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  1. Thank god, I thought I was the only one with the broken button only Chris has the "working button"
  2. because I've always wanted to be blonde, but don't worry, when I get bored I'll change that, and also... it's my favourite color. and what would that be?
  3. thank you thanx , I don't cuz I have to be tall and skinny in order to be a model, I'm skinny but short..and I don't really have time for that
  4. oh boy oh boy sexiest member version 3 for more pics click here my entry: (sorry for the maybe too large pics)
  5. Cuz a father drinks more beer than a mother. Why does the father drink more beer?
  6. ^ is right < thinks she knows who Miss Cassandra is; is she a gypsy future teller? in my country she's called Caterpillar Mother v does not believe in future tellers
  7. I would say thank you WWYDI your girlfriend told you she's pregnant?
  8. ^ is right < has a crush on someone v has a girlfriend/boyfriend
  9. Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone - Ridin'
  10. i would tell you to stop and give you dance classes WWYDI I was taking a shower and you were in the same apartment
  11. ^ has a cute avatar < loves going to university v thinks spaz's avatar is not cute
  12. a friend sent them to me, but I searched the internet and I've found more on deviantart rimfrost deviantart gallery aren't they great? i just love 'em
  13. omg..I love lambos anyway..here's some funny stuff:
  14. haha awesome pics spaz , as usual and btw, nice skirt
  15. I'm not searching for respect or attention by posting my pics on this forum now, Chris knows I got the attention I wanted when I joined, as you see I've been here since '5th Jan 05', old members know how I looked back then, so I think they understand better the whole deal. I thought people wanted to know how I look now, I enjoy updating with recent pics. As far as the respect goes, I do respect myself, and I tell ya those pics are decent and I don't see whats so bad about them, and yea maybe it's my fault I wanna be different and when I pose I wanna be noticed, and I don't wanna be regular, but thats my problem. Anyway thank you for your honest opinion, I really appreciate that .
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