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Ideas for a new san andreas story



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Well, you could rob a bank and have the cops driving after in some sort of car. Then because it's raining you slip across and blow up the car, So then you have to steal a semi-truck to keep away from the cops. In the end you get caught, or not whatever...

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How about the "CJ and his guys" from the first story are caught up in a drugs trade (with fake drugs that they are selling) that backfires on them, then the guy (from the 1st story) has to rescue him and get away, but they keep hunting him down, you eventually escape to Las Venturas

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I saw an episode of Cops (right around '92) where they busted some goofball (I think in Dayton OH) for selling

carved up peanuts as crack. At the time selling fake drugs wasn't illegal, so they had to cut him loose.

Done right that would be funny in San Andreas. If you're still looking for Ideas, how about CJ has a chance to be a good

guy? If you are interested, I have a bunch of stuff on that angle.

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This some of what I have for a Script mod I want to make for SA.

I claim the character & his backstory as original work, if you want to use, talk to me.

Circa 1992

Jack Cassidy

From Vice City, related to Phil & associate of Toreno. Is into arms and with NSA Section 13

(No Such Agency) & contacts CJ early in game telling him they have common enemies &

compatible goals. Provides missions & rescorces. Started gun running & smuggling in Vice City

around '82, worked as heli pilot & goto guy for Victor Vance & Tommy Vercetti. In '87 was in

LV in the middle of deal gone bad. Stole SWAT uniform on site & Jacked heli carrying coke &

$2 mil. Flew through third floor of carpark nearly escaping except for fuel tank shot out.

Arrested in Palimino Creek, but was recruited by Toreno who was impressed with his confidence,

flying skill & composure.

Prolog 1 monologue, while playing various scenes from GTAVC/VCS

"Life is about change. Take me for example, a simple guy from the Midwest until I

landed in VC back in the 80s. Wound up workin' with my Lunatic cousin runnin' guns, a

little smuggling...you know, a criminal. Then Vic shows up after he got screwed out of

the Military & I started working for him. Learned to fly helis, smuggled Krugerrands &

Bearer Bonds, robbed the hell outta other criminals. We built an empire. At one

point, we were pulling in over $100,000 a day. Not year. Not month. Not week. A


"All good things, right? Vic's retard brother Lance put together a deal that went

south & it all ended with a big shootout & no more Vic. Within a month the empire

fell 'cause Lance didn't know what he was doing. But that same deal landed Tommy in

Vice & I went to work for him putting together a new empire, this one almost legit.

"But that's another story."

"Like I said, life is about change, in late '87 it changed big. I'm in Los Venturas

livin' large, pullin' handles, drinkin' beers gettin' more bumper than a bodyshop when

I get some work freelancing for some Colombians.

"What a cluster f***..."

Goes directly to Prolog 2 cutscene & music.

Scene opens in casino suite w/ Cassidy in bed w/ 2 girls. Gets up/dressed & leaves.

walks through casino out front door, gets hotdog & gets into electric blue Stinger

Daytona (VC Stinger). Drives to LVAP & Gets into Maverick w/ Colombians, flies to

meeting. Deal goes bad, LVPD show up & Colombians killed. Cassidy out of sight with

breifcase containing $2mil buy money but knows only a matter of time before found,

so blindsides SWAT cop & steals uniform. Walks into plain sight to Police heli (now

loaded w/ coke) & motions to lone pilot like he's giving him the case. Pilot opens door

& Cassidy jacks heli.

As he is taking off, Pissed off SWAT cop in boxers runs out, yells "GET THAT

SOMBITCH, HE'S NOT A COP!!" Bullets fly & the heli is hit in the fuel tank. Cassidy

flies through carpark (3rd floor) & escapes south but runs out of fuel & sets down near

Palimino Creek. FBI/DEA catchup as he lands.

FBI rancher drives back to LV, but instead of LVPD, it goes to back door of Clown's

Pocket casino. Politely escorted to a small room & offered a meal. "Okay, this a new

tactic." Cassidy says, "I didn't know interrogations became so pleasant." to the MIBs

"it's not an interrogation Jack, it's an interview." Victor Vance walks out of a

shadow, alive. "I have some friends who think you could do some good...." Toreno is

also in the room.

Prolog 2 monologue

"So instead of putting me under the prison & sending me little jars of sunlight,

I get recruited into a new branch of the NSA as a field OP. Turns out LVPD was corrupt

& some of their deals caught the CIA's attention. Vic recognized me & suggested to

Toreno I could be useful. Like I Said, life is about change."

"After 5 years of blackops I get bumped-up & assigned to domestic anti-terror, so

now I can recruit my own people. My job is simple enough, disrupt the cash flow of any

entity threatening US national security. Right now, there's a problem in LS I have to

deal with."

Go to Cut scene where Pendlebury is killed & roll new opening.

I also have mission Ideas I'm playing around with, could discuss.

I am also interested in hearing from anyone who can build these cut scenes. Gladly give proper credit for work.

So, what 'cha think, is this what your looking for?

BTW, This new guy provides missions & rescorces for CJ.

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