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  1. A crash? I doubt it TBH. I think its just the economy going wonky. But time will tell.
  2. Watched the video again and it turns out to be just a comedy video, the watermark says CNNNN. I'm a fag
  3. Ok, at least I'd laugh... Why you mad at me? I said americans were NOT stupid... Get mad at the video and stop tryna blame me... I never said I was mad, lol. And I was kidding when I said I would put you in my stories, you'd have to become as retarded as Warner to become part of my stories.
  4. You're very close to being humiliated in one of my stories Deji
  5. The video was pretty gay, to be honest.
  6. ^ What do Night Foxes do in the night? < Zelda fan v Johnny-Kazuki, the gayest faggiest noob in Wales, who will get urges to fuck dogs and horses.
  7. "Arrgh! After I kill you I will rape that girl you've got in your car, then I will go kill TNF!" Xt0ny yelled through his car window. Jbmeria and Saria got out of the car before Xt0ny blew it up with a rocket launcher, Jbmeria and Saria ran as fast as they could as Xt0ny drove at high speeds towards them, hoping to run Jbmeria over. "We're gonna get run over and I have no gun!" Jbmeria said. "No wait, we can stop this now!" Saria said, she threw her ocarina at Xt0ny's car, the ocarina jammed into the wheel axis and the car crashed into a steamroller, it got crushed with Xt0ny inside. TNF may continue.
  8. The Jbmeria sat down besides Saria. "So what was happening?" Jbmeria asked. "This guy you just killed was trying to groom me." Saria said. "Lets get out of here before Warner's gang comes here." Jbmeria said, the two got up and walked away. TNF may continue.
  9. ^ Probably doesn't know who Zoe Avez is. < Noob. v Will tell me who Zoe is.
  10. Saria was playing her ocarina when that awful scoundrel Drew Pickles appeared and sat next to her. "I see you're playing a bong." Drew said. "Its an ocarina." Saria said. Drew started to feel Saria's leg, his slimy fingers was very close to her private area. "You're invading my personal space!" Saria said firmly, but Drew ignored her. "Hush! You sexy minx!" Drew whispered, he placed his ugly hands on her breasts, Saria was scared. TNF was hiding, waiting to attack Drew. TNF or Noodle may continue!
  11. ^ Drew Pickles, the sexiest gayest man in all of Drewland, who will rise up to become the leader of LWLTMG (Losers Who Likes To Molest Girls) and will run to the Kokiri Forest and rape all the Kokiri Kids there, including the great fag Mido, then he will kidnap Saria and rape her while riding the wagons to Oregon, he will then fight against the Sioux tribe and win and then he will go to Mexico and have his way with Zoe Avez < Gorilla v Wants to have a wild orgy with the Barney Bunch
  12. 10. Draw a face on it and call it your best friend (Ed Edd 'n' Eddy anyone?) Okay, uhh, stories! Ten things you can do with a story. 1. Poke fun at noobs.
  13. Drew Pickles, his cock is throbbing, he wants to stick it up the next poster's bum.
  14. Why? He just advertised a site and didn't flame anyone! Or he did? Anarchy Nation was a buttfucker...
  15. "I am Jack Thompson! I will masturbate now and the semen will make you disappear." JT said, everyone laughed at him and they killed him, then the gang of thieves grabbed a bag of horse shit and poured it into JT's mouth. Back at the Kokiri Forest, Azn was looking after Saria, when the gang of thieves returned she was asleep, then the gang discussed on how they were going to nurse her physical self to good health again. "Those n00bs, do they realise the mental harm they're causing?" TNF said. "Do they care?" Angry Gorilla said. "The n00bs we killed will find a way to spawn back to life, and a new n00b will come and rape the poor souls, we must continue to protect them in the hopes that one day we can live in a world where no n00bs exist." Unnamed Noodle said. The End. Out of 5, what would you people rate?
  16. Suddenly, TNF and his gang of thieves appeared. "You vile monster! Was it you filthbags who raped that poor poor girl?" TNF yelled. "My, aren't we testy?" Drew taunted, before letting AN appear. "That bitch was asking for it, she was screaming in pleasure!" AN said. "No! She was screaming in pain." TNF said. "Whats it to you?" AN said, but then he pulled out two UZIs. A massive gunfight endured, Angry Gorilla managed to decapitate Warner and Hazer, and Unnamed Noodle shot AN's head off with a shotgun, Drew Pickles got away unfortunately, leaving a very unexpected enemy to deal with them. Continue?
  17. Meanwhile, AN teamed up with Raymond, they invaded the Lon Lon Ranch and kidnapped Malon, they headed to the dark caves where the banned members of TGTAP hid. A dark shadow descended upon poor Malon, it was none other than Drew Pickles himself. "When we get you tied up we will go HAHAHAHAHAHA BAG HAHAHAHA to you!" Drew said. "Why!? Why me!? What did I ever do to you!?" Malon yelled through tears. "There's something you should know about us pedophiles by now, we're predators, and you're our prey." Drew said, smiling. "I raped a young Kokiri girl on my way to the Lon Lon Ranch." AN said. "Did she turn into a Deku Scrub after you robbed her innocence?" Drew asked. "Uhm...no!" AN said, he was disappointed. Continue?
  18. "Why are you weeping, girl?" TNF asked Saria. "This awful beast came and he had his way with me!" Saria said through sobs, TNF was shocked by the state of her, not only was she naked but also covered in bruises, he swore revenge on the evil monster that was Anarchy Nation. "Angry Gorilla! Unnamed Noodle! We will seek revenge on this foul beast, we must do it before he rapes another soul!" TNF shouted. "I have my PedoDestroyer 2000 with me!" Angry Gorilla said. "I fear he might eventually get to raping Princess Zelda next! We must go!" TNF said. Continue?
  19. Saria tried to get away from the sicko, but he wouldn't let go, she could smell his awful breath as his ugly face dug into her silky green hair, it wasn't long before AN was undressing her. "Get off me! HELP!" "Nobody can help you now!" AN cackled, he ripped his clothes off and he had tentacles growing out of his fingers, he proceeded to rape her. Two hours later we see an extremely distraught Saria, she was all alone in the dark, crying her eyes out, that was when TNF and his gang of thieves came out. Continue?
  20. "Who are you?" Saria asked. "I am Arnachy Nation! I am an arnachist and I like promscious underaged girls such as yourself!" AN replied, and he jumped on her. "Get off me you perv!" Saria yelled. "Naughty girl, now bend over!" An said, smirking, knowing that TNF and his gang of thieves weren't here to stop him. Continiue?
  21. Warner, xt0ny, Anarchy Nation etc. The next person you should poke fun at is suhhgowihroisno, from gtaf. Lulz. Lets poke fun at Anarchy Nation, who we will address as AN. Saria was wondering away from the forests when she came across a faggot called AN. Cumtinue?
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