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  1. Try using this link in your avatar options: http://www.fortogden.com/animslickness.gif And see if that works.
  2. I prefer nVidia for the GFX, but thats because I've never had anything else and don't know much about ATI. As for AMD or Intel, its intel all the way, I had a AMD processor once which was supposed to be the same as (I think back then it was Pentium 4) but it really wasn't, and a friend of mine who deals with Computers a lot also said, that even if two processors from AMD and Intel are supposed to be the same they won't be, as AMD just doesn't have the amount of money to stick into research as Intel does, which is true. Now I have Intel and my PC is running great.
  3. Johnny Tran. And I fucking HATED Edwin. I hated that line. It made me cringe every time I heard it. "IZ NOT HOW YOU STAND BY YO CAR" Didn't Jesse die? So they can't bring him back...and the others if they brought back all the same people then it would be just a remake of the first one, its not supposed to be a tribute or a remake its supposed to be a new movie in the series but with the original protagonist (Vin and Paul), although I wouldn't mind them bringing back Vin's sister But yeah I'm a long time fan as well so I'll also enjoy it and watch it no matter what others say. I don't get people saying the movie is bad because the trailer had SOulja Boy, just because you don't like Soulja Boy doesn't mean a movie will be bad that has his song.
  4. Not the same, but similar, did you see that movie Prayers for Bobby? People said it looked stupid((lol, I almost said gay XD)), but I thought it was interesting. About a gay teenager who's family and town think he should try to "cure" it through God and he ends up killing himself. And that sparks a change in his mother and the town as a whole. Supposedly based on a true story. Not sure if I've seen parts of the movies or just heard about the real story, but it sounds very familiar. Or maybe thats just because I've heard of a couple of cases where gay teens ended up committing suicide because they couldn't handle the "pressure" of being gay and having to hide it, and live with people condemning them for it, etc.
  5. Does the saved avatar move when you view it on your PC? If not why not just use the link that you found it at, and paste it in the avatar options, maybe that will work?!
  6. This topic should just be locked because this post obviously proves that he just has no idea what he's talking about, and that this is a complete waste of other peoples time, since he can't even go into the arguments made, and has to resort to pitiful comments about a sig, thats not breaking any rules...
  7. jumped in and @raybob: You're not supposed to go twice...
  8. Yeah you have to tap it just right, it takes a few tries. But that's the challenge, doing it without the police. My suggestions is go to the Helitours, there's usually at least 5 guys there, and that's all you need as on one guy you can usually perform to counters, making it 10 counters if you have five guys. Thats how I got it and since there's no police generally around the heli tours its a safe place to do it. EDIT: Just realized, remember that I changed my key config. So you need to have a look what the original key is.
  9. Is it? I thought rendering was when you take a pic, or graphic and remove the background and stuff. Don't you call something a render when its just a certain object, person, or graphic taken out of a different image?
  10. Same here! She gets us. I'm a fan of the F&F series, I was sad that Vin wasn't in the second one, then surprised when they went completely in another direction by doing Tokyo Drift, and psyched when I found out they were making a new movie with the original people. I like all three movies, to me its not about being the greatest movie out there, I just like the well I guess fast cars, action, and chicks, but nothing wrong with that in my opinion, of course its not realistic most movies aren't meant to be, so what? I know people hate Soulja Boy, but I didn't think it ruined the trailer.
  11. Good old WMP, never really caused me any bother, so never saw the need to change.
  12. I don't know if any of you would be willing to do this, but I really need the picture below to be rendered, so basically just get rid of the black background so I purely have the Age of Orton graphic with the mask and all. And that I can then use that Render either to change it, or just to use like that on say the forums. I really just need it rendered, the rest I can do myself: Already a great big thanks in advance to anyone who would do this for me!
  13. If you want to get rid of the v1.01 patch, all you gotta do is reinstall the game and you'll be back to your original v1 game. That makes sense, but downgrading with a patch would be less of a hassle than re-installing the game
  14. That's a great video, really a nicely done satire. I can't imagine what it must be like for homosexuals to always have to hear these questions, I mean if people kept asking me that, I would seriously punch someone out. That map is interesting, its no surprise to me that the countries marked brown and orange and stuff are mainly African or Middle Eastern, but I feel that a lot of people of the blue countries, or other countries would also love to make it illegal but because they are more "civilized" they know they can't. And you're so right about love, nobody can control who they may fall in love with, it just happens whether its a man, woman, short person, tall person, fat person, and so on. Its like defining beauty, no one can really do it, since everyone has their own perception of beauty. Banning gay marriage would be like banning love/marriage to a person whom "society" does not define "beautiful" enough to get married.
