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  1. Are you, like...some sort of prick, dude? I mean seriously. You've been on the forums 20 minutes and you're acting all fucking entitled. Don't get me wrong, we're short of activity, and we know it - but when people see that as an opportunity to a be an utter twat on the internet and act like some sort of computer gangster to compensate for some sort of void in their life, we'd rather not have to entertain it. So what if people sign up just to ask the one question? if you're not willing to answer, you're just as much a fucking nuisance, if not more, than they are (that applies outside of this particular thread aswell). Please don't try and undermine the questions of people who come here, yeah, we hate it when people ask stupid questions (no offense at OP, perfectly legit post and I'll get to you ina sec ) but we do our best to answer so that they see our community in a positive light. I do see the irony in this - I realise I'm probably not giving off a friendly vibe, but I don't go around indiscriminately shit-holing people who just want their questions answered. Please, please don't make a habit of it. *ahem* @OP: The only thing i can really suggest is tweaking which compatibility modes your trainer and /or game are running in (right click the exe > properties > compatibility). If that doesn't fix it, I think maybe norton (though you've turned it off etc) might have gone ahead and blacklisted it anyway since it's a pretty invasive AV program. Is there any way you could double check the black / whitelists for the program? Even if you have copies it might just be remembering the file name, size and type and blocking the duplicates because they match the criteria. Try renaming the trainer as a complete shot in the dark? Outside of that, I don't know how much you know about the modding scene for San Andreas, but CLEO might interest you - it's a script based system *guesses wildly* that uses plugins and in game interfaces to perform tasks that trainers might. I don't know too much about it myself but have a dig around on google and you might find something. Lastly, welcome to the forums, and let us know how you get on with the problem, dude! super quick edit - just found this thread by one of our members, Deji which may help out if you choose the cleo route.
  2. ^this. I have no doubt that he's an evil, sick, wrong human being. But the frankly - kick ass social media campaign isn't layered on that strong just to make you want to fight the cause. Money is being made.
  3. Any AAA game developer would have likely reported them to the authorities instantly, instead of sympathizing with his situation. You can't convey feel, atmosphere, or an experience over youtube, I don't think. I watched loads of videos of Amnesia : dark descent and figured it wouldn't scare me at all and I should give it a go. Got it for £3 in a steam sale (!) and the build up in a properly rendered game environment had me shitting myself. But I digress. There are obviously people who feel a bit entitled and just download shit left right and centre, I know a guy who downloads so much that he has to buy new HDDs every month to cope. The guy's a douche. He's also fucking loaded though - he'd have no problem at all buying all the stuff he downloads, but he does it because as a service, piracy is easier. He has programs set up to download his favourite American TV when it comes online, rename it, move it where he wants it on his PC, and begin seeding it for his fellow pirates. He can then stream it to his TV over a home network. If he wanted to do this legally, the amount of DRM, bloatware and general red tape he'd encounter would be enormous, not to mention the amount of time he'd have to wait for it to make it across the Atlantic in the first place.
  4. No kidding. http://nerdreactor.c...-leaked-online/ Well done, this^ shows how out of touch you are with the issue. 360 version of the potential game of the year out and playable on 360 before PC, being seeded and leeched at a vastly higher capacity. Firstly, If you're enough of an idiot to download '[email protected]' then you deserve a virus. This is a fact. I don't think I've ever contracted a virus from anything I've downloaded / browsed / torrented / magnet bitch thingy linked since I turned 14. This leads me onto my next point. The difference between the pirates and the game developers are that the pirates know more about the consumer. They also care more about the consumer. To this end, piracy is always becoming easier, and occasionally becomes more 'safe', less incriminating and quicker. Pirates always want to be the first out the gate when it comes to making it easier for the common man to get hold of what they want. Meanwhile, companies like ubisoft/EA/activision who are stamping out sequels with frightening regularity and similarity, at a frightening consistent £44.99 / whatever pricepoint, with a horrible attitude to DLC (seeing it as a method to eek cash out of customers, rather than extend a game experience) introduce always more intrusive DRM which leaves gamers out of what they paid for if servers go down, or it's a tuesday, or if they want to install it a few times after reformatting / whatever. This is why convenient, cheap, consumer friendly services like steam, netflix and spotify are making money out of their arses, capitalising upon the desires of their consumers instead of focusing on how to bind the consumer to a contract / ensure they can't breach contract, etc, etc. They're also out marketing fantastic indie products such as limbo, super meat boy, Magicka and REALLY contributing to the industry in a way that benefits the creative that truly drive it, instead of the bank managers and accountants who use it to buy out these creative's intellectual property and spread it thinly over 4 sequels at nearly 50 quid a go, instead of a modest price point. Also, as a (somewhat ranty) note before I end this rant - DEMOS - when I was growing up in the 90's I could sure as shit download a demo before buying a game I wanted, I could see it, feel it, use it and judge for myself instead of letting a multimillion dollar ad campaign brainwash me. Not too long ago, i wanted to play the Dead space 2 demo. It didn't come to PC. I pirated the game. I immediately regretted the decision, since the game was fucking terrible. I coulda spent 40 quid on it and then had my refund denied because of the stigma surrounding PC gaming. But I didn't. I probably played it less that the time / distance limit on a demo would have been. To me, Piracy seems like a conequence of the entertainment industry getting a bit too greedy. Ubisoft spend alot of time and money and stress and manpower on stopping it and notch encourages people to do it if it's what they wanna do. Notch just paid his 20 man team 3 million dollars. A hundred and fifty grand each.
  5. Yes, ENB series mods will decrease game performance significantly.
  6. Spent ages playing go go space monkey in SA without dying - when i do, i'll posts scores and you guys can come challenge me :P

