literally can't handle the banality of it all and it makes me sad Also I never modified your account settings. Posts yeah, account no. And I'm still mod because it irritates the fuck out of you and provides me with mild amusement whilst I'm taking a shit. Later, nerd. edit: gonna lock this now, so if you want to vent your (misplaced) preconceptions about how It's just because I want to avoid the argument, do it somewhere where someone gives a shit. Oh, wait.
  6. I don't know, but it's not up to you to moderate, so until it is, please refrain from commenting.
  7. This is pretty interesting. Kudos to you if you manage to follow through with this, but you seem to have your shit together so good luck to you!
  8. ITT: blanketing insults upon every continent. You missed Antarctica, but I'll just assume they're cunts and save you the trouble of justifying it. OT: I wouldn't be surprised (happy is another matter) if they did actually end up putting a version of Grove St. into the game. Neither Liberty City nor Vice City had a location which the protagonist really had that was their 'home', and as such, Neither Claude's first safehouse nor Tommy's hotel really 'mattered', or worked to give you a reason to fight for them. Grove did have this, however, which makes it a much richer, much more significant part of the franchise. I know what you're gonna say: But we can use Francis International as an example of a location which has functionally and aesthetically changed, taken on a new location and has fallen in and out of relevance, but it HAS survived the transition between the 'generations' of the game, if only by name.
  9. Can... can we stop with the threads? One is plenty. if you wish to update interested parties in upcoming / active events you can go ahead and double post in the thread. Just... no more.. please? kthx
  10. Gonna be stupid as hell. And thus excellent.
  11. I can't think of any better gift for you than something to have a nice, long bitch about
  12. Inb4 bitches qq about V being delayed. Sort your lives out.

  13. Inb4 bitched qq about V being delayed. Sort your lives out.

  14. Instead, the file you'll be looking for in this case is player.IMG, not gta3.img. Hope this helped, if you need any further info I'll be happy to lend a hand.
  15. I can't imagine it being impossible. With common San Andreas modding tools such as IMGtool and TXD workshop, you could have a look around hud.txd and change the texture to your liking.
  16. Had a poke around our mod database... Hardcore San Andreas mod This should do nicely Multiplayer
  17. We don't make a habit of supporting people who have acquired the game in the same way as you seem to have. When you can buy the game for just shy of 7 quid from the likes of Amazon, or use services like steam it seems a little obnoxious.
  18. There's a difference between an asshole boss and a boss who actively expects you to do things that they themselves inhibit you from doing (though these categories aren't mutually exclusive). I experience it 5 days a week. They are delivering. To shareholders. That's their primary concern; how much of that comprises delivering a well optimized game changes on a case by case basis. Circular logic is circular. Also flawed. You just said 'nope' and expected it to pass as an argument there. 'Tis what I was getting at. Now you're being obtuse. Wouldn't be surprised if this game is built off the previous 'modern' worms titles such as reloaded, golf and whatnot and thus has alot of shit chugging away in the background that they don't really need. It's indicative of a low budget and fast turnaround task given by the guys upstairs. Refer to my aforementioned arguments. Then refute them with no contrary points other than 'nope' again.
  19. I think the amount of times you've called developers lazy without any realization that shareholders and CEO's have them by the balls is absurd. When a lowly game dev on 30 grand or whatever they make turns around to John Riccitiello and tells him that his big game release isn't going to be ready for another month because he wants to make sure the optimisation for 6 core AMD systems using a certain chipset and an Nvidia graphics card with low latency RAM, i guarantee you with no uncertainty that Mr. Riccitiello will get a technician to find him some figures, exclaim that it's 1.2% of the potential player base and tell him to get the game gone gold my midday. Same thing with Microsoft. The developers simply aren't as lazy as they think you are, and your blindness to the bigger picture is not to be commended. Google 'foxconn suicides' for more on computer component manufacturer working conditions. The only people living on anything above bread and fucking water at Nvidia are the scientists and the stupid motherfuckers in the boardrooms. Agaian, people who have no concern for that game developer 6 months from now who's working through his lunch to optimise for people just like you; in spite of what people (strangley not) unlike you are telling them. For protecting their investment? They aren't. It was more of a 'sit here and flap your arms or do something about it' statement. Yes. Whether or not their CEO's and shareholders approved the scheme is another matter. This paradigm is what is making indie titles so popular as of late; the developers are real, tangible gamers who love to play and create fun stuff and they know the concerns of consumers on a first hand basis. Indie games, due to their often low budget, tend to be less demanding on one's system. Imagine giving an independent dev 20mil to play with and make a AAA title without there being more than a few bugs to iron out.
