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  1. MissKilljoy

    How much do you use the Preview?

    I use it only when I'm posting pictures.
  2. MissKilljoy

    Favorite singer?

    Bruce Dickinson! He rocks, he's heavy metal God, he's my idol!
  3. MissKilljoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bruce Dickinson-Son of a Gun(live)
  4. MissKilljoy

    Vice city knowledge game

    Zebra. (if I remember well.) What is the biker's name?
  5. MissKilljoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight
  6. MissKilljoy

    Fav Job

    I like driving Taxi sometimes.
  7. MissKilljoy

    Favourite Air Vehicle

    I vote for Maverick.
  8. MissKilljoy

    Favourite 4-Door Vehicle

    I like Sentinel XS. Looks nice.
  9. MissKilljoy

    Favorite Radio Station

    VROCK is the best.
  10. MissKilljoy

    Happy easter!

    Happy Easter!
  11. MissKilljoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Iron Maiden, Sea of Madness
  12. MissKilljoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Motley Crue - Too Young To Fall In Love
  13. MissKilljoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Static-X - The Only
  14. MissKilljoy

    Songs that touch your heart

    Iron Maiden: The Reincaration of Benjamin Breeg, The Evil That Men Do, Children of the Damned, Hallowed Be Thy Name Lordi: It Snows in Hell, Icon of Dominance, The Children of the Night Cutting Crew: I Just Died in Your Arms Tonite Nightfall: Diva
  15. MissKilljoy

    Do you listen to rap music?

    No way I'm gonna listen rap! I don't listen it now, and I don't want to listen it in the future. It sucks! I don't hear any music there, it's simply stupid. Heavy metal rules. P.S. Guys who like rap sorry, but this is just what I think, and we all know that everybody thinks different.
  16. MissKilljoy

    Anyone likes metal?

    I like heavy metal.
  17. MissKilljoy

    Do you think that UFO's are real?

    I think that there probably exist something else in space than just us. Galaxy is huge, there must exist some other beings...
  18. MissKilljoy

    worst music genre

    Worst is fu****g turbo folk! It sounds so awful! I could never listen something like that...
  19. MissKilljoy

    Favourite TV SHow

    Mythbusters, American Chopper
  20. MissKilljoy

    Favourite Song

    Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden. Their best song ever! When I was at Maiden gig in Belgrade, this was the last song, it sounded so powerful and I started to cry...
  21. MissKilljoy

    Favourite Music Genre

    Heavy metal, hard rock.
  22. MissKilljoy

    Favorite Movies

    Die Hard 1,2,3 and Interview With The Vampire.
  23. MissKilljoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Iron Maiden, The Wicker Man Up the Irons!
  24. MissKilljoy

    Hardest Mission

    The Driver. What a stupid one. And then at 'The Job' he dies... You were sweating for nothing!
  25. MissKilljoy

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello everybody,I'm Lordi Girl from Belgrade,Serbia!I'm 14 years old.See ya on forums!