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Guns/Weapons in GTAIV


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modding your weapon would be cool, like adding a supressor, easy grip triggers, new mag holders and stuff. Great idea Silberio

Yeah great idea, I think Hitman: Blood Money had a feature like that (I need to get that game BTW) which sounded awesome. It'd be cool to mod your weapoins

Lol, we never said it's going to be or is, just what we thought might be cool. And modding weapons with putting silencers ect. sounds better than weapon skill imo, weapon skill was damn near HATED by most..... :/ . Including me.

Anyway, fun idea Silberio about modding, I like it.

Yeah I hated the weapon skill thing, hope they don't have it in GTA IV, modding sounds much better.

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Thank you Artur :)

And the weapon skill thing, would be nice that you could switch from have 1 gun, or 2.

What'd Artur do if I may ask?

I just thought but this would be pretty damn unrealistic which they don't want a lot of but weapons on vehicles?? Like not James Bond style but on army based stuff, and if you like to cheat spawn like a typer of army truck with a .50cal or something attached to it....

Edit:Woaaaaaaaaaaaaah, 2,222 post O.o , lol. Umm, yay.

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Okay, here goes.

You want the .50 cal (portable), that's real - the US Army played around w/ that in WWII. Instead of holding it like an

M-60, it was fired over the shoulder like a Bazoka. 1 man fired, a 2nd reloaded.

Pistols - My favorite is my own Smith & Wesson model 29 .44 Magnum w/ 8 3/8" barrel & nickle plated.

Forget 911, you just dialed 666 & I picked up the phone!! That would rule in GTA.

Rifles - A good 30/30 like a Marlin 336.

-------- Ruger Mini 14 & AC556 Variant.

Sniper - Russian Dragonov SVD: REACH OUT & REALLY TOUCH SOMEONE!

A Backpack - You have a Desert Eagle & someone drops a Silenced pistol, throw the Silenced into the backpack &

keep the Eagle. This could work w/ a weapons locker at home or sell extra weapons to a pawn shop.

Lastly - Energy weapons (Wait a minute, 'dis 'da future, where all 'da PHASERS!!!). :evil:

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