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  1. only PC, I don't own any console
  2. lol. don't make people think you made me post again to increase the activity on the forum and thanks
  3. don't remember the exact last one but this was one of the last ones I watched. click on image for link to imdb
  4. when people start an argument but won't let you speak and won't listen to whatever you have to say. what I do then? say bitch please, talk to the hand, and walk away.
  5. Some say words are powerful, but I'd say only if you let them be. The key to happiness is in your hands. Whatever other people say, you still have the choice to get mad or not get mad. I know it's hard sometimes, but if you think about it, there's only one step away from being angry or depressed to carefree. Only the words of those that actually mean something to you should matter, your family and friends, those that care for you. Only their words should have that power. Mean people have no power. Their words are worthless. That's all they have. They count on their words to bring you down. Let them fail.
  6. Even if there's nothing wrong with you, some people will find something just to be rude and mean. The best defense is ignorance. It will piss them off even more seeing you don't care. And I wouldn't just shut up. I would tell them that they're nobody to me so their opinion means shit. Whatever they say it doesn't mean anything because nobody cares what they think. Why let it affect you? It's like being hurt if some retard says you're stupid. Why would the opinion of a retarded, uneducated and stupid person affect me?
  7. Like most, if not all conversations about what women or men like or do or whatever…it’s all in general. But how does that help us if we only deal with individuals and each case is different. Some women like bad boys, some don’t, and each of those that do can have a different reason. My opinion is that probably most of them prefer a bad boy, or a jerk, for the challenge to “un-jerk” him. Be that special lady that managed to do that. Be that special to make him not want to cheat. Or even if he does, she’s still the one he comes to in the end. But who knows.. maybe some actually prefer a beating. Anyway, for me, if you say bad boy I imagine Marlon Brando…but if you say jerk I imagine some douchebag that’s flexing his biceps and beating his chest while making gorilla noises. So maybe they actually dream and want that sexy, wild, mysterious bad boy that wears a leather jacket and drives a Harley Davidson, and is that rule breaker that every boy respects and every girl desires… But that’s a stereotype, a character. I know we’re talking here about guys that treat them bad but couldn’t there be bad boys that treat their women nice? You know, like guys say they want women to be ladies on the streets but freaks in the sheets… So...maybe some girls think that good guys are boring and dull and that a jerk can give them excitement and can protect them from others. But again...this talk is in general, we all are complex human beings. When you chose to be with someone it doesn't come only to being good or bad. But think about it...if those girls want guys that treat them wrong then you don't want those girls.
  8. lol...I have pics in a gangster-like outfit and a cop costume
  9. love the new pics, Chris you look great together
  10. I'm great :* got one exam left this saturday and im done with this semester :D

  11. LOL @ ur status :P

  12. this is for Claudia: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=claudia and this is for Kokane: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kokane
  13. da f*ck!! and some ppl kept telling me I somewhat look like her. I do NOT! it was the damn haircut!!!
  14. my head hurts from so much stupidity, i hear all kinds of news everyday that i dont even have an opinion anymore, they dont deserve me to get that involved and even start talking bout them if they can't do better, their problem, i feel sorry for the dog tho, I would say it's unfair, how would they know the dog said I DO?
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