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  1. OMG! Raymond has been perving again. Watch out boys 'n' girls!
  2. Can you like talk to the room service at the Plaza? I feel a bit bored today... Already tried, but the staff were dead, Barney killed them all.
  3. People who say you're not a real artist or uncreative because you draw anime/fanart/younameit... WHAT THE FUCK!! Art is art! Whatever you draw, photograph, paint, sculpt, etch, sketch or whatever, anyone who disagrees can go die! End of rant
  4. 41. If I had a dollar for every ounce of stupidity you have, then I'd be richer than Bill Gates!
  5. Fresh little girl's panties from the washing line Makes Raymond very happy For he thinks they're awesome But everyone thinks they're crappy Unless they're worn on a hot woman Instead of a weak skinny looking girl But Raymond's a rotten pedophile And he wishes his sick dreams would happen IRL
  6. You will pay for your insolence! Non believer
  7. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! I'm king of the jungle!
  8. Try uninstalling it and then reinstalling the game, that might work.
  9. Nickelodeon. Take a good guess why.
  10. Rockstar would have sent cease & desist letters to TGTAP and other sites asking them to stop hosting the mods already if that was actually the case. At least I think so.
  11. ^ Far from it, my friend. < Fails at drawing v Masturbates to sexy pictures of Bill Gates.
  12. ^ Probably. < Tired. v Is a rotten sicko who wants to stick his cock up a dog's bum.
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