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  1. Hey Hul i'm new here to hope you like it I sure do.
  2. 50 hurray, kinda pathetic next to your milestones though lol!
  3. Was it changed, I used ciaran, because ciaran06 was an error?
  4. Ill take a baseball bat sending the money now.
  5. I find most of San Fierro's missions boring, and also getting you're lung capacity up for woozi.....Another boring part is mission like Saint Marks Bistro and Free Fall where you have to fly in a straight line for hours.
  6. I have a couple. 1. Hook up the tow truck to the bulldozer, then turn quickly in an open area the bulldozer will psi naway takeing the tow truck with it, if done right you can launch yourself quite a ways. 2. Drive to the top of Mt. Chiliad and planes will just crash and skid down the mountain. 3. I was on freeway and A guys head was protruding formthe pavement but the rest of his body was goen and he would walk around with his head only showing. 4. On ps2 version park a large vheicle infront of ganton gym doors, then go inside and leave. You might be in a long blue hallway and if you walk down it you fall from the sky back into the map. 5. In the mission Saint Marks Bistro use high jump cheat jump overwall at end, then run down liberty city streets, if oyu walk to far you fall and fall and fall then you end up by a mysterious island. Lol my game is really glitchy.
  7. Just got off San Andreas was practicing stunting did some cool ones.
  8. You're about 40kb faster download then me nice.
  9. Lol FAG forum thats a dumb abreviation.
  10. gta-connor


    Wow I had never heard of it being an MMO game. I know though that the creatures you make will be put in the main "server" and then when you play you will see other peoples creatures, but they will be NPC controlled from what I hear. Also the cool thing is depending on your creature you will have different environments so depending on your creatures style you might live on a desert planet or in a jungle.
  11. I hate games like Starwars, Halo was fun though. It doesn't feel overly futuristic to me though, you still use normal bullets the guns look different though. You arn't shooting lasers. Also the environments look normal the only super futureistic things are the Walker, and the Titan which don't feel like they don't fit in as they look very mechanical and not just stupid.
  12. Sorry about how much i'm posting, I don't think i'm psamming...am I? I'll try slow it down a bit only trying to get active. (would have quoted but the quote thing is screwing up for me) Also I think bike tricks would be cool like you could do grinds and air tricks with certain button combos and stuff instead of having to just spin around using the joystick.
  13. I'm in Thunder Bay, ON right near Duluth I was using Minniapolis test server.
  14. The 4th is the first one i ever made. Thanks for the hint but anyone know where I could get a boarder or how to make on with gimp 2.2 though?
  15. Dieing in you're sleep would be best for you, but wouldn't you're death be better spent helping someone else?
  16. He was just saying they could with the engine used in SA. If you're guy is fat in the game he is fat in the cutscene, if you start Black Project while you're fat its a different cutscene I think they could do it.
  17. I can tell, but i'll be patient it sure seems worth waiting for. Thanks anyway.
  18. I think GTA will always be with sony primarily, but I think that that xbox will begin to play a bigger role starting with GTAIV Vice City Stories has no hope of showing up on xbox.
  19. Didn't I say keep the psyware hting out, I reasearched it before buying and it doesn't exist! Yes the game is besically the same, but it is more fun in my opinion. There is a topic about the spyware so leave it.
  20. Thats a good idea, also I think you should be able to run buisnesses like in VCS p.s. i'm new so I shouldn't be saying this but please watch your spelling it was kinda difficult to understand.
  21. This game is pretty sweet, anyone else play it, if so whats your soilder name? Mine is Cobay. Who thinks Titan mode is dumb though to many campers for me but the new conquest mode is great and the battles are much more fun then BF2 also there is not any spyware actually I havn't even seen an ingame ad os please leave that out.
  22. 360, Wii is just stupid, and PS3 is to much money, also GTA 4 is having a synced release on 360 and ps3 so I'm going with the cheaper.
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