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  1. GTA4 and Fallout New Vegas. And also this game called life. I work an obscene amount of hours and pay stupid bills. Worst game ever.
  2. Money is being made. I know there is bad stuff going on everywhere.. but this pops up all crazy. Where do you think these people do for a living? Oh yeah, take the donation proceeds.
  3. I wish I still had my DS, just for this game. I played it on pc in a way we won't talk about but it just wasn't the same.
  4. Yeah, if they haven't put out GTA3 for free yet, GTASA is a long way off. They're all still sold on steam. Thanks for reminding me to download the classics from R* though
  5. All games: The faster the car, the faster it gets stolen
  6. I LOVE Half-Life 2, still want to play the first one. As of right now, my favorite is borderlands.
  7. ^ Wtf, seriously? Yo Dawg, with all dat experience, U Cud B B.E.T.A. testicler for GTAV
  8. I wish Gears of War 3 was on the PC, omg its such a good game.. It derserves to be on the PC! As for gay tony.. I thought you could get BoGT for PS3, that's pretty sucky that you can't considering GTA franchise was once exclusive to playstation's You can, check the original post date ;P It was posted before it came out on PS3. Also, check who posted before you.. usually you can tell if it is a bumped topic
  9. Putting in your own made vehicles, yes. The movie deal, I have no idea. Maybe try searching around for that one, I'm sure there is a way to do it with cutscenes or something like that. Good luck!
  10. Very good, especially if you do co-op. Me and wifey did co-op for about a day, til it gave her a bad headache. Solo again! If you do pick it up, try to get the 'complete' one with all the DLC.
  11. Sherman


    Yeah, its popping back up again, fuckers. $2.83 for the cheapest. Buying a truck was probably the worst decision I've made since I don't even know what. Shit gas mileage.
  12. Dead Island / GTA 3 / Borderlands. Love 'em.
  13. Sherman


    EB! Holy shit I thought you got eaten by a croc. Great to see you posted, hopefully you stick around for a bit! And yes, hahah. My bad. Blame my wife, lol! Just kidding. That's awesome though. Congrats on the 2 years, that's how long me and my wife have been together as well.
  14. Now that most the day is over.. even though most of ya are probably asleep by now, how was you guys's Christmas?
  15. Merry Christmas mafockas. For real though, have a good holidays with your family, etc.
  16. Sherman


    ^ No way. There are 3.78 liters to a gallon, so times the 1.10 by nearly 4 Anyway, it's gonna be a couple of years for me to even act on it, if still interested then. Thanks for the input, guys
  17. I can't wait til I get to SA. I love the other games... but it is definitely my favorite.
  18. Sherman


    Holy crap that's expensive. Then again, my city has the cheapest gas in the nation at a little under 2.60 / gallon
  19. Heh, yeah. Subscriptions are dirt cheap, but $20 can go towards something more.. instantaneous. That's odd. But then again, no one replies to anything. It's kind of like.. Read, think thoughts, do nothing. Haha.
  20. That's sweet. Love the looks of the old cars.
  21. Sherman


    I wouldn't mind living outside of a city, just not 2 hours away I agree though, I think there is much more scenery.. but I like the conveniences of a large city. Plus it feels like there is more work to be had in a city. More people going after the job.. but more, lol. I don't mind the hot, dry summers but damn do I hate snow Plus that means there is more salt on the road.. not everyone takes care of their car = Huge pita when it comes to repairs/suspension work. I miss the rain, lol. Idk if I said it, but we were looking into a suburb of Portland, Oregon and I know it rains a shit ton there as well. In the desert.. well, there is a reason its called that. And holy shit, that's big. Makes Vancouver seem like a small town I bet! How much is gasoline/diesel per liter in you guys' places? And are there a lot of big rigs?
  22. It's a blast Wish I would've picked that offer up when I had the chance, but eh. I can never get any games to work right with my other laptop.
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