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  1. With the release of the new PS3 and its rediculous hardware, I am sure that we all have very high hopes for the next game. So here is how I propose that they can live up to them. I think that they should add a city building function to it, almost like that of simcity and the games of that sort. They should design the game with a grid for the buildings. Then when you have beaten the game and have enough money to start buying locations you can knock them down and rebuild the city. This will give the game endless possibilities of open ended gameplay and the feeling of truely becoming the king of the city, being able to shape and mold it however you want. This could be done in 2 ways that I can think of. 1. They could have premade buildings built into the game. 2. They could have a building creator, like that of the sims where you can design your houses. I know this would take a LOT of work but Rockstar has always found ways to vastly improve their game each time that they put out a new title so I hope that in the future, they will add this to their list of features.
  2. yes that is true but it would be cool if it involved the bikie gangs
  3. that's a pretty good idea man i like it that's a good idea man i like it
  4. well you know how ken rosenberg return in san andreas he could do that return for a certain amount of missions
  5. QUOTE "To extend the life cycle [of Grand Theft Auto IV]...to take that product to the next level, we also have exclusive episodic content that will be available. In-game advertising is just another area that we think is very, very exciting to take advantage of the type of content that people own...and microtransactions...I'll talk a little about this... It's not just about shipping one box and then waiting for a sequel, but keeping that product alive in the marketplace. There is a tremendous amount of research that shows that anything in terms of downloadable content increases the box sales. So we will take our biggest brand (GTA) and have episodic content available in the marketplace. It's a way we are approaching games to maximize our revenue as we look into the next cycle. In-game advertising...we have a tremendous experience base from our sports business where it is a natural part of the gaming experience. Today, we announced a partnership with Double Fusion. Double Fusion brings to us added context with the agencies...with giving us scale with Madison Avenue. So, we think that this is a growing area...one that we will walk before we run...one that we have a lot of experience in the sports side, and then we will move that now to all of our other types of content." If GTA IV gets in-game ads, then they will be ads for real companies, meaning that the series will take a step out of its traditional fictionalized style. Will it still stay partly fictionalized? We shall see. So, to summarize what he just said, some future games made by the publisher will include in-game advertising...not just the sports titles. This seems to mean GTA. Did he say that the franchise will have it? No, but he hinted at it a few times. What will this mean? What do you think? However, in-game ads for GTA IV are not confirmed...but I sure do believe it will happen. Take-Two's biggest upcoming title...imagine the revenue from ads sold...
  6. Now I know a lot of you are going to lash out when I say this but here is the facts -Chicago has a history of violence, violence thats still there -Detroit(or in gta and manhunt terms carcer city) is #2 on the most dangerous cities in the country -Cleveland has a violent crime rate -St.Louis, ranked #1 as the most dangerous city in the u.s(and when you say U.S, that means a lot) Right now, the midwest is tearing itself apart, even though their trying to build up. And their not that far apart I know how other countries are, I know that in england instead of holding up a victim, they just shoot him and take the money. But detroit and st. louis are in fact pretty violent. And think of chicago. Those three place combined, You got your skinheads, bloodz, crips, MS 13(the worlds most dangerous gang), Italian mafia, Russian Mafia, jamacian drug dealers, Columbian drug dealers. The one last area to go before going overseas, it would be perfect. wirrten by germanviking 86 from gtaforums.com
  7. I think one of the most important aspects of GTA 4 are the small things. How is R* going to innovate, going to keep GTA fresh? Creating an immersive, realistic(yet probably still cartoony), life-life world. A breathing city, or state. Where peds(no clones btw) converse, have homes, have scripted days(wake up, exit house, go to work, eat, shop, go back home) and what not. Where you can see buildings being constructed in real time. Where your actions have a lasting impact. If R* can immerse us into their next location...they will have succeeded in creating a fresh GTA. In fact, Houser himself stated that being able to buy food/drinks at any vending machine in SA was something they were very proud of, the thing beginning of something they want to achieve. Let's forget about the epic missions, crazy car chases, shootouts, and other huge things. Let's focus on the more subtle things in GTA 4. Because without subtle things like these, GTA 4 as a next gen title will feel empty. -Car washes. That's right, car washes. We were promised this in SA, but didn't really get it. -Impound. If you destroy a vehicle, or just leave one in the road, it should be towed(preferably real time, by an actual ped with a tow truck) and delivered to an impound, where you can purchase it back. This was sorta implented in SA, with the SF Police Station. -More life-like peds. Give them lots of things to do. Have some of them do construction work. They should react in dynamic ways to your actions. Peds talking with each other(and stupid couples) appeared in VC and SA, so it's likely we'll see that done better. -Enhaned interactibility with the enviroment. You should be able to finally