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  1. Family Guy Is A Classic Post in your favourite episodes and and your favorite moments
  2. yeh that would be awsome if he made a apperence in the stroyline for a while
  3. i have done all one San Andreas 100% and the gta 3 and vice city storyline
  4. Just because there has already been agme set in London doesnt mean gta 4 wont be yeh i know but there is the getaway, getaway black monday, and at the end of this year gangs of london will be realeased i just think that it should stay in amereica or at least goto to australia
  5. i think that there sohuld be alot more realism and that you should be able to make gangs
  6. my favorite car would have to be the slamvan it is the best ute sort of thing around it's awesome aswell after you custimize it at Loco Low Co
  7. K9 Krew


    i've got info on the gangs of san andreas here it is ● Grove Street Families Location: Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos Grove Street Families is the name of the gang which Carl will find himself taking a part in. Made up of his close crew of friends and family, the Grove Street Families strongly dislike the drugs trade which is ruining the streets of Los Santos, San Andreas. The gang is in decline because of their determination to not get drawn into the drugs trade, but Carl will be aiming to change things and make the families a larger force in Los Santos. Elder members (O'G's) include Sean "Sweet" Johnson, Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, Lance "Ryder" Wilson, Mark "B-Dup" Wayne and Barry "Big Bear" Thorne. The gang are rivals of the Ballas however have tried to make peace with gangs on a number of occasions without much luck. The Grove Street Families can be instantly recognised through their green gang colour. ● The Ballas Location: Idlewood, Los Santos The Ballas are one of the major criminal organizations in Los Santos. A street gang that have been around since the 1970's. They are involved in drug dealing, gang bashing, prostitution, arms dealing, vandalism and degeneracy. Sworn enemy of all families' sets, especially Orange Grove Street. Origins shrouded in mystery. Heavily involved in cocaine trade. Thought to be developing ties with Mexican (drugs) and Russian (weapons) mobs. The Ballas are famous for wearing the colour purple which is supposed to be a sign of respect on the streets. ● Varios Los Aztecas Location: Little Mexico, San Andreas The Varios Los Aztecas gang are an extremely dangerous Hispanic street gang. Violent. Proud. Psychotic. Heavily involved in gun running, street violence. Have traditionally been anti-narcotics. Long term gang feud with Los Santos Vagos, as well as rivalries with all other street gangs in Los Santos. Dislike of San Fierro Rifa. Known for wearing turquoise gang colours. ● Los Santos Vagos Location: East Los Santos, Los Santos The Los Santos Vagos are another extremely dangerous Hispanic street gang wearing the colour yellow. They are sworn enemies of Varios Los Aztecas. ● Da Nang Boys Location: San Fierro Vietnamese street gang. Extremely violent. At war with local Chinese ("Triads") gangs. Uncontrollable. Major interests in protection. ● San Fierro Rifa Location: San Fierro A small gang based in San Fierro involved in the creation of drugs. They have a strong dislike of the Varios Los Aztecas. ● Triads Location: San Fierro The Triads are another small San Fierro gang based in Chinatown. They are lead by Wu Zi Mu and Ran Fa Li and have a big problem with the Da Nang Boys. The Triads are always looking for new business opportunities, and ways to make money such as the running of a Betting Shop and eventually the Four Dragons Casino. ● Mafia Location: Las Venturas The Mafia are the biggest criminal organization in Liberty City, and moved to San Andreas with Don Salvatore Leone. They hang around at Caligula's Casino which is owned by a few different Mafia groups and are constantly attempting to damage the Triad run Four Dragons Casino with their fake chips factory.</FONT>
  8. Need any help for the ps2 game ask me
  9. Name and give info about your gang for example this is mine: Name:Los Padrinos(The Godfathers) Weapons:Ak47,SawnOff Shotguns,Desert Eagle,Tec 9 Cars:Stretch(Ringleaders)Greenwood,Tahoma,Slamvan Turf:(San Andreas Map)East Los Santos,Ganton,Santa Maria Beach,Los Sepulcros Post In Ideas Of Your Gangs
  10. If any former charcters were to return to the next game what role do you think they should play post your ideas
  11. the most boring part is san fierro but there is one good mission "deconstruction"
  12. this is just to look at what everybody wants heres mine: cj and salvatore are at war still due to the casino robbing , salvotre is then killed later on and it shows tommy rising to power in vice city and some other place and then we have luade before he was shot and there is a storyline that invovles them all some how i donno really just somthing i thought up in a minute
