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  1. At Rockstar they have an incredibly powerful creative force, and a superbly talented team of writers. If R* wanted to make games at, say double the speed they do now (with release timings similar to NFS or CoD) they'd either end up having to compromise the amount of time that talent could spend on a given product, and ultimately inhibiting it from becoming the best it could be, or they would have to go through the time consuming and costly (not to mention difficult) task of employing writers, animators, voice actors, illustrators and 3D artists of the same calibre as the ones they already employ, and who have a style befitting and that would do ample justice to the franchise. I'll buy every single GTA game without fail, because I know I'm being delivered the best work by a studio I love and respect. I fail to believe that NFS, CoD or, more recently, Assassin's creed have the same amount of doughy-eyed love poured into them by the team involved, and that's why I fucking sigh and my heart sinks a little every time I see filler-news stories on gaming sites with 'Day one DLC for Call of Duty 3 spec ops black warfare 2 world war zombie pew pew guns oh no this time it's the Russians 2: Modern Warfare'.
  2. I think R*s efforts will actually provide a huge boost to the SanAn on Rage project, my prediction is that it'll gradually migrate into a mod for GTAV and borrow the game's resources, meaning we get all the fun and memories of ol' San Andreas with professionally made models and textures.
  3. I think it is, and it looks gorgeous...
  4. wut. Hey dude, how's life treating you? I'm pretty sure Chris can hook you up with a password reset or whatever.
  5. This is kinda cool. Does it work with heatseeking rockets? Also..the song... oO
  6. If your computer has good specs, I'd recommend the ENB series mods as the first thing to research. It doesn't change textures in the game, but it's a series of shaders that alter the lighting and reflections in the game. Also look at this.
  7. 1. Find the building you want to replace inside the GTA3.img file in the San Andreas Folder. 2. Use the import function of IMGtool to import the modded files. 3. Save & Rebuild the archive. 4.????? 5. Profit.
  8. If you wish to submit a mod for uploading to the site, use http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/user/upload.php
  9. It could be a couple of things. You need to make sure you extract images from the TXD files as 'PNG' format images, because PNG support 'alpha' or transparency, whereas others do not. If you have been doing this, you need to make sure that the image editor you are using supports transparency. Microsoft paint would be an example of this. More advanced image editors like Photoshop and the gimp will, however.
  10. You need a tool like IMGtool, all you have to do is open up the file 'GTA3.img' in the 'models' folder of your San Andreas install directory using IMGtool. From there extract the following files. -tags_lavagos.txd -tags_latemple.txd -tags_laseville.txd -tags_larollin.txd -tags_larifa.txd -tags_lakilo.txd -tags_lafront.txd -tags_laazteca.txd -tags_lalae.txd Once you have these files in a safe place, download txdworkshop, open up each of these files individually in txd workshop and select 'export > to PNG' and save them somewhere safe. Then you can edit the PNG in your favourite image editing software, I use Photoshop, alternatives include GIMP. When you;re done editing, save the file back in the same format and place to overwrite the file, which will probably be called 'grove' or similar. Then use txd workshop to 'import' the edited image into the txd. Once you have your new txd with the logo you want, import it into the GTA3img file using IMGtool's 'add' command. After you have done this for all of the tags, save and rebuild the GTA3.img file and enjoy.
  11. In theory, yes it is possible. You'd extract, modify and re-burn the files from the game disc to a new disk. However, you'd need a chipped/modded 360; These are commonly used to circumvent anti-piracy measures however, so beyond this there's not an awful lot I can tell you in accordance with the forum rules.
  12. Firstly, that guy's pretty much a dick. If I wanna use god features and whatnot I tend to set up a private server so it doesn't piss anyone off. If you want to do the same, for completely non - malevolent reasons, you can use the simple native trainer. It will work in singleplayer and online.
  13. I like the way you think kokane. When a country (such as the US, but not exclusively) have entire infrastructures of power, laws, morals and standards inexorably linked to Christianity, and claim that they are a Christian nation, and then proceed to rape and pillage and murder in the pursuit of money and power over peace, it becomes hard for me to legitimately believe that religion has a place in modern society. Especially when it is a factual and blatant breach of not only the ten commandments, but international law defended by the pursuit of Christianity. Now I understand not every Christian is a military strategist funnelling men into the middle east in pursuit of money. What I don't understand is how a god supposedly so mighty, so benevolent, and so irrefutably mighty would allow the slaughter not only of millions of men, women and children, but of every moral fibre he entrusted the first human beings with. He called one man to a mountain to sacrifice his son as a test of loyalty, but will not so much as call out those refusing to fund legitimate cancer research because it won't profit, or feed the hungry, or allow the racial barriers that plague this earth to be broken. All men were created equal. The meek, instead of inheriting the earth, lie downtrodden, dead broke, and tied to systems that will perpetuate their own misery for eons to come. That's why I can't come to terms with religion (mainly Christianity - I'm the first to admit I don't know enough to comment on any others) it just seems to me that we have wagered an awful lot on the Bible being right, and the longer the play goes on the more grim the reality gets. I'd also like to note I don't have a problem with someone being openly Christian / Catholic / Muslim / whatever, but do lose some respect for those who refuse to think critically. The longer and more passionately someone argues with me (outside of predictable and circular logic) the more I respect them. Was arguing with one of my close friends on the vices and virtues of capitalism, which I'm pretty passionate about, and he managed to shut me up about it. Beers followed.
  14. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/20760-how-to-bypass-gta-iv-memory-restrictions/ Thread made by Chris himself about this very subject, should suit you perfectly. Enjoy.
  15. Downloading GTA III on my phone...awwwwwyeah

