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home made chips


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hahaha, what a great thread!

Well.....you take potatoes, some varieties are better than others but something red and big.

1. Take big red potatoes

2. Peel and wash them

3. Use a slicer (only way buddy) to cut them seriously thin

4. Deep-fry them (read up in your native language how to deep-fry, it can be a genuinley dangerous thing if you haven't got a clue)

5. Call the fire brigade when the house sets on fire.....OR if by some miracle it doesn't

6. Take them out when they look golden-brown and shake them a bit to get off some of the fat.

7. Place them on a tea towel or something that you don't mind throwing away but is absorbant and won't stick to them.

8. Straight after taking them out, shake salt, very-finely grated cheese (cheddar cheese is probably best), or whatever flavour you want on, in an extremely fine powder form but make sure it is EDIBLE.

9. Let em cool then eat!

Hope that helps!

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thanks, that i didnt know lol, insteresting

water is boiling when its bubbling violently. When you don't touch it for fear of never being able to wan.... walk again... :mellow:

so if ya wanna keep walking, i gotta touch boiling water!?

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so if ya wanna keep walking, i gotta touch boiling water!?

NO! DONT touch, no touchy, no handy in the hotty watery? Comprende? Good.

^^^ :lolbounce:

Boiling is when you heat up the water (or cooking oil) until it starts bubbling.

I try... I really do...

Nice to know my work is appreciated... Lookin' back, damn that was funny! [/modesty/]

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Hee hee, yeah it was.

Anyway, on topic, you don't have to cook your own chips. You can get those that you put in the oven/microwave for a few minutes. They taste good, and they're healthy too, because there's less oil.

PS, don't touch the boiling water, that was just a joke.

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