  20. I do hope you know the answer to this, and I have a suspicion that if this argument was happening in reverse you'd be the first to pipe up and hammer out a response. The 360 has maybe three hardware setups. They differ in the likes of hard drive space, cooling and so forth but generally no major architectural changes are made throughout a console's lifetime. This means it's easy for a developer to spend a lot of time examining that particular hardware's strengths, weaknesses, stability issues and potential, because the number of hardware variables is so minimal. When you compare to developing for PC, it's a different story altogether. If I take a look at scan.co.uk (my computer parts vendor of choice) I have a selection of 9 or so socket 1155 (sandy bridge) processors. Compatible motherboard for this process are numerous, with 72 examples. You can be as terrible at maths as I am am and still work out that the number of combinations is pretty goddamned huge. It's the same case when you assert that Microsoft should 'optimize their operating system' for who? On a case by case basis? it's part of what you sign up for when you enter into the realmof PC gaming. The other option is unfortunately, a much more closed system such as Apple's, or to buy into stuff like surface (which we all know isn't really what you'd want as a gamer) I'd allllso like to make a slight chage to your version of events in which you blame windows for 'slowing down' hardware. Yes it's bloated and stupid and MS don't really give a shit about supporting gaming, but there's more: Directx is a vast proportion of the reason games don't run at their full potential on windows machines. Directx is an antique. DirectX, or rather it's lack of alternatives, is the reason our PC's aren't blowing 360's and PS3's further back into the dirt than they already do. Given the nature of PC tinkerers around the world, and the fact that as an Operating system the community have Windows cracked wide open I'm amazed to see nobody has come up with an alternative.
  21. What's stopping him from making such as assertion? (Short answer: nothing) Yeah there's no gameplay videos out yet (as is Rockstar's way), but we can get a pretty solid bearing on how the game will play based on Rockstar's past formula, since GTA's hasn't changed an awful lot over the years. His speculation (I assume) relies on applying this formula - or a closely related variation) to a world set to be more varied and in depth than IV's, which to some seemed a little too gritty, a little too claustrophobic, and didn't leave much to the imagination, and one with a larger variety of vehicles, climates, terrain and protagonists. Environment is (as he states, and you ignore) a huge part of Blacklisted's GTA experience and it is difficult to deny that GTAV's will not surpass IV's in both scale and variety. The world and his wife bitched when IV didn't have planes, and now we're getting them - how is that not a winner? We're even getting some modes of transportation, such as submersibles, that haven't made an appearance in the series to date. None of this is speculation is wild or uncalled for, none of this is speculation is pulled randomly from something someone once said on the internet one time in 2003. We've had it confirmed with in - progress screenshots and with media coverage such as that from GameInformer. I'd also like to add that you're arguing for the sake of arguing now. If you don't give a shit what I think look away now, but you run the risk of adhering firmly to your own stereotype. If you're spending this high a proportion of your time arguing with a 45 year old American dude on the internet then you should really step back a little. If you enjoy arguing this much, join a debate club or go in to politics. I remember the good old days of giving a shit what people thought on the internet. Then I got a job, found a nice girl, got some exersize, concocted dreams and aspirations and let the worries and the anger (it's there however much you deny it) just float away. The pursuit of the infallible and perfect internet argument is trivial, there's simply too much to contend with - much like life - but it's easier and doesn't make you stupid, or weak, or cowardly if you just...stop caring. Your future boss won't care if you can argue for hours, and if you're self employed it won't matter anyway. It doesn't mean rolling over and letting someone else 'win'. I'd rather not have the last word in an argument at work over who moved that box of glasses, or left the paperwork out on the side and go home at the end of the day with a smile on my face knowing that it actually doesn't fucking matter, no matter how adamant i am that i'm right. If you spend this much time arguing with the brick wall of fanboyism in which you seem to believe (bearing in mind alot of what we're dealing with is based on opinion), spending increasingly longer focusing on something that you assert as the very anathema of your being then frankly you're living a wasted life. Call me a prick all you want ('ok, prick' lololol) but my logic isn't all too fallible. I presume you're young, able, sociable, and intelligent, so use it to fucking leverage something that isn't hurling words with the sole intent to demoralize someone else 5,000 odd miles away. There's always more. tl;dr: There are worse evils in the world than people on the internet, I'd recommend directing your enthusiasm and energy at tackling them, instead.
  22. I'd recommend Farcry 3, it's a huge amount of fun. The direction of the story is fantastic, even if the writing is a little cliché at times, and it contains some great themes that the writers clearly went to town with, which help it not to feel as contrived and pointless as other AAA titles to simply play through in singleplayer. Big range of guns, survival and hunting elements make you feel manly as fuck, as does the ability to silently scout and eliminate entire camps of enemies with nothing but a bow & arrow. RPG's and GL40's are provided for the more...heavy handed hunter, aswell. Knife takedowns, double knife takedowns, over and under ledge takedowns, knifeplay and looting (in a simple way) and some skill-tree climbing definitely keep the novelty in it for longer than I honestly expected. Great timesink - maybe the steam sales spoil me, but wait for it to reach 20, 25 bucks or so before you commit if you're not sure.
  23. I'm not gonna intervene here, since the discussion makes for a good read whilst I'm on the khazi. However, it does appear we're having the same or very similar discussions in 2 or 3 threads, so if we could just have it in the one that'd be fantastic. I'd ask you to decide amongst yourselves as to which but you probably wouldn't reach an agreement. Fuck it, can we carry on the discussion in this thread and leave the other one be, since it's a news thread and if we get traffic through to that news we'd maybe want them to see something a little less..heated. I don't care if TECHNICALLY you think they are different arguments discussions, I'm just requesting you get it all out in this thread here. Plus it makes moderating and so on a just a little bit easier on my part and the part of the other mods As you were, gentlemen. Play nice.
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