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  1. Worried? No? Something to worry about? Personally, I'm sort of confused. Anyone got any facts about it?
  2. Aussie Internet = FAIL. However, the government is spending billions to upgraded the aussie broadband but that will only be finished in 2016. Fucking shit? I reckon.
  3. Heroes and Chuck finale just aired. Chuck's finale gave me a super orgasm. Srsly.
  4. Slyde

    PG Porn

  5. God works in mysterious ways it is said, beyound human comprehension. There's a story in the Bible, that of a man called Iov( dunno his name in English Bible), his whole familly was killed and he even got ill with lepra, but he still believed in God ("God gave, God took, bless Him") his faith 'till the end was his stairway to Heaven. I don't know why did God contact Satan and told him to kill Iov's sons and wife, maybe they were sinners, maybe just to proove Iov's faith, nobody knows. I think I would belive in God, till the end, faith dies last, I'm not sure tough. Faith kept me fighting when I was in trouble. And Satan is the one that lures human's into commiting sins, you can think twice and fight him with your toughts, mind and rationality. "The greatest trick Satan ever pulled was to convince people it doesn't exist." As for why we are not born perfect ... I don't know. I'll have to think more on that one. Is it not easier to look at it from a LOGICAL way? " "God has a plan, and we should die for it as a test of faith" or "Dude use your brain" Cmon in your way of thinking , i could easily cyclops, minotaurs and unicorns exist. There creatures works in mysterious ways it is said, beyond human comprehesion. There is a book in the greek realology where they said the man stayed true to the unicorn and then he was given blah blah. "The greatest trick the cyclops ever pulled was to convince people it doesn't exist." Now, STOP BASHING MY RELIGION cause we all know of course its real. Now if that didn't make sense. Can you see the irony? Now to give points to religion, the morals from Christianity is great. I'm not talking about Jesus loves us all thing. I'm talking about the morals that play apart in real life. As long as your can seperate the morals from the lolwut stuff, i'd support it.
  6. What i have been discussing is just to let people know that, NOBODY KNOWS if there is a god or not. I DON'T KNOW. IF HE DID EXIST would you think this almighty being that created this universe and all the small particles that create us ALSO created a nice little garden where with magical apples and talking snakes and a zombie son OR force females to completely cover themselves with clothing and then really i think you know all that fairy tale stuff. Hey, they thought having a bad cold meant that evil spirits were on to you back then. Believing in GOD is one thing, believing in a RELIGION is another.
  7. OMG yes i so want to see Dexter season 4. Oh and right now i'm so into 24. Too bad the show isn't friendly to new viewers cause it is so damn great. I got into a new show also, How I Met Your Mother. Great show, got all 4 seasons, just finished watching the first.
  8. Bashing? Where did you get that from? I started saying there was no Jesus because there was no solid evidence. Then you came off without giving me an answer to go to another question you answered youself. Errm. So you know that they contradict each other and then ... Typical religious person. Using some excuse because they cannot answer a question PROPERLY. It's only bashing if i'm wrong. An asshole is an asshole.
  9. Fixed. prove it. if Jesus didn't existed, then there would be no Christians on the present times By your logic, that would mean hmm Vishnu, Buddha, Allah, Lucifer all existed because there are hindus, muslims, buddhists and satanists exist today. HOLY CRAP I BETTER GET BUSY!
  10. WWYDI You grew a penis on your hand.
  11. I live in Perth and i have never heard of Marcedonia in my life until i saw it on TGTAP. I still don't know where that is. Sorry to hijack this topic but, Every race of people come to Australia try to act AMERICAN gangsta. I think it is so funny how all the Indians, Bangladeshians or Sri Lankans act like the gangstas you see in AMERICAN television. Seriously, you guys aren't african american. When their parents come in for parent teacher interviews, you can see (and hear) how different they are. Imagine this Indian kid who wears the baggiest shorts that talks like the biggest gangsta you will ever hear, standing next to his mum who wears very traditional bracelets and other accesories with a very strong accent.
  12. EPIC BUMP OF RESSURECTION I love this game. Now back to it... I'd stop going to GTAF WWYDI I proposed to make bake you a nice pretty cake?
  13. Oh wow, ironic much? You are saying I'm stupid yet you were the one asking if breaking a bone hurts. lrn2sarcasm.
  14. Lol wut why would it hurt? And no i have not.
  15. My toilet seat always stay up. Men ruled the house so there was no point putting the seat down for 1 lady. However i myself have almost fallen in once before, only because teh shit was half way out already.
  16. The trick is to allow yourself to relax as both of you take it all the way.
  17. I need to find a better crowd...never seen superbad?
  18. Holy shit just saw Jace's pic. G15 ZOMG <3 <3. But eeeww wireless mouse. @Steam : Nothing if you get B+? Also wtf is with the CPU. It's a year old and extremely overpriced. Nobody crossfires 4850's anymore either. Ask your parents for i7 965 and SLI 295 GTX
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