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  1. LOLOLOLOLOL Anywayz.... All us elite-staff-members can see who won right now I'll give out the winners for 50,000 forum cash per name given. Or you can just share with your fellow DS members for free Congrats to anyone who wins anything.
  2. But.... To get the 1600 points you need to pay 19.99...... Yeah, but that's no equivalent to free, correct? I don't have an Xbox and I don't know how the points work, how you get them etc, so I don't know. Maybe to him it counts as free? You buy them. Or, if it's like the Wii, you can just use your credit card and never leave your house. I see that's kind of pointless then? Why have points then when you need to buy them, if you could gain them for like extraordinary online play or so, that would make a lot more sense, you know, instead of always charging Money Microsoft could reward its players too...
  3. Steelers will win, I'm not really a fan of Football or anything, and I know Cardinals are the underdogs and have done great to even get this far, but still I think Steelers are just the better team and will win it.
  4. Yeah, but that's no equivalent to free, correct? I don't have an Xbox and I don't know how the points work, how you get them etc, so I don't know. Maybe to him it counts as free?
  5. No I think he's saying that if you have 1600 Microsoft Xbox Points you can also get TLaD, instead of paying $19.99 for it?
  6. heheh amen, what sort of cereal? i tend to have honey bunches of oats ive never added sugar though, it probably has enough to begin with Just plain Cornflakes, thats why I add the sugar
  7. My Number 1 snack for years has been cereal, I eat like 2-3 bowls a day, and I add lots of sugar. That's pretty much been my main snack for the past 14 years.
  8. Coke, its the original and it just tastes better, 'nuff said!
  9. Ohhh, that's why my Grandma got mad about you beating her in a test...... See, you my friend are ridiculous, you are proving again and again that you are just immature and don't know what you are talking about. Instead of making real arguments and points, you make dumb (off topic) comments.
  10. Für Immer Jung - Bushido feat. Karel Gott Its a German version of "Forever Young" made by a Rapper and a German oldies singer, its actually quite good, because the Rap also has meaning.
  11. So that when people decide to get back on topic, we can talk about Obama, the economy, our government in general, etc. No offense but you obviously don't know enough about this topic to have a real discussion, yes you have your opinions thats fine, everyone respects that the only problem is you have opinions without reasoning and fact, what I mean is you can't backup your opinions, you just say that's what you think and that's it. For an argument/discussion you need to present points on why you think the way you do. But I think you're too young to really know, which is probably why you can't back up your points.
  12. Yeah I guess so, I'm glad I know this difference now for the future not that I'll be getting a new PC any time soon as mine is only 6 months old, but I bought it so I'd be able to play GTA IV
  13. Is it? I thought rendering was when you take a pic, or graphic and remove the background and stuff. Don't you call something a render when its just a certain object, person, or graphic taken out of a different image? Actually, no. That's a common misconception. Rendering is when the machine produces/creates an image or something in the image. In Photoshop, rendering takes place when applying any filter. However, where the confusion probably comes from is the term "render", in the sense of a 3D image. When you turn your 3D model into a 2D image, that's called rendering. And there are "renders" of video game characters all over the web((they aren't promotional art or screenshots, just the character modeled and posed, then rendered)). People would cut out these renders, and say they had a "render". Apparently the process of cutting out the character became known as "rendering". Hopefully I didn't go to far on that description. Actually that's a very nice explanation, that's why I said rendering since I was thinking it would be called a render so I thought to get it it would be called rendering, lol.
  14. Its great, only that I never get that kind of a download connection. Could this be because my Router is too old or something?
  15. Actually the min requirement is GeForce 7900, so the 8400 shouldn't be a problem. The rest of your system should also be fine. Actually, if you do some research on Nvidia graphics cards, you'll find that the 7900 is a far better card than the 8400. Nvidia name their cards so that the first number indicates the generation (meaning that the 8400 is newer) and the second number indicates its range (eg 8600 is mid-range, 8800 is top-end, wheras the 8500, 8400, or lower are not designed for gaming). This confuses many people who are new to building PCs and means that companies can get away with selling crappy graphics cards to people without them knowing - hence all the people complaining about crap performance on their PCs. Ah yeah, that's interesting. I guess I was one of those people you just described, who assumed it being higher it would be fine. I have a 8600 GT myself so my GTA works great.
  16. I haven't seen it before, but it looks pretty awesome. Nice find!
  17. Yeah, no worries that will definitely work.
  18. Right, forgot that its 200, and not 300 here. I'll change that.
  19. I think you do but i wouldn't know that because i never up graded my game from patch v1.1 or what ever its called and also i would say mabey you uninstaled the mod wrong ive done that before. If I remember correctly, you do I think it even says that on the official site. I remember having to downgrade and I'm pretty sure that was for multiplayer.
  20. Really? I never knew of this. Do you happen to know the control for the PC? Or is it not in the PC version (the bait, I know the Hydra is there)
  21. Actually the min requirement is GeForce 7900, so the 8400 shouldn't be a problem. The rest of your system should also be fine.
  22. who was using The whole political figures thing is getting boring...
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