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  1. sorry im like Ilya Kovalchuk my temper get the best of me ps. sorry invitable goat. great now my sig is scewrd up an i cant fix forgot my image shack pass and user
  2. it fone_bone retard ill fix it
  3. i live in canada dumb bum
  4. Man you too much seven topics bout your ideas. theres a topic "the gta 4 wishlist"
  5. wow all i says wow the cars look soo real!
  6. a guy called niko bellic his cousins name is roman and he is looking for a man
  7. maybe I would if I was stuck let the voting begin
  8. i would 1)Buy it from eb games 2)Rip open plastic 3)be very careful with disc 4)put it in to my ps3 5)eat dinner 6)play till dawn Edit:7 Put gta iv in safety deposit box in safe
  9. And if it doesn't i'm going to be laughing at you because your sig doesn't make since then, unless you don't want to play GTA. shut up besides i have the other ones too
  10. he said "diddley daddle" lol wtf does that mean
  11. yes you know why THERE IS going to be gta iv in lc
  12. I think it will be cool take cover on walls btw his name niko not nico
  13. "Dont do anything stupid cousin" Roman lol
  14. i Cant my mom put a net nanny of (you do know what a net nanny is?) plus im too young
  15. Ok so some of yous guys who watch wwe Might know this:strategy, WWE somehow came up with another idea to get attention in their battle with the likes of mixed martial arts. Fake their chairman's death. Last Monday, after "Vince McMahon Appreciation Night," he stepped into a limo, which promptly exploded. WWE.com then announced that he was presumed dead since no body was recovered. The organization then went to YouTube and pulled the video, most likely to prevent some sort of video splicing analysis. I have to admit, I thought it would never work. Maybe you could have done this 15 years ago when the Internet wasn't around, I reasoned, when you couldn't confirm that one major newspaper was reporting his death. But now you can do that. Now you can go to the local paper where the event happened--the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader--and see that despite the limo explosion no emergency vehicles were called, that the blowing up was actually filmed by a pyrotechnics company two days before in the middle of the night and they had permits to conduct the act. And despite the fact that the WWE said the FBI is investigating the accident, the paper also reported that the FBI was never involved. But I was "dead" wrong. The total page views for June 12, the day after McMahon's "death" were 36.8 million with two million daily unique visitors. Now compare that to the WWE.com three month average of 14.3 million page views and one million unique visitors. Over the past week, there has been so much written about whether McMahon is dead or alive on wrestling message boards, that if you go to Google Google Inc you get 27,700 hits when you type in "Vince McMahon Dead." That prevents most people from finding out the real story. Of course, the WWE is continuing with the plot. Last night at RAW, they carried on the mourning for Vince McMahon for the seventh straight day. His daughter Stephanie spoke. "While it was sometimes surprising, you have no idea how much it meant to me and my family," Stephanie said, according to WWE.com. "My dad wanted to leave this world the same way he lived in it, in the biggest way possible." McMahon then said that next week would be a celebration of her father's death and she vowed to find out who blew up her father's limo. Now, let's go a little deeper. Is it a crime for the WWE to fake McMahon's death? I don't believe so. Because a police report wasn't filed and McMahon isn't creating any sort of phony documentation or cashing in on a life insurance policy, it doesn't seem like there's any exposure here. But I still think there's a possibility the organization could be sued by a shareholder. By announcing that he is "presumed dead" on their official Web site, they could be charged with misleading stockholders. There's no evidence that a slew of people bought the McMahon news on Wall Street. As of Monday's close, WWE stock is down only 1.8 percent since the "accident." You'd think if McMahon really died, the thing would plummet. That being said, I think there could still be a claim. Cnbc News
  16. Padorady of JT Im Jack Thompson "I Suck" "i hate gta" Blah blah blah
  17. I was on gamespot look at the news and this is what it said "And you thought the meetings in your offices were awkward. GamePolitics.com is reporting that game-industry gadfly and antigame-legislation author Jack Thompson had a secret tete-a-tete with the newly installed chairman of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick. GamePolitics says it confirmed the meeting's occurrence with Thompson himself. However, the Florida attorney, who has accused the site of collusion with the game industry in the past, did not reveal any details of what was discussed to the site. Neither reps for Take-Two nor Thompson had responded to GameSpot's inquiries as of press time. The meeting is notable because Take-Two owns Rockstar Games, developer and publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series. For years, Thompson has blamed the franchise for inspiring violent--even murderous--behavior. Following his vociferous criticism in the wake of the "Hot Coffee" scandal, Thompson decried the 2006 title Bully as a "Columbine simulator" and took legal action to prevent its release. He has also been involved in several suits against Take-Two, including a class action and a countersuit filed after the publisher sued him earlier this year. The two parties settled out of court in April".
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