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  1. Lol that's not a snack. Come to think of it, i don't ever really ever have snacks. A bag of chips once every month doesn't count. I'm not into the whole junk food thing yet I'm not sensitive to what i feed my body at all.
  2. I don't think you'll find a laptop in your price range with a Blu Ray drive. http://www.scan.co.uk/Index.aspx?NT=1-0-35- I don't really know good UK sites but This one seems close to what you need
  3. I'm afraid it will run quite badly on your system. Both your CPU and GPU should be upgraded to play the game.
  4. I think abortions are very wrong, yeah. And this topic was not meant to be about gays, abortions, etc. It was meant to be about Obama and our government. And now the whole thing is spammed because I said a couple of irrelevant things I probably shouldn't have.
  5. I guess this is a fair poll about personal preferences. However, Nvidia and ATI both make a good job producing good GPUs. Sometimes one beats the other and competition just goes on. This just boils down to if you like their logo or not IMO. CPU i have to admit Intel is taking lead by quite some. EDIT: Wrong forum and add a neutral vote.
  6. Drop your PSU to a Antec Basiq 550w and save $80. 650 isn't needed. Other than that i don't think you'll want to drop anything else. Get a job if you don't have one or work harder if you do. You might want to get 4gigs of ram with +$10 btw.
  7. Oh yeah 850w is going a bit too far. Also, that CPU won't do very well on GTA IV. I don't actually know any good websites with good prices but that should not cost more than 1.2k.
  8. You're fine. GTA IV is just very dependent on CPU that getting a quad core would boost your FPS quite a lot. But right now you're fine.
  9. Soulja Boy music just killed the trailer...
  10. Not the president yet. But in a few minutes he will be. I'm watching the inauguration right now, what a day to remember.
  11. Oh if not allowed please remove. Yeah after that picture i can't picture anything sick with Amy Smart in it.
  12. Slyde

    Saints Row 2

    Just played it for 30min and will never touch that game ever again. Bingo. You might think "Hey its only graphics and physics, I'm here for the gameplay", but no. Seriously, the driving wanted to make me rip my brain out. I'm playing it on the PC and for some reason, sound only seems to come out on the right side of my headphones. This only happens in the game. 4/10 for me.
  13. I tried the beta using vmware. Looks about the same as Vista. I couldn't be bothered really using it though.
  14. Just keeping people up to date with some gaming based news. Wii-itis: Up to ten hospitalised weekly from playing Nintendo Source American boy picks up driving skills from video games Source (Short Version) Discuss
  15. Err normal? Lol seriously I have nothing to say about myself or the guys i hang with.
  16. I thought 70 was already pretty hot. I was averaging 67 on the stress test. I guess i don't need one then.
  17. I got mine from 2.4 to 3 now. I got an error running Prime95 13min into the stress test but after i upped some CPU voltage it did fine the next test which went for about 8 hours. Should i replace my stock cooler to something better though?
  18. The website: Not very helpful. Doesn't matter, i got it figured with some googling.
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