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  1. Probably a Dodge viper srt-10
  2. hey everybody i found this interesting piece of info There might be a halo movie in 2009 or something go for more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_(film)
  3. Carbon fiber?? What was victors vances name is vcs?
  4. theyre the best book ever for more info go to wikipedia type in bone
  5. NHL Vancouver Canucks NBA Detroit pistons Internaional team CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I have only a ps2 here are my game SOCOM 3 Mustang the Legend lives Call of duty 2 big red one meadal of honor:frontline 4x4 evo all the gtas Super trucks rancing 187 ride or die gran turisomo driv3r
  7. Windows Vista or higher 600 mb of ram 1 gb memory Ati Radeon Xpress or nvida cards Intel pentium D or M or AMD Anthlon 64 add anymore that ive missed just in case
  8. :PPoor players with core system lets pay a moment of silence 4 them
  9. sad huh my dad a real cheapo
  10. Maybe IF MY DAD WIN THE lottery. but other wise no
  11. Roger.C hole Miles o'donvan In lcs who the guy you kill in the last mission
  12. Can anyone thats lvl 60 or higher plz give account
  13. silenced pistol which charter fell in love with vic and died
  14. C.J What was all the girlfriends in gta sa's names
  15. Cedric "Wayne" Flmotgay or something.. who was the only Person that did not want to be a criminal?
  16. "lets pop" this is an easy one which character has been in all gta games and never betrayed any protragiont
  17. it scared me my mom was over for dinner the day i was playing
  18. The godfather P.C it awesome only $9.99 canadian
  19. for me it was Playboy the mansion that was scary
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