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GTAIV Countdown Aired on TV

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Grand Theft Auto IV Countdown

Aired on TV

At the end of the Countdown some new text came up that I attempted to get pictures of, but the camera was already hooked up to the computer and I couldn't get it fast enough. Sorry :( There was a voice that said "This product is not yet rated.", but that's not that big of a whoop.

The Next Day: I was able to record the last little bit of the ad...Enjoy!...




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Well, when the Countdown gets to 0, 2 episodes of That 70s Show is going to air. So..... does that mean GTA IV is goign to take place in the 70s? O_o

Actually scratch that idea... since it's GTA 4, it's obviously going to take place after GTA III.... I hope. As cool it would sound, it would actually kinda suck to have yet ANOTHER GTA game taking place in previous time periods. D:

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HAHAHAHA, trying to get peoples hopes up, get idea man, anyways it wont be on TV in Australia, which sucks...

What do you mean, "Trying to get peoples hopes up"?

I think he is trying to imply that the trailer might be not as good as people are thinking.

No no no, he was saying that my pics are fake along with someone else on my site.

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