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  1. I don't think anyone's really represented fairly in GTA. What you have to remember is that the games are written to be funny, and exaggerating the aspects of someone's personality or a the perceived personality of a collective group is a damn easy, damn effective way to do this. It's not a bad thing at all, it's a bit of a nihilistic approach but I really don't think the people at R* are walking around saying shit like 'well yeah we don't really want to represent women' 'well we shouldn't have a guy whose Chinese and kills people cause they might get offended.' this level on nonchalance towards the potential of offending anyone is what has made GTA's writing so consistently good.
  2. Good news at last. The only details I'm hoping we can nail down is whether it'll be mulitplatform on release, and probably the protagonist since nobody seems to shut up about it. I suppose I'll wait 15 minutes for the scans to hit reddit or something instead of buying the magazine though. I'm a terrible person.
  3. The one question I always raise is why does whoever is president get paid 400 grand a year (or so)? Why do people from such economically strong backgrounds (Mitt Romney is fuckin' loaded) make up such a huge percentage of the running candidates? Why is this allowed to persist? If you want to make sure the little people are being looked out for, make the president a little person. Let him spend a month squirming over phone bills and food and petrol and tax and shit. @Americans - What did you guys think of Ron Paul? He seemed like his policies were spot-on and he had the vision of a modern day Reagan. He really changed the sweeping view I have of Republicans with his ruthless logic. Also lol defence. How would the fucking world police feel in China or Russia Had hundreds of military bases in hundreds of countries all over Earth? That ain't defence.
  4. If you were on about the nutter I mentioned I had a dig and it was this mental fucker. Now has some random name but went by the infamous RyanVG. Have a little journey of your own into the realm of outlawing TV and the zero calorie French fry.
  5. 1 corrupt guy who is basically untouchable because he blatantly finances elections to protect his interests (money) calling out another guy led by corrupted guys protecting their interests (money) so he can seem like he isn't corrupt which is in his interests (because it ultimately makes him money). Fuck ever voting. 2 - party dictatorships are a part of western life that we're gullibly shepherded into from birth. Fuck ever entertaining their shit or dignifying it with a response. Your weapons are already in hand. If you are thinking, you are winning.
  6. *Note to admin - rename this 'BDSM spam window' kthx.

  7. I remember me and my buddy used to crouch down in people's truck beds, turn on cars can fly, fire off some shots and see how high we could get before falling off.
  8. That's... fun to know? Do you have anything to contribute to our forums other than misgivings about members of your family?
  9. I never said / thought that it was irreparable, just that the likelihood is decreased when you take into account the mentality of your typical internet - goer. There are only a few sites I properly frequent, TGTAP happens to be the only one in which I actively participate, the others I peruse for business or because they're otherwise relevant to my interests. The reason I stayed here is because the staff and community were welcoming... but since then I've witnessed and been a part of a not-so-welcoming side of internet and forum culture. This was even more evident to me when I kinda 'came back' to the internet after I finished my last job, got myself a new computer and so on; by this time, facebook integration and twitter hashtags and all that bullcrap were EVERYWHERE. Now, instead of writing your response to a fellow enthusiast for the sake of human collaboration and revelling in the wonder of dial up whilst your brothers scream bloody murder upstairs cause they want to use the phone, there's a thousand ways to call someone a faggot in pig English under a youtube video because they, amazingly, have a different opinion to your (not yours personally, I'm getting caught up in the sentence structure) clearly superior one. How, amongst this (the internet) breeding ground for the ignorant and misinformed, that more and more people are being sucked into at a younger and younger age, are we supposed to nurture a community who'd sooner pledge their soul to the pursuit of imitating some media puppet than drop their inhibitions, allow their preconceptions to be smashed before them and appreciate the beauty of the society that exists behind the grey, corporate crust that seems adamant to shadow us all.
  10. Everyone who was active in the old days was roughly the same age. To be honest, I reckon everyone just sorta grew up a bit and had to deal with life. Chris and Gerard got jobs, Spaz achieved spiritual enlightenment and ascended to a higher state of being, Sky got married () Urbanoutlaw probably got on his Harley and went on an actual rampage (nothing personal if you ever get round to reading this dude, just.. dat beard.) The likes of Noru, Jace, Red Devil, TNF, JayD, whoever Scott is (only know him via facebook now) edit: oh lol you posted above, sup dude? went to uni. Even the crazy people who turned up to troll occasionally dropped off the face of the earth. (Old staff / elites? who was the guy obsessed with Nascar? And the guy who was gonna like give up TV and shit? I lol'd) Dom's working on other projects and is kinda around. Ivan, Ciaran, Pilk, GTADON, Spidervice and WRX22B... Yellowjacket, OGTAM idk what happened with them. I know at least one of them's alive. We had a freakin' sweet community at one point. There were sour spots, back when the flame pit (idk what it was called) existed. But it was mainly everyone vs spaz and he never threw his toys out the pram about it . Harwood got banned which was probably pretty harmful to activity since he had some strong friendships but I honestly can't remember why that happened so I can't say for sure. Feels good to reminisce, and as much as I'd love this community to elevate back to where it was, and think it still could, the general standard of internet personality / behaviour is far lower than it was in the day.
  11. San Andreas download link San Andreas download link 2
  12. Very nice. This is a great testament not only to the quality of the engine and animations produced by R*, but to the dedication and talent of their fans. I was not expecting to be impressed, but I absolutely am. Good job.
  13. One of my old mates just had his corsa featured in total Vauxhall. Legit Z20Let in it and all, turbo and parts salvaged from astra VXR got it nearing 280 brake. But Alas, It's a Vauxhall Corsa. Not that I'm anti car modification or, think Corsas can't be done well, or acting as if my car isn't a rolling blue rustpile with a knackered exhaust, misfiring on 2 cylinders with 4 quid of petrol in the tank... I just prefer something a little more distinguished. Got my eye on a CRX (still) come November when the nice man at the garage gives me the look as if to say 'why are you even paying to MOT something that looks like a prop from Final Destination?' edit: photo of aforementioned person's work.
  14. Patience is a virtue. This link should come in handy. Outside of that, I can't really provide you with much, though we support and encourage modding heavily with the PC versions of the game, consoles tend to stray into a legal grey area, since the methods often involve hacked / chipped consoles that can be used to play pirated version of the (and all) games. My suggestion would be to visit a dedicated forum for this sort of thing.
  15. I'm glad to be of service. Since you're on the PC, I'd advise maybe getting into modding to fix the other gripes you had with the game. Stuff like disabling rain has probably already been done, vehicle settings can be altered in notepad (including centre of gravity) the hookers.... I dunno. The street comments are likely easily 'fixable' aswell. Camhack is widely known and used as a way to move the camera to your heart's content, and the garages... if I remember correctly from my many years posting here, one gent found out this was hard coded right into the game, and without serious tinkering would pretty much never be achieved. TO THE GOOGLE-MOBILE! http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f3540-no-rain-mod http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f647-san-andreas-camera-hack-v12 http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f522-sa-handling-editor That should get you started if it's your thing. If you're feeling brave maybe have a look at http://cleo.sannybuilder.com/ -> this is CLEO, it's a method of modding san andreas that uses scripts, it's incredibly flexible and very powerful, but requires a bit more input and dedication from the user. Have fun.
  16. I have no real idea what you're actually after, wading through the verbosity of this topic is giving me a headache and made me not wanna respond; but I'm gonna go ahead and recommend a program called xpadder. Basically, Xpadder lets you map a controller to perform keypresses as they would happen directly from a keyboard or mouse. That way you can keep the game's keyboard + mouse option turned on so you can... move with the left half of your controller and aim with your mouse? (is this what you're trying to do? what if you have to jump / get in a car?)
  17. I like IV's system better than the previous gen , it's alot more informative with the extra radius visual on the radar, and the AI was far superior to boot. One thing bugged me, I always thought maybe each unit should have a cone of vision. Cops on foot get a narrower, but longer line of sight than mobile units who have a slightly shorter, but wider cone that is more heavily dictated by the direction of their vehicle. Choppers would have a huge LOS which is real hard to shake and interacts heavily with the mobile and foot units.
  18. Completely ecstatic over what we've seen so far of GTAV. Just...my god.