  13. Climbing(Ladders) Better Weather Effects Real Damage To Cars(BulletHoles, Scratches) A Train System To Travel On And They Must Able To Get Hi-Jaked A Large City I hope the next GTA focuses on the creation of gangs. I want to be able to name, choose weapons, cars, and turf that my gang has. And the more money/power a gang has, the more turf, weapons, and cars they can get. For example: $0-$50,000:1 district; fists, bats, and Colt .45s; $50,001-$500,000:1 district for each island; Uzis, Shotguns, fists, bats, and Colt .45s $500,001-$99,999,999: as much turf as you can sieze;AK-47s, M60s,Uzis, Shotguns, fists, bats, and Colt .45s Each gang could have a hideout (IE the Leone's have Salvatore"s Mansion, The Cartel have the Cartel Mansion, the Yakuza have Kenji's Casino, The Triads have the Fish Factory). Each hideout would have several things. There would be 4 markers. One would be in front of a garage. Pull up to it in your gang car and 2 cars filled with your gang members would come out and follow you. They will protect you. The second one will be the missions for the game. The third would be in front of a door. When you step into it 2 bodyguards will emerge and follow you. The fourth will become available if your gang is hated by another gang. It triggers "gang war" mode. From then on in, your members and the opposing gang members will invade each others turf until you both call it off or until too many casualties are suffered. Your hideout will have a certain amount of security, depending on how much money you have. Your members automatically patrol it, but you could also buy gates and walls to keep enemies out. There could also be businesses that you and enemy gangs could buy. If an enemy has a business you would like, you could chase them out with constant attacks on it. There could be a respect-o-meter as well. If a gang hated you, you might get ambushed when leaving your hideout (almost like the dead skunk in the trunk mission. A Sentinal parked across the street may try and run you down). Enemy gang leaders could be seen walking the streets and if you manage to kill them, their gang will hate you. You can frame another gang as well by driving their car of wearing their uniform. This will result in a gang war between the 2. Those are my only wishes. I know they are not very likely, or even possible, but I can still hope that some come true. Accesible Prisons Being able to pick up bricks' bottles etc. and using them to smack someone upside the head with them, like out of The Warriors. Having To Do Jail Time If You Are Swimming It Would Be Good To Be Eatan By A Shark.(Maybe) Have A Drinking MiniGame To Build Up Your Tolerance Just LIke You Do With Muscle In San Andreas Have Four Seasons In The Games Weather System It would be cool to have one home base of operations that you could buy stuff for and build additions to as you got more money. You could start out in a shack and turn it into the Playboy Mansion. The Abilty To Rob Shops You Could Do This IN Vice City But You Couldn't Do It In San Andreas Inside prison-mini game (you have to escape if you get busted)
  14. I think one of the most important aspects of GTA 4 are the small things. How is R* going to innovate, going to keep GTA fresh? Creating an immersive, realistic(yet probably still cartoony), life-life world. A breathing city, or state. Where peds(no clones btw) converse, have homes, have scripted days(wake up, exit house, go to work, eat, shop, go back home) and what not. Where you can see buildings being constructed in real time. Where your actions have a lasting impact. If R* can immerse us into their next location...they will have succeeded in creating a fresh GTA. In fact, Houser himself stated that being able to buy food/drinks at any vending machine in SA was something they were very proud of, the thing beginning of something they want to achieve. Let's forget about the epic missions, crazy car chases, shootouts, and other huge things. Let's focus on the more subtle things in GTA 4. Because without subtle things like these, GTA 4 as a next gen title will feel empty. -Car washes. That's right, car washes. We were promised this in SA, but didn't really get it. -Impound. If you destroy a vehicle, or just leave one in the road, it should be towed(preferably real time, by an actual ped with a tow truck) and delivered to an impound, where you can purchase it back. This was sorta implented in SA, with the SF Police Station. -More life-like peds. Give them lots of things to do. Have some of them do construction work. They should react in dynamic ways to your actions. Peds talking with each other(and stupid couples) appeared in VC and SA, so it's likely we'll see that done better. -Enhaned interactibility with the enviroment. You should be able to finally f*cking climb ladders, push objects, switch things on and off, stuff like that. Maybe operate draw bridges, or other more larger objects. You should be able to cut grass with the lawnmower(maybe even have an R3 mission for it), stuff like that. -Scripted actions. I mentioned this up there. Maybe keep it simple, have stuff