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  1. ^Message Forwarded From Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    hi buddy im back and ready to spam


    Hey buddy I'm a super mod!

    Tony Montana

    thats fine im still gonna spam buddy boi

    I got this from biggy, and its pritty gay so.....

    No, tony didnt foward it to me

  2. WTF! It's the same IP. Lance Vance is Johnny Stamboli and Johnny Stamboli is John Doe!

    I'm not Johnny.That's a weird coincedience

    How stupid do you think we are? Its the same odds as two ppl having the same fingerprint dumbass

    trust me

    Why should I?

  3. So that Johnny guy was named Lance?

    Yes, he/she hacked the forum for money so we want her banned

    And he was Italian?

    No, she resides with Micheal Jackson or is in America

    Who's Spartcus

    You dont want to know, lets just say an idiot

    And who are the Dragon Stealths?

    A great gang that you should join when Johnny is kicked out of the DS

  4. Cmon, spas, he lied to US!!!! Or ppl who didnt know he was lance!!

    Besides, you really think he deserves a second chance!?!?!?

    Id rather have sparctus run The Dragon Stealths than Lance!!

    I already said i wanted to kick him out, i mean u dont want un happy gang members do u?

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