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  1. Im a very calm guy I dont start arguments I end them
  2. ok so the xbox 360 wins with games lets do grapihcs comprasion PS3 Pwns the 360 and gfx they both own the wii
  3. Ps3 is getting gthd,GTA IV, socom5, Lair,metal ger solid 4,rainbow six las vegas, final fansty:hevanly sword
  4. Ps3 Rocks just wait it WILL get Great games WnN2 what happend with gt 2 when you were a kid?
  5. My dad has an 02 saleen s7 cant take a pic my camrea scwerd and my mom has a BMW X5 grandma a nissan path finder
  6. Face the facts xbox faliure rate is 33% ps3 failure rate is 10% wii is unknown
  7. when i was in grade one I peed my pants wtf is this??? o n im a idiot I DID type this sky if this is you im taking you to court for internet fraud even though it's not even fraud, or a crime.
  8. I don't have enough dough for that, that's why I'm asking for some firmware help... where you live what money you use in "strawberryland"
  9. it costs 2,999.99 man I cant wait to put my ps3 on it i order it coming tommorw
  10. Im going to do high def gaming and watch hd satellite
  11. I dont think there will be a ps4 ps3 is great
  12. how do I set up the wi-fi internet.. Im bad with the wi fi
  13. When i shop on TGTAP it says Http 4040 file error can Chris pls fix this
  14. right now Im looking at a 46" sony bravia should I buy it or no?
  15. I want user bar that says bc lions fan scoll up ps3 gamer scorll up nissan driver. payin 2,000 forum money
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