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  1. Doc Nukem

    Will you ever stop playing video-games?

    Yeah guys! believe in ArtSweet! Yeah guys! believe in ArtSweet!
  2. Doc Nukem

    Memorable game lines/quotes...

    Good Good, I like that "Screw you man!" No one posted on this topic. Why??? Sorry for double post...
  3. Doc Nukem

    The Hunter

    Can anyone help me? Can I get a hunter to drive ??? Even if I see in the walkthrough it say "COMPLETE 100%". Is there any easier way?
  4. Doc Nukem

    [REL] GTA Real Estate Series

    Wow!!! khool!
  5. Doc Nukem


    Yes, It worked fine for me
  6. Doc Nukem

    Looking for a car?

    A McLaren F1 GTR please!
  7. Doc Nukem

    san andreas thing to vice city

    Thanks. that would be good if they could make that mod If you make it, It would be reeeaaaaaal good!
  8. Doc Nukem

    Can't pass a mission/level!

    Yeah, It sure does!
  9. Doc Nukem

    Favourite Driver game

    Drivr3, its awesome!
  10. Doc Nukem

    Official Playstation Discussion

    The price of the PS3 and its CD's are too much!
  11. Doc Nukem

    Hardest Mission

    I think 'Rub out' and 'Keep your freinds close' are the thoughest. The are too tough. It took 7 tries! Ah! Boooring
  12. Doc Nukem

    Hardest Mission

    Hey, you can shift to a better car like the Hotring racer! -The Doc
  13. Doc Nukem


    OK. But not Exellent
  14. Doc Nukem

    My new bike

    That's awesome man. That's my kinda bike
  15. Doc Nukem

    Favorite Weapon

    I like the UZ - I