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  1. Dude, I know the staff is dealing with you, but take it from someone who also runs a forum. Just stop being immature, don't break the rules, and stop sucking up with stupid apologies. Just do what the staff told you and stop making stupid topics and immature posts. If you want to show people you're sorry and willing to change then do it, but don';t juyst make stupid apologies in your sig or topics and then keep breaking rules and stuff.
  2. The second Artwork Pic still isn't working yet, just a heads up.
  3. Yeah, nice hopefully catching them off guard will work. On a side note, do you have GTA IV for the PC as well or just Xbox?
  4. Here my question after realizing you're going back to New York: As you said R* probably won't reveal too many things but maybe you could find out if the DLC will at least come to the PC, since it is technically Microsoft and all? That would be my main interest.
  5. I always go via the homepage as I just type tgtap.com and then check the news then go to the forums. I think most 'veteran' members here, tend to go right to the forum as its become their community, so they wanna see whats new with everyone else. Also when you go to View New Posts, the news topics come up as well. Personally I don't think there's anything TGTAP needs to improve, some people might just not be interested, I didn't actually realize you're going to NY again, (should read more careful), but I do have a question for you to pose and will post it in that topic. Like I said I don't think there's anything TGTAP needs to improve, its just the way the people are.
  6. Lol yeah, I've only played through the game once now, and I decided I;d go for 100% already, usually I just play through and have some fun for a while then I start over, and do that. I'll see, guess I got a lot of Friends to see...
  7. We all know that to get 100% you must have taken every friend on every possible activity that they can do at least once. My question is, is there some way to see which activities I have taken them on? Under the Stats I only found the Stat for how often I've done something with them, but not which activity I did with them. I really don't feel like doing each activity with each Friend again...lol.
  8. Yeah, that's true. Alright well thanks for the info.
  9. Even though I live in Germany, I;'d also say the UK, since a lot of people seem to live there, and its not far for me either, and I know a lot of friends spread around the UK.
  10. Lol, ok, you said sometimes you forget to check PM's so that's why Do we know already who that chick is and if she plays any larger role?
  11. This sounds good, I have a question though. How can Webmasters or people register for these type of things? Or also for getting Exclusive Screenshots and stuff?
  12. Some work for me, some don't. They look really amazing, also the Patrick Brown stuff. I'm surprised its so Hi Res. (@Chris: check your PM's )
  13. Those are, for lack of a better word...AWESOME! Nice little thread here, I'm not a big Photoshop guy, but I might give this a try too.
  14. This is an amazing sig. Really looks great, although I do agree the glow of "resurrection" needs to be a little darker, but otherwise nice going man!
  15. Dude, you already made this topic once before I think in the GTA SA mod section or some crap. Anyway, there is no Ratman and no other myths of any sort, same as every other GTA. If you heard about it, maybe you actually mean Badman? A friend of Little Jacob.
  16. Ok...that being said, why is everyone pissed off at the church then? Probably because the people that run the states and ban gay marriage are usually conservative Christians? Or something like that. Would be my guess at least.
  17. As far as I know the achievements don't count for 100% Have you done 50 stunt jumps? Killed 200 flying rats? Done all the side missions?
  18. So both of you entirely misunderstood his point. Instead of flipping out, why not realize he was not even remotely saying that Obama will do what Hitler did? All he is saying is, to the people saying, "Oh, he will probably be good because he's got charisma!", is that charisma doesn't = good intentions, it just means good leader. Being German, I'm sure you can understand how its easy for me to misinterpret comments like that, seeing how his whole post was arguing against Obama, mentioning Hitler in a Charisma comparison came across more in a negative sense (it sort of reminded me, or sounded like the argument "Obama sounds like Osama" so that's why he'll do bad things) than anything else. But I get what you're saying about how he meant it. Here is where you misunderstood me I think. (plus I assume you quoted the wrong part, you wanted to quote my paragraph below that right?) Anyway, I wasn't saying that Obama is a better President than Bush or vice versa, I was just saying that you can't say Obama could potentially be the worst president in history when the man has only been in office 2 weeks. However, Bush served his two terms and there you can say that he was probably one of the worst presidents in history because look at the state the US is in now.
  19. It sure was, especially the 4th quarters there were a good 2-3 fights, Pittsburgh got lucky at one time, I don't remember who it was but at some point Arizona got a personal foul for unnecessary roughness, and then they showed a clip of a Steelers player, totally beating down on a Cardinals player, luckily no ref saw that.
  20. Why the hell do you Americans always have to bring Hitler into an argument? All you are really doing is stirring the pot like draftermatt says, that comment has absolutely no place here, and just makes you and your argument look weak. I mean lots of people have Charisma does that mean they are all like Hitler and will try and take over the world and do horrible things to certain races? For the whole Obama wants to spend so much money argument, all I can say again is, Bush spends 10 Trillion dollars on a War that was total bullshit from the beginning because everybody around the World knew that there were no fecking Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yet then people complain when Obama wants to spend (I don't remember how much like 1 Trillion Dollars) of money the US still doesn't have in order to try and help the economy. It is stupid to say he';; potentially be the worst president in History because no one can say that until his four years are over, yes he is young and he is naive, and he may want to do things without really knowing a good way to do that, but he has lots of good senior advisers, and he has 4 years to make a difference. It could turn out that Obama is the BEST president the US has ever had. I think if you wanna talk about potential worst presidents George W. Bush should be up there rather than Obama.
  21. It depends if this forum stays around that long, depends what you define as older, and all that stuff. I've asked myself this about the other forum I mainly go on, but it all depends on whether it will still be there, whether the people who make it what it is will still be there, and whether Rockstar continues to bring out GTA's (which I doubt they'll be doing for another 20 years)...I'm 20, so I'm seeing being older as when I'm in my 30's or 40's.
  22. Looks really good, I've always like the Sentinel, especially the Mafia Sentinel from GTA III
  23. Johnny is a part of GTA IV you do 1-2 missions with him. Although I am surprised you'd just find him walking around LC like that.
  24. Come on ppl reply please any of you guys have gta 4 This is not a GTA4 thread. 1) What he said. 2) The is no Ratman, and there are no myths same as there were never any myths in other GTA games. Maybe you heard wrong and are talking about Badman, a friend of Little Jacob.
  25. Steelers deserved that win, 100 yard touchdown owns all! Cardinals could have played better, if they wouldn't jhave committed all those fouls, but either way Steelers was the better team, and deserved the win!
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