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  1. I thought he meant the the Taxi Missions where you pick people up and take them to there destinations.
  2. Yeah sure you are, i'm pretty sure being stoned dosen't make you type like a tard. Also you started typing normally again when you said you were stoned... Anyway, whats the biggest ammount off trucks you can get?
  3. After buying and loading up you're copy of GTA IV what will you do? I'm going to just jump in a car and drive around the city and then i'll start the missions.
  4. Doubt it, probaly's because they wanted to make it realistic and you wouldn't need a plane for one city. I don't really mind I only used em for parachuting.
  5. Will this be out before or after Game Informer?
  6. Can you quote the official statement that said that?
  7. We aren't fighting about it. I just can't stand those (sony) fanboys. Yeah, I used to be one but I tried the Xbox and loved it. I still like Sony aswell though just wouldn't pay that much for a PS3.
  8. Good idea, but how would you complete the robbery with cops everywhere?
  9. Thas a good idea, good way of getting the cops off you, just go into your wardrobe and change your clothes. Good for armed robberies aswell.
  10. That's nice. Do you have any opinions on anything, or are you just so insecure about your sexuality that you feel the need to tell us? The question was "what is your sexual preference?" and i answered that i am straight...question answered i don't need to give my opinion so stop picking on peoples post because it's not what you wanted, most funniest member my ass.
  11. Sometimes you can't find the car you want. There's plenty of times I wish I could just grab a car from a show room floor but there wasn't one. I know the feeling and I wish that you can buy cars because I searched a Stalker from Vice City more than 3 real life days, I needed that car to complete the car list at Sunshine Autos...A car shop would be actually to easy How about if you own a car factory? that creates cars...No Car dealership needed... BTW I remember there was one Car Dealership in GTA 3 maybe this time we`ll use it for buying cars... Thats just plain stupid, just a simple car dealer who sells spots cars and rare cars is good enough.
  12. did they have an oldies station in SA? i can't remember.
  13. i really want new vans and trucks, they hardlys ever change. Ive already seen one new van on the bridge in the Trailer.
  14. I don't want it for every car, just the best ones. Remember on SA in that car shop where you did the missions to get the cars,you didn't even have to buy them after.
  15. I liked the real life take on the GTA Trailer, must of took him a while to find all those vids.
  16. LOL!, bout time. I can't be bothered to go to the link so how much did he get sued for?
  17. Modding dosen't really interest me so im not going to bother learning.
  18. 6/10, Too easy and little to do after completion which would keep you amused. But it did have some cool features like Empire building which I thought could have been made better. There was also lots of Glitches.
  19. I didn't even know they were in the game!
  20. Good idea, It dosen't seem like theres that many Vehicles when you are just playing the game.
  21. Do you guys read throw these topics? I already said that. And yeah it's most likely Food of somekind.
  22. On Saints row they were rare cars which you were unlikely to find on the streets. I wouldn't mind it on GTA though, something to spend your money on right we don't want another GTA: 3 where there was no point on money.
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