like garbage trucks who come once every Sunday, take trash to the dump. Just have scripted things, so you feel as if you're not the only person really doing things. Peds enterting taxi cabs in the past games is an example of this. This way you feel things are happening in the world, no matter what you're doing. -Desctructible enviroments. I want to be able to run down trees, blow up bridges, screw people's houses up, stuff like that. Maybe take down an entire construction site or something. The gas pumps/propane tanks in SA were the beginning of this. -Huge, fully rendered interiors with peds. I want malls, but with all the stores open. With peds buying things, peds eating, peds talking in groups. Or maybe stadiums with actual audience members, purchasable food, bathrooms, things like that. Expand the malls from VC. -Wildlife. Now by wildlife, I obviously don't mean silly puppies or kittens. I mean wild animals out in the countryside. Perhaps you could have hunting side-missions where you use tranq guns. Or maybe even fishing mini-games, where you could throw them back in the water. Integrate animals in somehow, yet keep violence seperate from them as best you can. We've already had animals in SA, so let's see what happens with GTA 4. -Sports. Now, I don't really care for sports at all, but this would be great. Fully modeled arenas, stadiums, fields, where you can participate in complete games, and win cash, unlock player outfits, maybe even manage teams! Alternatively, you can f*ck up games by driving your car onto the field, for double the laughs. Then have about 20 pissed off baseball players flipping your car over and kicking your ass. We saw the beginnings of this in VC Stories, with the golf minigame. Well, that's all I can think of right now. Some of this is inspired by ES IV:Oblivion. That game is the perfect example of a living, breathing world. Including NPC's who all have different looks, different names, and different lives. They sleep, eat, read, talk. This can easily be done with GTA 4. I guess what I really want to say, is that after I'm finished taking down empires, assasinating crime kingpins, and taking over drug trade, I want to be able to explore the city/state and find a plethora of things to keep me busy, interested. Not just side missions like OTB or Beach Rescue, but simpler things to discover. this was written by thedude5000 from gtaforums.com -------------------- *G*T*A *K*I*N*G* Guy Guard
  15. What would you rather a smaller game map with excellent visuals or a larger game map with the graphics not being as good? I personally would prefer a larger map with slighter worse graphics myself, I like the idea of exlporing in a game and the smaller land just gets quite boring after a while. And with the next gen graphics they won't be that bad after all, no matter how big the map is.
  17. MAKE UP YOUR OWN RADIO STATION NAMES AND SONGS THAT YOU WANT ON IT FOR THE GAME Lightning 88.5 genre: Goth metal/hard rock Song list: Rebirth of the temple --------------------------silent civilian Wings of a butterfly-----------------------------H.I.M. smooth criminal---------------------------------Alien Ant Farm The death song ----------------------------------Marilyn Manson Framed in Blood----------------------------------The 69 Eyes this could be anywhere in the world-------------Alexisonfire Helena----------------------------------------------My Chemical Romance wait and bleed--------------------------------------Korn refuse/resist----------------------------------------Sepultura the worst is yet to come---------------------------Still Remain the darkest nights------------------------------------as i lay dying Undying-------------------------------------------------Demon Hunter thunderstruck------------------------------------------ACDC chop suey-----------------------------------------------System of a Down goodbye for now----------------------------------------P.O.D. Px 105.9 Genre: Punk/Alternative Song list: Hate me----------------------------------------Blue October All Down hill from here------------------------Newfound Glory wasteland-----------------------------------------Ten years Lips of an angel-----------------------------------Hinder Far Away------------------------------------------Nickelback its all about you-----------------------------------Daiki Kasho pressure--------------------------------------------paramore miss murder---------------------------------------A.F.I. like light to the flies---------------------------------Trivium the suffering----------------------------------------Coheed and Cambria be my escape----------------------------------------Reliant k feel good inc. ----------------------------------------Gorrilaz land of confusion--------------------------------------Disturbed through glass-----------------------------------------stone sour Studio 68 FM Genre: Rap/Pop/Techno Song list: Use me---------------------------------------------------Garbage Ridin Dirty-------------------------------------------------Chamilliionare Sweet