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    2. Meshy


      DROID FTW! Same here bravva!Spider Vice Android 4.0 just came out, wait for an update.

    3. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      I tried it on my Galaxy 5, and it was more like a slideshow of sorts since I'm running it on weak hardware. My dad's tablet can blitz it, though.

    4. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      I tried it on my Galaxy 5, and it was more like a slideshow of sorts since I'm running it on weak hardware. My dad's tablet can blitz it, though.

  16. also interestingly this. http://www.engadget.com/2012/04/11/gaikai-facebook-beta-application/
  17. i lold. so friggin hard. This is Q*bert, from thirty years ago, in 1982. and this is an IBM PC . On its release somewhere during either '81 or '82 it woulda have set you back a cool 8 grand. When you consider game services such as onlive can stream the latest titles such as DiRT3 (which gets the best of my PC sometimes) over the net with no prior hardware requirements, (and that facebook have one beast of a datacenter) you soon realise that it's probably no further than a licensing contract away.
  18. Catblock is fuckin' epic.

    1. Mike356


      whats that

    2. MrLlamaLlama


      If you have adblock for chrome (or firefox i think), as an April fool's thing they replaced all blocked ads with pictures of cats instead of blanks paces. ^^

  19. Nobody outside of Rockstar knows exactly what the map will look like at this time. There has been a bit of speculation but northing's confirmed.
  20. No, the maps won't be the same. V's map will be less 'apart' than SA's - the countryside will be alot closer to the urban areas because it'll probably be geographically smaller.
  21. Well from reading that article it seems like he was responsible for the guy's suicide (even though it wasn't directly stated or encouraged as a reason for his conviction towards the jury) , and tampered with evidence. He's lucky to get 10 years. You can't treat someone like a fucking spectacle, like a zoo attraction because they're different to you, especially if it's something they don't have a choice over. I hope a big old dude screws him in prison.
  22. This is probably a pretty complex thing to achieve with custom vehicles. I think the futo GT spawns anyway naturally, but confined to a certain area. It can and will spawn more often when you drive a futo though - however instead of being it's own car, I'm pretty sure it's generated with the extra 'parts' (rollcage, vinyls, hood etc) instead of being a separate vehicle class as it were. These 'parts' and when / whether they spawn are defined in the vehicles.ide file, but I have no idea how it works beyond that. So unless the mod was specifically set up with the base car and the option of having the 'parts' you're going to run into trouble. I can suggest 2 things: add the gymkhana car into the game instead of replacing (it can be done!) and give it a similar set of values as the futo's GT variant (again, I'd have no idea how you'd do it, but shouldn't be too hard to figure out), OR if you want the car to be super - rare install it in place of the Sultan RS. Be warned though, they pop up fuckin' everywhere when you drive one, and it looks a bit silly (I have a race - prepped zonda in that slot : S ) If you've got any more questions, let me know
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