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Favourite Mission Cutscene


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Yeah man, when CJ went to Liberty was a good cut scene. Also, let me see, ahh yeah, the one when Toreno sneaks up behind CJ, and Toreno says something like "Got you again Carl, I could have killed you in nine different ways, wake up and smell the coffee" and CJ answers something like "You need to lay off the coffee" :P Ahh yeah there's more of course, you know when OG Loc is working in Burger Shot and cleaning the toilets or something, there's more of course but right now I cant' remember :P

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i love the liberty city mission, when cj have to kill a forelli on liberty

i also love cutscenes from all of the og loc missions

and then the mission cutscene where you have to get kent and maccer in the dessert :lol:

oh, and ken rosenberg mission when there's a talking bird named tony saying scarface quote:"quaack, i never f***ed anybody over in my life who didn't have it coming to 'em! quaaack!" :rofl2:

that was a real funny sh*t!!! i laughed my ass off man! that was even funnier than vc quote when candy moan and tommy ask if she's saying yes to him

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