f*cking climb ladders, push objects, switch things on and off, stuff like that. Maybe operate draw bridges, or other more larger objects. You should be able to cut grass with the lawnmower(maybe even have an R3 mission for it), stuff like that. -Scripted actions. I mentioned this up there. Maybe keep it simple, have stuff like garbage trucks who come once every Sunday, take trash to the dump. Just have scripted things, so you feel as if you're not the only person really doing things. Peds enterting taxi cabs in the past games is an example of this. This way you feel things are happening in the world, no matter what you're doing. -Desctructible enviroments. I want to be able to run down trees, blow up bridges, screw people's houses up, stuff like that. Maybe take down an entire construction site or something. The gas pumps/propane tanks in SA were the beginning of this. -Huge, fully rendered interiors with peds. I want malls, but with all the stores open. With peds buying things, peds eating, peds talking in groups. Or maybe stadiums with actual audience members, purchasable food, bathrooms, things like that. Expand the malls from VC. -Wildlife. Now by wildlife, I obviously don't mean silly puppies or kittens. I mean wild animals out in the countryside. Perhaps you could have hunting side-missions where you use tranq guns. Or maybe even fishing mini-games, where you could throw them back in the water. Integrate animals in somehow, yet keep violence seperate from them as best you can. We've already had animals in SA, so let's see what happens with GTA 4. -Sports. Now, I don't really care for sports at all, but this would be great. Fully modeled arenas, stadiums, fields, where you can participate in complete games, and win cash, unlock player outfits, maybe even manage teams! Alternatively, you can f*ck up games by driving your car onto the field, for double the laughs. Then have about 20 pissed off baseball players flipping your car over and kicking your ass. We saw the beginnings of this in VC Stories, with the golf minigame. Well, that's all I can think of right now. Some of this is inspired by ES IV:Oblivion. That game is the perfect example of a living, breathing world. Including NPC's who all have different looks, different names, and different lives. They sleep, eat, read, talk. This can easily be done with GTA 4. I guess what I really want to say, is that after I'm finished taking down empires, assasinating crime kingpins, and taking over drug trade, I want to be able to explore the city/state and find a plethora of things to keep me busy, interested. Not just side missions like OTB or Beach Rescue, but simpler things to discover. this was written by thedude5000 from gtaforums.com
  8. Ok anyway here goes -> my reasons why R* have to at some point make a GTA: Hong Kong. Im not saying I think its going to be the next GTA, it would be amazing if it was, Im just stating the reasons why its such an amazing place to set a GTA game. Main points: Geography/Terrain Landmarks People Language Vehicles Combat Storyline Potential Geography/Terrain: Hong Kong has such a varied landscape. There are huge mountains loads of hills, lowlands, valleys, marshy places, forests, jungle, and beaches. Tons of places for races around the countryside roads or late night street racing. Its conveniently divided into areas already (Check out the MTR map further down the post). HK island / Kowloon / New Territories / Outlying Islands. These places are separated by tunnels (three cross harbour tunnels) and bridges (Tsing Ma bridge and Ap Lei Chau bridge). These would be closed or damaged until they got 'unlocked'. Just like in all the other GTA games. In terms of zones it has local villages 'out in the sticks', there are housing developments where thousands of people live all stacked up 30-40 floors high, slums (corrogated iron and sheet metal shacks), expensive property areas (mid-levels apartments), really really expensive housing (on the peak - mansions). And its got all the main areas you would expect of a city with an impressive business district where all the investment banks etc are located. In another area just across the harbour are the hotels. Inspired by another thread. I got to thinking that a trio of Asian cities would also be awesome and I thought: QUOTE "An Asian setting spanning Tokyo / Shanghai / Hong Kong would be awesome. A triad crime syndicate reaching into these places, like a 'golden triangle' of drug running, fraud, assasinations etc..." In this situation, you would start say in Shanghai and work your way up the ladder there, before moving/expanding to Hong Kong and then eventually onto Tokyo. These three cities are not physically linked (ie you cant drive to them) but you take a flight there (when the city is unlocked). This would mean driving to the airport or going to the docks to get a plane or a ship to journey abroad. Maybe the next city is unlocked upon getting a passport or after a typhoon has abated or after the bird flu epidemic is called off! Landmarks: There are all the places you would want to see in a GTA game. There are shopping centres, country clubs, golf courses, a major airport, a navy yard, stadiums, two racecourses, marinas, hospitals, district police stations and a main central one. There are ferry piers, suspension bridges, 3 cross harbour tunnels and more that cut through mountains. There are a few prisons dotted about, including a maximum security one. Theres a massive container terminal and dockyards. Plus also many helo pads. Most of the places mentioned should be able to be bought eventually. People: Naturally the people are Chinese. But its more diverse than that. There are local chinese, mainland chinese, british/US etc expats. In general terms it is a very multinational city. Language: The predominant language is cantonese but because HK is such an huge asian business hub and because of its British colonial history, english is widely spoken. Signage is all bilingual in cantonese and english and most people