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  1. Ow! They are the most painful knickers ever. I guess it's bad when you wear them first, after you get used to them it's not like that. I dont even feel them.
  2. Well higher education here isn't that expensive. There are Public Universities, and Private Universities. The difference is that in the case of Public Universities the Government supports the costs for each student, in the mean while, if you go to a private school you have to support the costs. If you go to a public University you might be subject to a test, or several tests. If you do good enough you get admitted and don't pay anything. Universities have an exact number of people to get admitted, and some of them, for those with lower rates, have a tax fee, which equals the sum of money the Government pays for each student. I don’t know about Private Universities, but the most expensive Public University in Romania is actually my school. Because film is money. I got a high rate so I’m not paying anything. The tax is actually 4000 euros per year. That’s how much money they say they spend for each of us. And now to get on topic.... We all know prostitution is the oldest job in the world, so that proves one thing for sure, most women are whores. Its either they’re forced to, or just find it easy to get fast money with no education. Either way, it’s known that most women love money, and would do anything for having some dough. Now selling your virginity is in other words prostitution, but the difference is that you can do it only one time. Now as retarded as it may seem for us, for her it’s just natural, but I think you must be really retarded as a man to spend that much on shit like that, or just have nothing better to do with money. It’s actually obvious that only older business men would do that, with their old wives and children...they feel they need some fresh meat, u know what I’m saying...
  3. I wear thongs and strings like g-strings, v-strings, t-back
  4. I think that if our souls would have only one life, then why is it so easy to die? It should have been more valuable if it's that important. So reincarnation makes alot of sense. You learn from your life experiences in order to make your soul grow and evolve. I think that's the essence of life, to learn and to make your soul reach its highest form. I've always had a passion for astrology and believe it or not, the stars influence us. I've read around 100 pages about my natal chart, and they described me better then I could myself. I believe there's a reason for everything. And actually karmic astrology explained why I am the way I am. You might say it's a stupid question or presumption, but I was wondering...I think the stars or lets say the celestial objects are a very interesting thing to study, and what if these forms of energy are actually souls waiting to reincarnate?
  5. does anyone here believe in reincarnation? because I recently read a lil about it and I started believing in it because it offered me some answers to some questions that the religion apparently cannot answer. I dont usually believe in things that have no logic, and because the religion wasnt able to provide me with logical explanations, I started looking for answers on my own, and I found some in astrology. I have a question if any of you could answer. If God created us, the man should be the most important creation, the essence. Why is this so important creation of his so small compared to the whole Universe. You probably know that Earth is soo little compared to other planets, the Sun itself is like a proton compared to other stars. Don't you think we're a little selfish to think we are the center of the Universe?
  6. should I mention what type (if that isn't obvious) or just say other?
  7. I might be too late, but do you still need help with ur Spanish?
  8. WOW! thank you all sooo much, u have no idea how much I appreciate this, thegtaplace means alot to me, even tho I dont get to post as I used to and if u think about it...I'm 22 already...thats a wow again, I started talking to Chris when I was 17, right? thats a long time but yes, I'm alive, and all good. Ive been to like erm... around 6 film shootings this semester. For those that didn't know I'm in a Film Academy, studying cinematography. I will probably post some pictures and even send links to some films Thank you all! (kiss)
  9. I’ve heard about this in the news too....We live in a very sick world...That bastard is not human!
  10. sure there is female castration. you have to remove the reproduction parts, the ovaries that is.. and about the topic..movies are rated for some reason...as a parent, if you bring your child to a movie he shouldn't watch, you're irresponsible. But anyway you should know your child better than anyone, so you should know if he'll be fine after seeing nudity or not, it's your responsability as a parent.
  11. I don’t have the knowledge in medicine to pronounce myself and say there are cures for everything. I think that if there are no cures at least there are ways to make it easier to live with the illness you have. I also believe that if you don’t feel and don’t fight to get better, you’ll never make it. You have to want something bad to make it come true. There are so many things you can change with your mind, maybe everything, with the power of your mind. But there are so few that can really make it, and have this gift. When I feel cold and start freezing, I begin to concentrate and with the help of my mind I stop freezing for a while. When I’m hungry I concentrate and my body stops feeling the need of food for a while. So..I don’t know if there are medical cures for every disease, I don’t know if there are plants for every illness, but I believe that there are ways to cure oneself.
  12. I grew up believing in God. And at some points in my life praying did good, or that’s what I thought, and maybe things were turning good anyway, but you can’t know that. Growing up and starting understanding things made me ask myself, why should I believe if they can’t really prove it? I started believing that God is just energy, it’s a huge power. But I don’t know what to believe now. I still pray sometimes because there are moments I fear for the ones I love and I want to protect them in some way, asking God to protect them that is. I’m an Orthodox, which is very similar to the Catholic religion, but there are things I hate about it. The songs and the Orthodox church remind me and make me think of death, and that’s why I don’t enjoy going to church. So I do believe in God, but I doubt many things and stories related to my religion.
  13. maybe he doesnt speak English that well, that's why it doesnt make sense..
  14. ooh I love that show, when I get bored I check on youtube, they're great
  15. Wildstyle Pirate Radio - 18 - Magic's Wand
  16. hmm let's see... koikasn er and my real name... clauydfia
  17. NFS Carbon and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
  18. Every country has its laws and some may differ from place to place. As far as I know nationality is established at birth, by a child's place of birth or bloodline. My parents are Romanian and I’ve been living here since I was born.. so I’m Romanian. Here the nationality and citizenship and not the same thing. I don't know if I can change my nationality but I would like to change my citizenship. I wanna move to California or Australia in the future.
  19. thanx Connor well...sorry. as you can see the bottle is empy v.v
  20. yes. now it's just fine, thank you again :* but I would still like to find people that know flash because there are some things I can't find out how they work, because I bought the flash template and I customize it myself
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