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  1. You Are Barney You could have been an intellectual leader... Instead, your whole life is an homage to beer You will be remembered for: your beautiful singing voice and your burps Your life philosophy: "There's nothing like beer to give you that inflated sense of self-esteem." The Simpsons Personality Test http://www.blogthings.com/thesimpsonspersonalitytest/
  2. well after reciving scarface colectors edition for christmas i love the idea of having to put dirty money in the bank it should be in the game
  3. Best : RLS, Radio X, KDST, Playback FM Worst : Bounce, K Rose, Master Sounds 98.3. Funniest : WCTR
  4. is that game part of the driver series cause i have all the driver games but i have never heard of that one ??
  5. wwwwwwooooooo this is my 100th post man i fricken rock LOL
  6. yeh we can make it just alot more posting not SPAMMING but posting then it would be cool but i think if we did just open a random post were everybody spammed then i think we would at least make it before the end of christmas eve
  7. well it did'nt work for me but it dosn't matter i just got a crappy 128kb peice a crap
  8. www.gaiaonline.com : GTAKing The Grand Theft Auto Place
  9. yeah sorry about that so you mean 98.050 thousand posts if so then i think we could make it just maybe
  11. Emos Druggies Slow DRIVERS People Who Think That They Are Good At Something But Really There SHIT And Last But Not Least Fat People Like on The Biggest Loser all they do is complain how fat they are well your not gonna get thin just standing there and complaining
  12. yeh that's funny as and i f you leave your person in the yard then build like a fence around he dies and then death comes and you can plea for your sims life very funny indeed
  13. man i hav'nt finished reading them all but i'm loving them is jack based around Mike Toreno cuase he sorta has the same personality as him so far keep writing man
  14. Motorola all the way man sony ericsons are good but no way near motorola plus motorola have that awesome saying HELLO MOTO
  15. here i'll try do my display name ,kki nmvbgh gfvl;lolkiasztrfnhb jnhjm p-[j wjkumni zki mujki8 KingGoliath-Wu Zi Mu
  16. Well your Lifes f***ed Up Big Motherf***ing Time Anyway I think you should be the emo one blowing your brains out and anyway what was it you were doing
  17. I think they have a limited supply on the collector's edition of Scarface, so if you see it any where you should pick it up. yeh i alredy have it but i am just giving it to my parents to give it to me so that i don't seem selfish and unwanting of there presents
  18. 1.The Gangs Of London Game 2.Scarface Collectors Edition 3.A New Hard Drive For My Computer It Sounds Like A Plane With A Broken Wing Smaking Into a Building(not that i would know what that sounds like) 4.PrisonBreak: On The Run(2) Box Set From My Uncle In America 5.Ah Actullay Thats Good Enough For Me
  19. well being the showoff i am i was showin off my cool baby harly davidson which cost me $600 and then i was being a loser and thought that i should try and to some Burnouts on the griund i tryed to do it but then i lost controll and my bike kept going straight with out me on and then it smaked into my dad's Holden Monaro
  20. alright guys i just brought it but it's near chritmas so i'm gonna just let it wait until christmas so they i don't seem unwanting of everybody's gifts but can you guys tell me about the great features in the game i know that you canb do turf wars or sumfin:P but is there loads of turf like gta:sa or is there just a couple
  21. Diablos all the way man they had a awesome car and they had El Burro as the leader he was great but i also like the yardies cuase there cars have hydros an that was like a brand new thing to me as i had never senn it before in games
  22. oh man i love it that stuff was great
  23. Well i played the the origanals once in a while and then there was this amazing game realesed called gta 3 which was all 3d and then i got vice then san andreas and i have played them all about 5 times each time and i love it all
  24. 1st:Skyline 2nd:Chris 3rd:Gerard
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