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OPM's GTAIV Preview Next Month


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The relatively new UK publication Official PlayStation Magazine is to have a large article on Grand Theft Auto IV in next month's issue (#6), which is on sale from May 2nd.

Our friends at GTA4.net were able to get confirmation from the magazine's editor Tim Clark that the feature will have brand new exclusive GTA 4 screenshots and info. We're hoping this means truly "exclusive", and that it won't be the same info and screens we will get from GameInformer the week before (related news post).

Since it's a UK publication I should be able to pick up a copy of the magazine myself, however if there are any subscribers out there who will get the mag early, or if you're planning on buying it anyway, let me know in the comments.

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Ah yes thanks that was actually a typo on my part. So are you a subscriber to the mag or will you be buying it when it's out?

I'll be buying it, just like the other 5 but this one will be different, i'll be buying it about 8am :D and be uploading the scans ASAP

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I don't know, around mid-April was what I've been told. I'll drop the editor an email to see if I can get a more precise date.

I heard that the magazine will be avaible starting 18th April 2007 and OPM, 2nd of May, but email the GI editor just to be sure...

GI:18th April

OPM:2nd May

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