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  1. Look there people! A massive red penis in the sky!
  2. I'd have over a post count of over 3000 if that was the case
  3. Look here folks! Get yer free toon pron here.... www.ogrish.cum It's real swell
  4. ^ Likes Strawberry Shortcake. < Is making some dōjinshi. v Sucks cock. Oops, wrong topic.
  5. All Johnny-Kazuki ever wanted to do in life was to make love with his little sister, the pervert!
  6. Source of wallpaper I'm starving!
  7. I'm willing to assume that Websense is the filtering software used by your school. It's mega gay! Even the teachers hate it.
  8. I'm pretty envious of you folk who have good social skills
  9. Oh look! It's Warner and his redneck friends ready to go and rape some children...
  10. Yes it has low-res but the screen quality is good enough, also there are only two viruses for PSP and both can only be installed through homebrew. And I don't quite trust my laptop
  11. I'm mega shy and a real loner, I never talk unless I have to, I have a few friends but all they ever do is loiter around the place, I consider myself an outcast and I feel like a freak of society.
  12. Raymond gets boners. Cookies to first person to guess who he gets boners from...
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