  15. Minigun has the most destructive power and can destroy anyone and anything in a matter of seconds, but the M60 is my favorite I think. It just has great power while not being as bulky as a Minigun, and it looks sexier.
  16. Sounds easy enough. I'm not a huge fan of GFWL to be honest, but I'll add you tomorrow. Don't feel like playing today... If anyone else wants to add me, go ahead. Meh its alright, doesnt interfere too much with the GTA multiplayer itself, just lets you invite friends to a created game, etc.
  17. I was using "can't control love" as an example for homosexuals not being able to control the way they feel because in your above post, you said you believe homosexuals do have control over it to some extent. My last post was just directed at the "can control it part". I have seen in your other posts that you are for gay marriage, I just wanted to address the last part. And maybe I did misinterpret you or take you too literal on that, and if I did, I apologize, I just take issue with people saying "they can control it" (even though I know you said you think they can control it somewhat, in comparison to someone who is born with a different skin color), I guess I was just lashing out in general at the people who do completely think being gay is a choice and they can control it, and what not. And I know the question wasn't directed at me, but in an open discussion others are bound to get involved.
  18. When you're in GTA IV, all you have to do is press "Home" to bring up the LIVE menu, and then select friends and then I think "Invite Friends" or something like that, if you can't figure it out, I'll add you.
  19. Damn straight! In my opinion, I actually pity Obama a little, I do believe he is the better man for the job, and I know he won't be able to change everything instantly, if at all, but I do think he'll lead the country in the right direction. But the reason I pity him, is because the people hyped him up way too much, they made him out to be like a messiahs, and I think many will still realize that he can't just snap his fingers and make everything better. And as soon as he has to make a unpopular decision everybody will be on his ass because they expect nothing but greatness from him and probably don't understand how tough his job really is, and I find that unfair towards him. Something people have to realize, especially the black people who think "yeah! now one of us is in office", Obama will still do whats best for the country and the world, and if you're poor now (no matter if you're black, white, mexican, or whatever) you will still be poor long after Obama leaves office if you don't try yourself to change that as well. Obama can only do so much with economic stimulus and all, but the people need to do something as well.
  20. BUMP again. Anyone here still watch Wrestling? The Royal Rumble was absolutely awesome. I love Randy Orton! His character is so great at the moment, he has a very nice move set, great mic skill. I think he's taking his place as the top talent of the younger generation. Can't wait to see how the McMahon storyline pans out. Also the MAtt/Jeff, Edge and soon to debut CC storyline is surely going to be great as well, and lead to one hell of a Match at WM25.
  21. Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
  22. So I'm trying to find some fun people to play GTA IV online with, but on my usual forum that I go to almost no one has it, so I thought I'd ask here. Who here has GTA IV for the PC, and plays online? If you feel like it, add me: Teracell
  23. You said, "Why have societies' attitudes changed towards some things (class, race, gender) but not others." I was trying to some what make a point. Race and gender are things we can't control and we shouldn't be limited in rights because of that. Homosexuals on the other hand had the choice between being straight or gay. Now I realize that the majority of the people here think that homosexuals don't have a choice and I believe that to an extent, but they have a lot more control over that than people of a certain race and or gender. Society has gotten past the extremely stupid idea that race and gender matter, but they haven't gotten past homosexuality and that's the next step, not saying that looking down on homosexuals isn't stupid. As a society we have to realize that personal choice shouldn't matter if it doesn't effect others. Let me ask you something, have you ever been in love? If so then you would know you can't control love, it just happens. I believe with homosexuality this is exactly the same, I hate people saying homosexuals have control over it, at least to an extent, no 99.9% don't, they just feel the way they feel. I myself am not homosexual, so I can't say what you feel like, but as I mentioned I could imagine it feels like falling in love, it just happens, and you can try to not let it happen, and you can try to tell yourself something else, but when you're in love you're in love. And when you like someone from the same sex, then you like someone from the same sex. Also, even IF homosexuals could "control" it, who is anyone to say that they should? If someone chooses to decide they like the same sex, why is that wrong? Because religion says so? We shouldn't base our life on something that could just as well be fiction.
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