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  1. Looks like a woman to me actually...maybe he is too much into Karate? Or Kung Fu?
  2. Whats up everyone? How have you all been?
  3. Haha, thats great, hadn't seen that before. Nice find
  4. Not new...actually I've been here a while already...but I've been inactive for ages and just wanted to announce that I'm coming back to activeness Welcome newbies!
  5. Well...100 Posts...not alot I know, but I just came back to activity, and achieved my first "milestone"
  6. I'm not sure how it is here, on anothe rforum I'm on qhich has IPB 2.1, the poll option is inside a psot, so when you want to make a new poll, click "make new topic" and then look for a add poll option You'll find it under the topic title.
  7. I guess this is obvious, but the Store and Gang System don't work.
  8. Yeah I also don't believe this...Bush would never just sell a state like that, he wouldn't have the power to just do it IMO... That woudl mean the French can do whatever they want with it...
  9. I did it now, I just kept my old savegames. And I finally have a correct gxt again Next time I won't forget to backup
  10. I know, but that would be my last option, I didn't actually want to go through that whole long process again...but I guess I have to
  11. ^ knows how to paly this game < obviously doesn't V will explain it to me wait let me guess, with the "^" you don't reply to what the previous person said about the next poster, you just say something else about the person above you, like where he's from, is that right?
  12. I recently installed a total conversion mod for Vice City, and whole i made a back up of my data folder, I forgot to backup my TXT folder, so I really need all original TXT files for the languages, so I can undo the mod again. Does anyone have them or know a site I can get them?
  13. ^ Not today < hasn't been very active in past weeks v missed me
  14. Yeah I don't really get it...I don't find them funny...
  15. I still play it alot, and I wouldn't mind seeing more stuff on it ere
  16. So you don't need a file anymore right? Do you need any other game saves?
  17. So tell us what you got, and did on your Birthday Chris!
  18. Looks so different, I actually like the short hair more, makes you look older
  19. Oh my go, they are hideous! j/k, looking good boys, must see if I can't find some decent pics of myself
  20. I started School 2 weeks ago...but atleats I have today off, since it's Labor Day in the USA
  21. O hyeah, forgot about Crimson, I know him from other forums aswell, wouldn't mind meeting him either.
  22. It only opens at night, I think from 8PM until Midnight! There are 3 different missions you can do there, but always only during that time.
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