dreams----------------------------------------------La Bouche Trouble------------------------------------------------------Nia Peeples Kiss me-------------------------------------------------Sixpence none the richer Stan--------------------------------------------------------Eminem buttons-----------------------------------------------------Snoop Dogg Maneater----------------------------------------------------nelly Fertado i dont wanna be a murderer-----------------------------rhianna The future--------------------------------------------------lil bow wow i think they like me---------------------------------------Dem Franchize boys KNTRY Genre: Country Song list: Give it away-----------------------------------------------------george Strait Three Wooden Crosses------------------------------------------Randy travis Driving my life away----------------------------------------------Rhett Adkins Whiskey Lullaby----------------------------------------brad paisley/allison Kraus what hurts the most----------------------------------------------Rascal Flatts tie our love in a double knot-----------------------------------Dolly Parton She only smokes when she drinks------------------------------Joe nickels Stays in Mexico-----------------------------------------------------Toby Keith Concrete angels--------------------------------------------------Martina Mcbride Drive-------------------------------------------------------------Alan Jackson Forever young---------------------------------------------------Rod Stewart 8th of november--------------------------------------------------Big n rich
  18. GTA CUBANA: Location: For some reason it hasnt been suggested at all round here, but i think a Havana-based city, and then possibly a whole country roughly the same as cuba, but set in the 1950's, would make an awesome GTA game. Basically youd have the big capital city in a roughly central location (by big, about the same size as liberty city all 3 islands), really sharp, beautiful old colonial buldings, palaces, new hotels etc. Then a collection of smaller towns, mainly makeshift housing, a lot poorer than Havana/ whatever the fake name is. Some of these would double as ports, with dockyards, container ships etc etc. Why I think this would be a gd idea: -Pre-revolution cuba was just about the most crime-ridden country in the world, with most of the major US mafia famillies having a base there to run casinos, traffick drugs and mingle with celebs. Anyone whos seen Godfather 2 will be familiar with this. Perfect setting for a GTA game -Government of the time completely corrupt and did everything they could to help the crime lords out. For 1st time could be a possibility to carry out an actual governments dirty work (new perspective) -Culture- Just imagine watching the imported 'Yank Tanks' (Caddies, plymouths and the like) cruising round downtown havana, chilling in the gov. palace, everything accompanied with a flamenco beat, or the rat pack tunes of the 50's. -Unrest- it would be set in the times of the revolution, so for the 1st time again there would be an active, crime committing gang- the revolutionaries/ rebels. They could be seen in Havana actually assassinating police, setting car bombs, starting fires in other words doing more than just casually strolling the roads aka most GTA gangs. The Gangs: Cuban Street gangs- Found all over, basically homeless kids in the slums who do anything for food/ money. fight among themselves and mug peds, steal cars, but scared of organised gangs. knives, bats, the occasional pistol weapons of choice. 'Security'- Not really a gang, local street thugs used by plantation owners, US businessmen, to keep the locals down and the rebels away. 'Cuban Mafia'- Step up from the steet, these are basically mafia- wannabe thugs that run most provincial towns (ie. those not worth the mafias trouble.) Involved in prostitution, small time drug dealing, local gambling (boxing, cockfights, racing and the like) and extortion. Usually some control over str. gangs- will take stolen cars off their hands, use them as enforcers. Many of these gangs, all hostile to each other and fighting a constant turf war. Italian Mafia- Traditional LC mafia famillies, maybe 3 (Leones, Forellis, Sindacco's?) Divided Havana between themselves, uneasy 'business friendly' ceasefire. No real street presence, just outside+ inside businesses, but still hugely dangerous if on their bad side. Jewish Mafia- New boys on the block, theoretically 'allies' with italians but an air of mistrust and racial tension makes an uneasy friendship. Mainly semi-legal 'businessmen', eg. Hyman Roth in the Godfather, but will hire local hitmen and gangsters if they need to get heavy. 'Special Forces'- The dictators private army, separate from police+army who basically act like another gang. Main role is as anti-rebel fighters, and can be found in ones and twos all over cuba to 'defend democracy'! 