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  1. Fabolous Feat. Junior Reid - Gangsta Don't Play i love it
  2. beside the posters with cars I have a poster on my bedroom door with Fuseli - The Nightmare (1802)
  3. well...Crash made me cry, you should watch it if you havent already and I know that movie Stand by me, I saw it a long time ago and I loved it
  4. i helped some of my classmates for an exam by posing, the pics are cropped or also a lil edited by me [broken links]
  5. lol...I just found a pic of me (I look aweful) and the guy I'm interested in ( )the pic: click and go to "EVENIMENTE" "03.05.2007 20CM HIP HOP PARTY" page 2 first pic
  6. kokane


    Too right having sex in the elevator A bit crazy though you could have waited now you knew the guy Some people just don't, and I have no comments on that. It's in the eyes. Haha, nicely said though I liek the kokane stories. But really kokane, that easy for you to have sex with someone? Anyway, good/fun story. when i really want that, yes, i have to admit i didnt expect it that night but when i got the opportunity i told him i'll do everything he wants and asks and it wasnt just one night stand, we keep seeing each other
  7. kokane


    ok...well the story begins when I saw a video on youtube and I first realized how hot this rapper is...i’ve been listening to his album a lot but I didn’t really know how he looked like and I said to myself...ok I gotta meet him this year...and after 2 days I found out a friend of mine knows him, I was like ... And so this friend took me with him at this club where that guy I had a crush on was and I met him . And I left the club with him at around...4 am and went to his place but in front of his door he realized he doesn’t have the keys...so we had to go back 2 block away at his sister to get the keys...but he blocked the elevator while we were going down and we did it there . We did it doggy and anal, cuz I was wearing some jeans and tight high boots and I couldn’t spread my legs too much so I had to bend a lot and get...low...alot...it was the first time I actually did it anal and tried deep throat and well we did a lil mess there but cleaned after and I tried not to make a lot of noise. Oh and he was pretty drunk so I had to work a lot .
  8. kokane


    i thought i should bring this topic back to life anyone wanna talk about sex? i have new stories (lol)
  9. look how orange I look its also cuz of the light
  10. there you go, sorry i had to upload them and posted by mistake only the smiley
  11. well they all blame things but never the right ones...that they sell guns to crazy people...they forget that..which is the most important thing..even if you're crazy you can't shoot people without a gun...
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