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  1. Turnbulls AC(The Warriors Movie)(1979) Cars:Old School Bus With Lots Of Graffiti And No Windows Appearance:Bald Head,Milatary(Steel Boots)Boots,Jeans,No Top,Some Have German Military Helmets Weapons:Melee Weapons,Broken Bottles,2X4,Chains,Knifes,Bricks Turf:Gun Hill,The Bronx
  2. Agreed all the tony hawk game rock escpeccily american wastland but i'm playing some old school games like the 1993 sim tower EDIT:Shit Guys Sorry For The Stuffed Up Quote
  3. CODE GTA Awards Most Knowledgeable: Most Helpful Member: Chris Best Stunter: General Awards: Most Respected Member: Spaz Most Improved Member: Dunno Probly me i'm a noob Best New Member: Funniest Member: Most Intelligent Member: Chris Best Signature: GodFather Weirdest Looks: Spaz Most Annoying Member: Best Graphics: Best Writing: Most Original Username: Tommy Montana Most Active Member: Tommy Montana Biggest Userbar Whore: Most Likely To Be Lying About Their Age: Tvg
  4. One in three men will wait until christman eve until they start doing there chrostmas shopping
  5. Being Summer in Australia It's 36 Degrees Celsius
  6. gijiuy My Name Is Guy Not Too Bad
  7. mine is the Blade after it has benn customized to my likings
  8. Is This Based Around the tommow when the war began sereis of books cuase iut is just like it and btw carls grammer in that is awful it has to sound more rapperish and gangstaish the way he does in the game you know
  9. Well as starter of the topic i thought i might just tell you this in the December 25th Version of ZOO Magazine in Australiathey were testing the ps3 compared to the xbox360 And They Gave the ps3 a 10/10 for graphics so even if the map is massive the graphics will still be great
  10. i think that most of the cars that are customizible at arch whells angels are pretty good at it
  11. *Devils Henchmen* Leader:Chopper(yeah the guy who cut his ear off) Buisness:Gun Running Turf: This gang is a bikie gang so they are always on the move but they do have safe houses in major cities but are mainly nomad Weapons:Knifes,Colt 45 Clothes: No Set Clothes Tattoos:All members must have the club tattoo of a devil with a crown to join the club Enemies:Hells Angels, Banditos Allies: The Undertakers
  12. North Side Kings(Extremely Dangerous Hispanic Gang)(Similar To The Varrio Los Aztecas) Turf:Starfish Island(VC),Portland(LC),75% Of Los Santos(SA) Colour:Blue Cars:Hermes,Savana,Blade(All Cars Are Customized And Must Have Hydros) Buisness: Car Customisation,Drugs. Gun Running, Grand Theft Auto, Importing/Exporting . Fronts:Loco Low Co(SA), 8 Ball's BombShop(LC), Tommys Mansion(VC) Allies:Tommy Vercetti Gang,Grove Street Families Weapons: Knifes, Colt 45, MP5, Ak 47 ^^^^^Best Gang Ever^^^^^
  13. i'm gettin the gangs of london game
  14. well i think the sims games are great but what did you guys think of urbz : sims in the city
  15. well i think they have brought out too many of them they should have not brung out most wanted .but they also brung out carbon which was'nt bad but my favourite is NFSU 2
  16. this is my post to ask what is youyr favourite game apart from the gta series i recently just brought Tony Hawks American Wasteland of my friend for $50 and i am so addicted to it is by far my favourite game so far apart from gta so post in your favourite games
  17. nice worl on adding buisneses i did'nt even think of that
  18. very tyru ecspeccillly that tiny square next to east los santos it's hell hard
  19. my most annoying gang is the varrio los aztecas(cesear's gang) they are like so random you just drive past them but then they just start blasting on ya and like blow your car up it's hell gay so post in you the gang that most annoys you
  20. Sonic man no doubt about it sonic would kill with he like awsome spin thing he does i only like the mario tune
  21. thanks guys for letting me know wot you think it was just a idea anyway
  22. Could we have chatrooms on thegtaplace?? just a suggestion
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