    1. BlackListedB


      I hear ya, hope in these coming weeks stated, more VIDEO forthcoming, and a release by Christmas 012

  19. The new screenshots they put out today are mind bogglingly goooorgeous.
  20. This link should come in handy. Outside of that, I can't really provide you with much, though we support and encourage modding heavily with the PC versions of the game, consoles tend to stray into a legal grey area, since the methods often involve hacked / chipped consoles that can be used to play pirated version of the (and all) games. My suggestion would be to visit a dedicated forum for this sort of thing.
  21. IIRC, int hat trainer under the ped settings you can stop them having weapons? Alternatively try using god mode so you don't die when he fires at you?
  22. Make sure your GTA files aren't marked as read-only?
  23. fixed a bug causing tree leaves to look transparent fixed a bug that prevented uploading of rendered videos to Social Club when attaching certain music tracks fixed for clip capture "OFF" slowdowns occurring when near water's edge exposed "detonate" in custom key mapping options menu for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned so users can remap "down" arrow key As far as i know / can tell, the IcEnhancer is based heavily on / is a series of tweaks to the 'standard' NB graphics mod. It's down to preference, but you can tweak the settings to both yourself anyway until you get it looking how you want. Icenhancer was updated pretty recently so the problems you describe may have been fixed. I've used icenhancer, and it is simply incredible. However, if you don't have a powerful system, don't expect good framerates. On the specs in my sig, I got around 35 fps down from the mid 50's with pretty much everything ramped right up. Down to preference. www.google.com is your friend, it takes 10 minutes to find 10 decent blood mods for the game, but days to wait for a reply on a forum, then go out, find them specifically and test them. Here is one. Here is another. This was easy. That site again was www.google.com. Car names mod here. Couldn't find one for the street names, but now you know where to search. Thousands. 30 seconds of google found this which i never know about. And this Aaaand this.
  24. There's been a shitload of articles/ campaigns floating around the web recently. Thankfully, as far as humanity goes, many seem to be swinging (no pun intended) towards the pro gay rights side. It happens to be the side that I agree with and anything that means more people are treated more equally more of the time is good in my book. However. I don't think it's fair to villainize people if they don't hold this particular view. They're free to hold it, within their own mind, marry someone of a different sex, have kids and not let it bother them. Of course, there are exceptions that will need to be made, anyone who spreads anti-homosexual propaganda simply on the basis that it conflicts with their own beliefs is an absolute fuckin' asshole. Anyone who dictates the beliefs of their kids is an asshole (in/outside of the gay rights argument). Someone shouldn't face flak because they say 'I don't agree with it' and leave their opinion with it there (or at God like many go on to do, I think it's time we learned that you're wasting your time arguing with religious people about homosexuality). Now this: From the article you posted doesn't shock em at all. Since the muppets is primarily a kid's show there is clearly a conflict of interests when you're trying to teach kids about acceptance, equality and so on. They went about it the right way, just ended their association and were done with it.
  25. It wouldn't make any sense to just make the game available to the systems that always had backwards compatability. You'd just Amazon / ebay the game for a fiver and be done. The digital format is designed to play on all PS3 hardware.
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