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  1. add hockey Edit Micheal shmacer is the bost noobs
  2. I think Canada of cousre ps the 2010 olmypics are in my hometown yay
  3. hes Canadian yay from *cough* Quebec *cough*
  4. I own the "gamers" phone . the n-gage i kinda like it heres a pic
  5. My Blonde girlfriend My ps3 gta iv windows vista my dads money
  6. My names(s) Gta crazy=cuz i am crazy about gta windows vista=i have a vista fone_bone=my fave chrachter in a book
  7. man i dont belive you but here my list N-GAGE (wich im going to smash in 5 minutes) PS3 PSP DS PS2 RIP: my psx lost it it was as big as a vcr:(
  8. theres a mod for Battlefield 1942 for ww1
  9. #1 canuck fan

    Mod Chip

    I was wondering if anyone on TGTAP has one. they are really popular with people now. I dont have one though
  10. i know where he will put his weapon UP YOUR MOM hehe lol jk man
  11. I thought there was one about GTA:SA too Edit:you were really good on a scale of 1\10 i rate you 11\10
  12. I hope the girl with the sucker is one of niko girlfriends hehe
  13. crap i did not make it oh well maybe next time
  14. do u think that when gta 4 is released TGTAP will have more members i think it will
  15. the las time i chaged my name was june 13 2007
  16. in the godfather the game they had an opition i hope gta 4 will 2
  17. it wont let me change my name it say the error retuned was if your unsure how to use a feature and blah blah plz help
  18. off topic i thought u were shake-zula spaz?
  19. ur a sydeny crosby a nice guy on my list ps wtf is that cat fixing a nintendo 64.....lol
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