'La Revolucion'- Anti-government rebels hiding out in the mountains and jungles of cuba, recovering from a devastating defeat and very weak at the start. Armed with AK's, satchel bombs, grenades and also reknowned for kitting out cars with high explosives. Hated by all other gangs, but looked up to by some of the more idealistic street kids. The Cartels- Shady Latin American drug traffickers who export drugs to havana for the mafia to redistribute. Highly armed and dangerous, ex military mercenaries. Possible Story: You start as Jose Hernandez, a 19 year old orphan living in the shanty town of Santa Diego, to the east of Havana. Mother dies in childbirth due to terrible facilities. It is the aftermath of a failed rebel revolution, during which your father is killed. The army has blocked off all routes to havana for security meaning you are restricted to your hometown, a sprawling, dpressing shanty town with no jobs, no prospects and crime the only option. You follow your friend into petty street crime, carrying out muggings, hold ups and carjackings. A preceding reputation as a fighter also leaves to an involvement in a shady bareknuckle boxing ring, run by one Umbeto Robina (the geezer in Vice City), a rising star in the Cuban underworld. He takes you under his wing, asking you to expand his operations (See cuban mafia fortype of things), this culminates in Robina being established as the top local crime lord. Havana: At this point the roads to havana open up, and, leaving his no2 in charge Robina takes you to Havana to increase his power. As luck would have it, Hymen Broth (Sorry!), a jewish 'businessman' in Havana, is looking for some uncompromising locals to oversee his business interests, casinos, hotels, loan sharks, counterfeiting and give some protection. You and Robina's associates have to 'protect' the businesses, which in this case means liquidating the local thugs who are basically making tourists feel uncomfortable. Broth also introduces you to Salvatore Leone, a young up and comer in the Leone crime family entrusted with the mafias operations in Cuba. Leone is impressed with your work and wants you to do a similar job; only this time the 'unwanted presence' is Broth! Without escalating into a gang war, the mafia and robina must destroy jewish presence in Havana, culminating in Broth fleeing the country and assassinated in an airport! The mafia is now numero uno in Havana and You and Robina are toast of the town. Corrupt prresident Vatista is impressed, and wants you to 'stabilize' the city against a growing rebel threat. This is done through protection of government and mafia assets, and attacks on rebel strongholds around cuba. The end of the party: At some point U get a call from Leone telling you he needs some help with their contacts in the drug business down in Sintiago, the main port; basically, he wants them wiped out to let in more reasonable traffickers. However, after a spectacular attack on the cartel in sintiago, and confirmation that a new group were on their way, You are suddenly ambushed by Leone and Gov. Thugs; turns out more 'cost effective' thugs have been found. You manage to escape into the mountains away from Havana, but its out of the frying pan into the fire- this is rebel country, and youre not on their xmas card list. The Rebels- After falling into their hands, it is decided that because of your father's great sacrifice, your life will be spared. By this point, u agree to join the rebels to avenge both ur father and your own betrayal. Helped by a certain bearded, cigar smoking leader The rebels are weak at this point, and you muxt work to make them stronger. Missions at this point include: -Gaining weapons: raiding arms caches, military bases, hijacking ships delivering weapons. -More forces: Freeing the local street gangs from the influence of cuban mafia, converting them over to your side. -Territory: Similar to forces, attacking local towns gangsters and gov. troops, more sophisticated SA gang war system. -Protection- Vatista's thugs will attack, fight them off! When you are strong- Assassination- take out gov. figures in Havana Bombings- Either car (hooking up a car and leaving it near a target) or inside (planting satchel bombs in legitimate targets) Finally- Begin a long march towards Havana and liberation taking over towns and plantations along the way. Final missions would be the 'battle of havana'- fighting a combo of police, army, vastista thugs, mafiosi and cuban gangs. When the town is secure you hear Leone has fled to LC, while Robina caught the first flight to Vice City! Vatista, meanwhile, is holed up in his Palace, surrounded by his personal bodyguards. Final mission sees you and the rebels storm the palace, fighting and killing the bodyguards. You are the 1st one to find him and a deadly shootout ensues, when the smoke clears Vatista is slumped over his open safe- it is claear he was going to flee. The Rebels are now in charge, your father is avenged, and you are now 'Special Military advisor to cuba'! Life is sweet! ttp://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=262100
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