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  1. Lawl! I just downloaded a comic and it is the gayest piece of crap I ever saw :rofl2:
  2. No need to apologise, It was quite entertaining to read.
  3. Meh, just a motivational poster I made... It's real gay
  4. I'll crush you like the little maggots you are.
  5. Lol, everyone seems to be obsessed with Obama, I'm willing to bet half of them don't know of his actual policies. I'm not particularly a big fan of McCain either. I think both of them might screw America like Bush did, but thats my retarded opinion.
  6. Jack Thompson always had a thing for Dora the Explorer, everytime she appeared on TV he would go hard and he had to leave the lounge to avoid or else people would notice, when he was in his bedroom he would go to www.rule34cartoons.com and vigorously masturbate to sordid pictures of Dora and that fox shagging. One day Jack Thompson registered on www.thegtaplace.com, the coolest GTA fansite in the world to advertise his piczo site, this backfired when two members flamed him. He went on to do other things like post a stunt video which was modded and became a crappy 'DJ'. But he went too far when he posted a tutorial on how to animate things but it was only links to his crappy website, you had to register on it too to get the info. Many members scolded him and he even admitted to treating women like objects. This was when one member called Angry Gorilla decided to hack into his computer. Angry Gorilla discovered many gay things, the list included rude chat logs, many shocking obscene pictures and most importantly, the pictures of Dora the Explorer doing obscene things to herself with her mom's big dildo that Jack Thompson downloaded, it was disgusting. Angry Gorilla decided to go tell his chums about what he saw. The next day Jack Thompson logged in, he discovered over 9000 hateful PMs, every single member had discovered his disgusting secrets. When he made a topic complaining to the mods they just laughed at him for being a fag, everyone laughed at him for being a pervert and so he left TGTAP forever and ever. And you know what, this story is full of bullshit, because Angry Gorilla made up the story and Jack Thompson doesn't have a massive disgusting obsession with Dora the Explorer... or does he?
  7. Lol. Once upon a time, there was a rainbow, and then Hazer raped it, but then he grew massive jugs and his back broke and he died. Teh End
  8. Watch out TNF! The Titty Monster's massive jugs will crush you!
  9. The titty monster is coming for you, Dame AKA Weet
  10. Hazer's worst nightmare has come true, the party van are after him...
  11. I vote for Paris Hilton lololol... On a serious note, I'm not so sure if any of the presidents would be good TBH, but time will tell.
  12. MDetector5 having a good time... And for those who wanna look at some lolicon... Delicious
  13. I somehow wished I was more capable of doing what I want to do.
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