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Status Updates posted by Sherman

  1. is off to college, chyea :P

  2. Yeaaaah baby. First comment :D


  4. gamerscore? o.O Isn't that for XBL or something?... I don't play xbl..

  5. heyy bear how ya doin (:

  6. i'm pretty good shweetie :P

  7. pretty good, snookums. how about you? hahah

  8. yay, haha. is that figure thingy a good size? or was it a miniature one?

  9. dude. i just noticed we got the skins back. :| When did this happen?

  10. lmfao, you're funny man. got AIM?

  11. Whoa, never noticed you were from SC. Anywhere near the NC border?

  12. Whoa dude... I thought you were in your 20s o.o You're only a wee bit younger than me....

  13. Run that by me again? I really didn't understand what you said...

  14. It flips, just don't land on it :P but I guess you figured that out from the community thread, haha

  15. Can I put a bag on your sisters head and bang her? You could be my brother in law!

  16. Meh, I didn't get drunk like planned. But hey, I sweated (is that a word?) haha :P

  17. I believe I will pass the award onto you, jess. I feel you're much more deserving of it than myself.

  18. Where is that place? Honestly, that's one place I've never seen, but heard of.

  19. For some reason my IE likes to crash when I try to PM you, but no I don't mod... my computer is no where near capable. Which is funny I mentioned that, we're getting a new one pretty soon :P

  20. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11472

    ala, girl help topic :P was wonderin' if you had any say on my questions from page 4