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  1. i was on wikipedia and put in gta iv and clicked characters and found "Elizabeta is a female character in Grand Theft Auto IV. She is seen in promotional artwork for the game". heres is the pic
  2. Lol it was hilarous (1 more post)
  3. LOL Maple Story Sucks more then ea games... lol
  4. Just use Python and Hide in corner and shoot the fatsos LOL
  5. Car:Cheetah Helo:Maverick Planes:none Boat:Squalo 3
  6. My Dads First was A Commodore 64 Lol
  7. Im Arfraid of Spiders Perssolnay what ru arfarid sorry i Suck at Grammer
  8. Not The gta Jade But Anthoer Jade Shes a bit fat tho
  9. At skool theres a girl she like me and i like her back but I dont Know what to say plz help oh yea she hot
  10. I'd say either a mic or the PlayStation Eye when it comes out...or both. Also, if you want to transfer any PSOne or PS2 game files onto your PS3, you'll want to get a Memory Card Adapter. Thx Ogtam
  11. What games and accserriors do u guys recmennded for ps3 i have ms
  12. Hey ps3 player can i use your ps3 owner sign plz?
  13. Bought one of these beast its soo kool also bought hd cable havnt hooked up yet
  14. He Bought from ebgames and it was was the on off button
  15. My old Computer Sucked heres the specs 60 GB HDD INTGRATED NVIDA 256 mb memory os XP Crap editon (aka Home edition) make:sony vaio in closing sucked
  16. #1 canuck fan

    80 GB PS3?

    They have an 80 gb ps3 IN KOREA but not anywher else lol
  17. my friend bought a new xbox 360 plugged it in turned it on me and him were playing for 1 hour it froze and the three red lights were there oh THE HORROR he said
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