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  1. I killed him, since he gets shot either way and this way I on the one hand get my revenge, but in a way I also am doing something nice for him, by relieving him of his crap life.
  2. The problem I had was I always kept hitting that stupid orange thing that's right in the middle of the beach and exactly on the track to the ramp, just remember it, and smoothly drive past it, and then jump off the ramp, as has been said you don't have to be full speed you just need to hit the marker to activate the jump cutscene, and then keep tapping the button it tells you to tap. Once you're in you'll be flying the chopper and then all you need to do is follow the boat, but fly high so Pegorino doesn't hit you before he is supposed to hit you
  3. Same for me, ironic thing is before the patch I didn't have these problems...
  4. Boat School, Flight School, Bike School, and Driving School. What is the name of CJ's dead brother?
  5. It was a tough call between Niko and Tommy, but I went with Tommy in the end because to me he just has the full package, he's the badass Mafia man who knows how to handle business, and knows how to be successful. Niko is a real badass, and kills anyone who gets in his way which is cool, but his character isn't strong enough to make that final leap to greatness
  6. Aliens, Big Foot and all that other crap doesn't exist! That said its just coincidental, I don't think the right part looks like it belongs to the left part either.
  7. DOn't you have to pay though if you play with Xbox players? Thought there was a difference, sorry.
  8. The Final mission 'Out of Commission" its called right? Anyway:
  9. I've finished the entire Storyline, but I'm going back now since I want to try the other ending, and I want to get the Achievement for completing the story in 30 hours, took me a little over 30 hours first time around as I also did lots of other things.
  10. So if you cheat, and save it, the achievements will also be blocked if you start a new game? What if you already have the achievements, and then cheat and save?
  11. This also goes for the PC version, as I got it a few weeks back, and was really surprised as well at first, but then realized it was viral.
  12. I'm surprised that this wasn't done yet with the PC Version being out now. And since not everyone who has the PC Version has an Xbox as well, so post your Games For Windows Live Gamertag here. Mine is: Teracell P.S. Maybe this can get pinned as well so its easily accessible?
  13. Kate doesn't like you anymore since you obviously chose to do the money deal, instead of get revenge. If you would have chosen the revenge path something else would have happened, which I won't reveal her now, since I don't wanna spoil it for you.
  14. Oi, check your PM inbox :)

    Keep up the great work man!

  15. Its very hard to say, all o them would be cool. But I choose Vice City, because the 80's were freaking awesome and its warm and sunny florida, with lots of actions and cool places
  16. I can cook, I can make different pasta dishes with sauces, I can make potoatoe dishes, and meat dishes. (all from my head) And if you give me a cook book i can definitely do anything
  17. Not exactly a milestone as such but an uber cool one "123" (Well it was, but now its ruined because of this post)
  18. Good questions, its been a while. A Cider at the Irish Pub? But I guess that doesn't count. Command and Conquer the First Decade
  19. Which mod do youhave installed? And have you tried uninstalling the mod and running the game again then?
  20. Well it doesn't really matter as someone has completed it for me, so I thank you all, but I no longer need this mission completed!
  21. Well dealing with the Hitmen wouldn't be a probem for me, and I have dual wield for the normal Pistol, but its just the flying that I can't do. I hope someone here will or has done it for me
  22. Good idea, here it is. Don't worry about the cheats message when you save Remember I have Version 1.01. thanks! http://rapidshare.de/files/28832228/GTASAsf6.b.html
  23. Yes I too am stuck on this mission. And I wanted to ask if anyone here would do it for me? I have GTA San Andreas for PC version 1.01. I'd really appreciate someone doing it. Also and additional question, can you just fly through the Corona when you approach the plane, or do you really need to get behind the plane.
  24. None of the above...my "worst" injury was a flesh wound from when I hit my head...but nothing serious. Just some blood
  25. I give him a 5 since I love all of the Austin Powers Movies, Mike Myers is one of the best actors ever, and so funny!
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