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  1. nobody knows anything about it at all YET!!
  2. is going to watch the trailer ticker count down
  3. too short too easy and the mailbu club is in VCS u just can't go in it
  4. well i guess roll up a piece of card paper?
  5. that sucks dude i have my share of scares from when i stabbed myself with a wood carver and many many other stupid things
  6. it's cool but pointless unless the show the trailer on air
  7. i'm fine with as long as the new missions and such are free
  8. well i hope i get internet by then so i can download the missions, cars, etc..
  9. oh sorry i reread the headline thing so it's on the FX channel or the fox channel right now??
  10. to small to expensive and i live in the US
  11. well there gonna have some sick weapons no matter what but i hope M4 grenade laucher attachment will be there
  12. my fav is LV but only the strip the rest is dull
  13. i played cus its fun but mine broke so i have to get a new VC and SA
  14. the country missions and some san firrero missions where boring
  15. there should be blood on it the more people u kill the more blood stays on it
  16. i just go crazy with the M4 and shotgun
  17. thats the only thing i liked doing in Driv3r blow up cars with th gernade laucher
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