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  1. I use it only when I'm posting pictures.
  2. Bruce Dickinson! He rocks, he's heavy metal God, he's my idol!
  3. Zebra. (if I remember well.) What is the biker's name?
  4. Iron Maiden: The Reincaration of Benjamin Breeg, The Evil That Men Do, Children of the Damned, Hallowed Be Thy Name Lordi: It Snows in Hell, Icon of Dominance, The Children of the Night Cutting Crew: I Just Died in Your Arms Tonite Nightfall: Diva
  5. No way I'm gonna listen rap! I don't listen it now, and I don't want to listen it in the future. It sucks! I don't hear any music there, it's simply stupid. Heavy metal rules. P.S. Guys who like rap sorry, but this is just what I think, and we all know that everybody thinks different.
  6. I think that there probably exist something else in space than just us. Galaxy is huge, there must exist some other beings...
  7. Worst is fu****g turbo folk! It sounds so awful! I could never listen something like that...
  8. Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden. Their best song ever! When I was at Maiden gig in Belgrade, this was the last song, it sounded so powerful and I started to cry...
  9. Die Hard 1,2,3 and Interview With The Vampire.
  10. Iron Maiden, The Wicker Man Up the Irons!
  11. The Driver. What a stupid one. And then at 'The Job' he dies... You were sweating for nothing!
  12. Hello everybody,I'm Lordi Girl from Belgrade,Serbia!I'm 14 years old.See ya on forums!
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