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  1. heres a pic of my pc sorry i dont have a better pic
  2. thx man because my mouse is scwerd on with a ball (not a track ball)
  3. all the good stuff cpu: Intel pentuim d Gfx:Ati Radeon xpress 1250 ram:1 gb hard disk:250 gb make:Acer Aspire os:windows vista Home Preium Edit:Just bought a 32 INCH HDMI monitor Woot woot put my ps3 on there lol!
  4. im looking at a Logitech g5 "gaming" mouse should i buy it or no
  5. i played motorstorm at my local ebgames (game stop) and it rocks the gfx Holy crap! Edit:
  6. i acdently counted my gta games i selling 14 of my games srry r*
  7. might buy one in october 2 play gta 4, gran turismo hd, motorstorm only 3 games
  8. ok so im selling my slim ps2 18 games 2 contrllser 2 memory cards and dont know how much its worth!!
  9. Sayornara Salvaltore what did the startup of vice city R* north thing resemble
  10. Malibu club $120,000 what the banks name that tommy robbed in "the Job"
  11. Im a sikh but i eat beef (sad) and cut my hair but i dont smoke or lie
  12. i was look at bbc website and this what it said: Actor Richard Gere has sparked protests in India after kissing Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty at an Aids awareness rally in New Delhi. Demonstrators in Mumbai (Bombay) set light to effigies of the Hollywood star, while protesters in other cities shouted "death to Shilpa Shetty". The protesters said Gere insulted Indian culture by kissing the hand and face of the Bollywood actress. Public displays of affection and sex are still largely taboo in India. Shetty downplayed the incident, saying "it was not so obscene".
  13. My dad always runs for Mayor he always wins Ram BJP rules
  14. it was at my Local grocray store a saw it i laughed my head off
  15. Its so funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHO8l-Bd1O4
  16. pretty good Woman lol!

  17. no im not! we must praise the xbox 360!
  18. I bought it Yes! now i can play gta iv
  19. I was looking on ebay for a cheap system and i found an xbox 360 preuim edtion and warranty for $10 lol!
  20. Look man im 12 im Staright Although i dont have a gf. And jezz im with u all da way Tony u really should go to Dogs school Lol
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