can speak both chinese and english. Vehicles: There are loads of great vehicles that are perfect for GTA. Taxis, mini buses, main buses, trams, MTR(subway trains), normal trains, bikes, and all the japanese racing cars (skylines, supras, evos). There are ferries and tons of other boats. Car modding was cool in SA and id love to see a more extended look into this aspect. there are loads of mod shops here. Id really like to have the ability to be able to drive all the vehicles incl. 747s and other aircraft. The traffic is so heavy in HK that it would have to be thinned out for the sake of the game. wouldnt get anywhere if it was realistic! Combat: I liked how refined the shooting had become in GTA:SA. Of course there is always room for improvement, but it was still really good. Id like to see the shooting interface remain much the same but should GTA get set in Hong Kong, or at least Asia, the hand-to-hand fighting needs to be improved. As mentioned earlier I really think a type of 'Rise to Honour' style of martial art fighting would be awesome. Still have all the flamethrowers and rocket launchers, mini guns and molotov cocktails but really boost up the close combat. Using a similar analog control (hit the stick left to punch left) to RtoH. That way the theme and feel of the asian martial arts would be captured. QUOTE Storyline: Here is an elaborate plot scenario Ive come up with for a GTA: Hong Kong. Back Story/Cut-scene: Our Main Character Tai Wu Long is sent on a 'meet' to Shanghai when he is 18. It was a set up and he is promptly arrested on false charges. Sentenced to 30 years he languishes in a Mainland Chinese prison. However, somehow he is let out after 5 years (someone on the outside with connections got his sentence reduced). Tai Wu Long has learnt who betrayed him and now he returns to Hong Kong via containership looking for revenge. Main Story: He returns to his home to find his family murdered. Grandfather (leader of the syndicate), father and 2 brothers all dead. The family syndicate is now run by his fathers former 'best friend'. His cousin survived the murders but is serving a life sentence in a HK jail. There is no-one to turn to, and he is forced to hide out in a slum area and work out what to do. The only person he thinks of to turn to is a long lost 'uncle'. after visiting him, he learns a little more about whats going on. the person who betrayed him in china is now the no.2 in the syndicate. Rival triad gangs also are out to kill him and there are many hits out on him. He needs to recruit some unlikely people to help him out and he knows he has to bust his cousin out of jail. which he does with the help of some people brought in by his uncle. Every so often throughout the game there is cut-scenes involving an unknown man that seems to be pulling all the strings in the entire saga. never knowing who it is until the very very end. He starts out doing really menial jobs and dangerous tasks for people the couldnt care less about him but he builds respect with different people (just like GTA:2 but more important- Respect IS everything in GTA:HK). After rising to prominence in a small gang Tai Wu Long ends up killing the boss and making the gang his own. but he is still small fry compared to the rest of the triad gangs in HK. But now the ball is started rolling for the rise and building of his organisation. Striking deals, business, assasinations etc...all typical GTA stuff. Many side missions involving smuggling, illegal immegrants, drugs, front businesses etc are opened up. Contact with some crime organisations in china are opened up and it ends up being a big triad syndicate war for hong kong with the police involved etc...massive rioting etc. eventually Tai Wu Long brings the enemy boss to his knees in a huge duel on the top of the IFC (the tallest building in HK) where the bad guy falls to his death! HK is now Tai Wu Long's. He owns land companies, finance companies etc... The big twist at the end is something regarding this 'uncle' that has always been there for him. maybe Tai's family being murdered and the collapse of the old syndicate was all sanctioned by his uncle. the uncle has been playing everyone the entire time for some sinister reason. who knows...and it happily leads into a potential GTA:HK 2. The name: Tai Wu Long roughly translated means Martial (Wu) Dragon (Long) This was written by ehtrion on gtaforums.com
  9. yeah tommy can return in like a like a area like the toreno part in San Andreas exept toreno did'nt return from anywhere coz that would be awsome
  10. my favorite thing to do in San Andreas is to jump on top of a tram in san fierro and shoot everything in sight and get like a six star rating then jump of the tram and run as far you can until you get shot pretty funny
  11. this is my forum to ask the question to ask could the next game be in Australia
  12. i hope that we see a mix of all the cars from gta 3, vc and sa
  13. yeh i agree with you australia is boring i live there to but it would be gret if they did one in sydney
  14. no there is alredy a game about england crime so no
  15. that's looks pretty good but the cars are a bit wierd
  16. my favorite one was just buisness and my hardest on e is vertical bird i know you think it was in the desert but it starts off at los santos final missions so yeah
  17. this is one i found on the net heres some more heres some more
  18. i think that if it is in usa it should have these gangs -Grove Street(San Andreas) -Aztecas(San Andreas) -Diablos(GTA 3) -Cubans(GTA:VC) -Hiatis(GTA:VC) -Yakuza(GTA 3) -Mafia(GTA 3)
  19. only cj and and vance shood return and vance would be like a fatherly figure to cj
  20. coz they did'nt shoot tennpenny in sa he shood survive and escape and then you end up being partners in crime for one mission
  21. it should be set in australia be based around the poor parts (the hood) and have 1 character
  22. nah we should keep all the fetures from sa they were great
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