  7. This is a touch old, but yeah, as above is pretty on - the mark. Specifically I'd look at reducing some of these figures: [bLOOM] BloomPowerDay=14 BloomConstantDay=5 BloomPowerNight=14 BloomConstantNight=5
  8. Ok... So are you interested in making further mods of another kind, or just curious as to when your mod will be approved? If you're just waiting for your mod to be approved, I'd suggest just waiting it out for a while, Chris (the admin) is probably busy with his life and work and so on so it might take him a little while to approve it.
  9. Using a computer. If you want a more specific answer, could you ask a more specific question? For which game, what kind of mod, for which system?
  10. Borderlands is fuckin' epic. It gets even better with co-op aswell, and i can't wait for the sequel. As for my favorite series, probably half-life aswell, though recently I've found deus ex: HR exceptional, having not enjoyed the original.
  11. I'm hoping it'll be the game GTAIV should've been. IV was a technical, literary and comedic masterpiece - things every GTA should be... but in creating such a claustrophobic rendition of Liberty City they really, really made you have to work hard to appreciate it. San Andreas was always a much more varied, bright and brash landscape designed to be enjoyed as much for the bustling inner cities as the sunkissed mile - wide deserts. The rural areas gave you the opportunity to just sit back and take it all in, whilst the suburbs were packed with unique settings that were impossible to forget. tldr: very. Also I'm in hyper-vocabulary / dissertation writing mode today which is...fun?
  12. Holy crap huck, cheers for the recommendation on that trainer! It's bloody good!
  13. Hey huck, cheers for the post. Nevermind though, I'd buggered up the vehicle's line in the IDE file so it created a conflict and stuff stopped spawning. Out of interest, though, do you know of any vehicle spawners that run with the latest build of the game?
  14. Hey all. I'm pretty crap at all this modding stuff and I've only just decided to get into it at all and it's not gone well. So I ran through a tutorial on replacing vehicles in the game, did the whole xliveless thing, launched from the actual exe instead of the launcher, yadda yadda. Trouble is when I get into game having replaced some files, just... no cars appear. At all. What'sa goin on? b&ifunohelp
  15. I always just type super fast when drunk, not to say well, but fast. But yeah, Spazlove®
  16. We should all just take solace in the fact it's definitely coming before Black mesa source, HL2 Episode 3, Diablo 3 and Duke Nuke.... er. Well yeah. I'd be surprised if it wasn't this year, probably quite a way into the financial year aswell, but certainly pre-holidays.
  17. I love how chill they are over all this stuff, especially the Claude killing Catalina thing. They're like 'yeah nobody knows' just so that people keep playing, keep trying to find bits of info as if there's something more.
  18. Hey buddy. Yeah a few of us are still around. Check this thread out (gets more interesting / varied pages 2/onward) - it's where alot of old members started posting after news broke on V.
  19. It's literally a luck of the draw with this sort of thing I find. I've had £10 3rd party ps2 controllers work more reliably and outlast official ones when connected via a PC adapter. I'd be tempted to shell out a bit more, regardless, and failing that post on some forums / ask some friends if they have any recommendations.
  20. Came back after New Year's missing part of one of my teeth. Good night all things considered

  21. @Blacklisted. The other guys is freaking epic. I literally nearly pissed myself so many times. Been watching loads of film recently, everytime someone says 'have you watched (xyz film everyone has seen)' i think to myself 'why haven't I seen that. So yeah watched more films in these past 4 months than i ever though I'd have the patience for. Going in classic tonight with American History X. Before that, a few nights ago was 'old boy' - pretty weird - and i watched layer cake not long before that - epic film.
  22. Had a sweet few rounds of Poker earlier with my buddies, with a few drinks before we restart the daily grind...

  23. Errr no, we're against distributing original game files here... it's a bit illegal and for all we know you could never have paid for the game. Just suck it up and reinstall, plus it'll be quicker than finding an email host for a file that large and then downloading it, anyway. /lock
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