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  1. It's cool but i think the only reason why i'm not totally for it is because it is new and that i have grown on the old one. In a month i'd probably think the old one was poo.
  2. Azureus only cause i'm use to it. Otherwise utorrent.
  3. Fingers all the way. Pens can be lost and broken.
  4. Fat chicks who - wear makeup daily wear short shorts wear short skirts think they are not fat think they are pretty think they have a chance don't try to lose weight.
  5. Slyde


    12. When will Lockerz launch: Lockerz is launching in stages. PTZ Place, Lockerz’ Prize Redemption Center, is now live. Other components will be launched soon. The complete site will be launched this fall. There is no exact date but
  6. Slyde


    So far i have given Evo one. I don't know what you mean by that last bit.
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    They say it is going to restock on the 14th and then every friday after that. Seems too good to be true but not a scam either.
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    Info Here Apparently its getting really popular. Basically it's one of those sites that give you "money" for doing stuff on their site which you then trade in for prizes. Only this is from a legit company. So if anyone wants an invite just give me your emails.
  9. Not even a mention for GTA? You have just crossed the line. BAN THIS FUCKING TRAITOR. Anyway, in no particular order: 1. THE GTA SERIES RAAWRR! But if i had to pick - Vice City 2. Team Fortress 2 3. Warcraft III TFT 4. Heroes of Newerth 5. Return Fire 5.
  10. I don't think i know a person who does not know her. Any famous star who has a penis that should not be there will get my attention.
  11. Does she? I feel pretty convinced...and violated.
  12. I'm interested to hear thoughts on this.
  13. I'd like to think karma exists but then if it did, all the murderers and rapists in the world should be dead by now. So guys what if the religion you believed in was wrong?
  14. The Old Topic By Me Which btw got a phuck load of replies. Merge anyone?
  15. I might go and see that this weekend, or Transformers 2, but I heard that flopped. Depends what type of movie-goer you are. I'm usually a "good story" movie type of guy, but Transformers 2's epic CGI scenes just made me not give a shit about its retarted story. It is like an orgasm on your eyes.
  16. Wow, now that's personal. There's probably only 2 things i agree on that list so i'm just gonna not bother to argue. Hate is such a strong word...there isn't a list i can think of on the top of my head right now. Lol at number 9. (It is an aussie tv thing)
  17. Yes, nobody knows if a god exist. But it is not allah or the jesus' dad. No god can be that prejudice and would never make talking snakes.
  18. Generally, it is not nice to say F*** Off to anything especially they have not wronged you. However, you can say bullshit to religion because it would be a true statement. You can then back that up with REAL evidence longer than the bible itself.
  19. Spiderman 3 IMO was the best out of the 3. The Dark Knight is definitely in my top 5. It owns, period. And for the blue dong, at least it was CGI'd and wasn't spinning close up like in Bruno.
  20. Tim Burton's movies don't always fit my taste but are nonetheless great. I just got a hold of Pan's Labyrinth *cough* but have not seen it yet. Pixar is pure genius at making movies. Loved all their movies, even cars. Looking forward to see Up and Toys Story 3.
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