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  1. Then that's not really believing in multiple religions. Thought and ideology is not religion as whole. If i believe in the christian morals and karma, it doesn't make me Christian/Buddhist. I can still be an agnostic. Now can any still religious people tell me the answer -
  2. Yes you can. Plus, what exactly are the facts that God does not exist ? How can you believe in multiple religions at one time? There is a difference between believing that there is no god and believing that the religions that exist today are all gibberish. You can still acknowledge that a god may exist even if you don't have a religion. This is what i believe, NOBODY knows if there is a god or not. However I'm 100% sure that the gods we hear about today do not exist. Tell me seriously if you can even consider talking snakes and magical rocks exist.
  3. The McNuggetini? I lol'd. Pizza vender machine and giant kit kat? Totally wtf. I would be more disgusted if my mind wasn't sidetracked by all that weird shit.
  4. I always want to go inside someone's head and see how they perceive how their religion exists. I've learnt that debating never works even if you do manage to win the debate. They won't give up their beliefs even when all flaws are pointed at them. I also love how close minded people become after being affected by religion. I want to ask, have any of you ever questioned your belief and how you managed to disprove it.
  5. Yeah that's what i do too. But the title topic did help me find some losers though.
  6. Thanks for giving me exhibit A as one of many people who post in these birthday topics just to raise their post counts. offtopic : I just realized today is Friday the 13th lol.
  7. If someone is a day late for giving their happy birthdays, they would have to jump between another guy's birthday and say happy birthday. On top of that, it would be hard to tell who's birthday was when. It would be messy without an actual order of some sort.
  8. The fact won't change that good topics will be overthrown by the legion of birthday threads. Besides, none are on fun and off topic atm. A mod or admin will have to constantly update the thread, unless there is some new system that can do this. Zzz making new systems are too complicated. How about a birthday section in the person's profile? We should rename The Lounge to "Birthday Topics and other small discussions that happen every 2 months or so"
  9. This is sort of a rant but also made for discussion since it is probably only what i think so it should not go into "website suggestions and problems". This is probably only me but, i get sort of irritated by the all the happy birthday threads there are. Don't get me wrong, no offense to the birthday guy. It's just that i think it is sort of pointless and that there are just too many though if you post a bday about someone, they have to do it for everyone else. Birthday threads are really lame unless they themselves posted it about something really cool that they did, otherwise its just a lame excuse for a topic. Most of the replies are just "Happy Birthday (insert name). This might not matter though since it seems to be really quiet lately. My suggestions are to add some sort of happy birthday system where you can drop a comment down easily without a topic being posted about birthdays every..a lot of times. I dunno though, what do you guys think?
  10. Built mine also back in Jan 08. Q6600 8800GT, cbf listing other shit. We all have the same stuff. Only upgraded my hard drives. Whats the next big thing to come out?
  11. I've got so many that I'm really into right now. Gotta love the internet or else I'll be stuck watching aussie crap. Mine: Dexter - Best show evar Chuck Heroes 24 Reaper House M.D Family Guy
  12. RTS games should ALWAYS stay with the PC.
  13. Funniest thing i have read in a long time. Then the relationship she had with you did seem to mean that much now.
  14. Slyde


    ZOMG Its AKUMA. This isn't the account you remember me but.. Hows it going? Still playing Guild Wars?
  15. FUCK YES I DID IT. I'm so happy I'm shitting my balls. Patience is key. I had to retry SO MANY times at the last last bits of it. But finally i did. I'm fucking awesome.
  16. Correction Made. Nonono, you misunderstood me. Galaxy is a GPU manufacturer. Zalman is PSU and Case. Transcend is ram. And i said Corsair PSU cause you already had the brand on but not for PSU.
  17. No Galaxy, Zalman, Transcend, or Corsair PSU?
  18. Hmm apparently nobody lives in summer? Wow compared to you guys i must look like tourist in Hawaii. Yes, even in winter. Everyone so too cool for school these days. +1 G-String.
  19. I'm pretty sure you can download it for free. Search it up.
  20. Yeah, pretty late to the game but i got a sudden urge to solve it. All the guides are so freaking complicated and don't make any sense. Has anyone solved it or know any EASY guides out there? Call me nub but this thing is hard. BTW I've done the first side
  21. Nope i hate it. It's so fat and ugly.
  22. What? That made no sense. Funny stuff? The occasional fake fart noises but that's all.
  23. PICS OR GTFO Nobody seemed to have answered the moral question. My opinion, morally wrong? Not at all. If you like her then feeling weird won't matter. Then again, when you go to your mates house he would be like, "Hey wanna xbox some upstairs?" You: Err i was thinking i could sit around your sister's room and make out today. Mate: Oh umm, tell me when you're done.
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