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  1. Yes it's an asian gang

    i thought it was Japanese, anyway Johnny, I was Former RHM of The Dragon Stealths, and Driver i just thought i would let you know....

    heres that sig, spasmod

    I will get it to you tommorow, seeya

  2. I rememver u Lance, edit:lol it was my word lance

    Uh, idot

    U idiots, Nick and Thug, stop spaming the topic! Its u can post AFTER 2 ppl have posted in front of you

    But, this want posted so, know u know, kthnx

  3. government hasnt really woken up to how serious the problem is yet.

    The govrnment just wants money, so there will be hacker no matter what, I play THPS 4 online a lot, and theres guys that hack the system just to make it look like we are saying stupid shit

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